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House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth.

As my hands pushed down from his hips to his thighs, his pants and boxers followed.

While taking off his pants, I found myself looking straight at his member, standing proudly in front of him. I had felt it in my fingers so many times, but rarely got a very close look. I was almost shocked that something that large could fit inside me. As I rose back to my feet, I let my fingertips lightly brush him and then rubbed my breasts against his erection.

He moaned quietly and I thought to myself, "You have no idea what I have planned for you."

It was my turn to seduce him.

I held his hips and coerced him into turning his back to the bed, then pressed on his chest to force him to sit.

I moved until I was a few feet away from him, then lifted my finger to my lips and gently held it between my teeth, looking at him through my eyelashes.

My hands dropped until they rested at my waist. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them open just enough to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of my black panties. I slid my thumbs into my jeans and pulled down a few inches, revealing a bit more for him.

His face was frozen, eyes locked on me, and just the tiniest hint of a grin on his lips.

I stopped and tilted my head to the side and let the corners of my mouth turn the slightest bit upward, too, then I turned until my back was facing him. I looked over my shoulder at him, out of the corner of my eye, my face partially obscured by my hair.

Again I hooked my thumbs into my jeans and pushed down until I could feel the change in temperature on my rear as just my panties remained. I thrust my butt out just a bit and pushed further until I felt my jeans give away and fall to my feet.

I stepped out of them, having not taken my eyes off of him the entire time. I watched as his eyes traveled up and down my body and his tongue lightly wet his lips.

I turned back and faced him in my tight t-shirt and panties. My eyes took in the scene, with him leaning back on his hands on the bed, his member standing tall above him, and then they drifted down towards my body, where my nipples were clearly poking through the material of my shirt. I continued with my silent strip tease for him.

Don't you dare take your eyes off me...

My fingers moved back and forth across my hips, inching my shirt above my waist, then above my belly button. As my shirt reached the bottom of my breasts, my smile spread wider and I held my finger in the air at him, taunting him.

Again, I turned away from him. I continued pulling my shirt up, my nipples feeling the cool air in the room and becoming even firmer as they were uncovered. My hair rushed through my shirt and fell down my now bare back. I slowly extended my arm away from my body, letting my shirt dangle for a moment before dropping it. I could feel my hair brushing against the top of my rear.

My hands slid down my body and found the edge of my panties. I pulled gently and felt every inch as my skin was slowly exposed to the air. When my butt was halfway uncovered, I looked over my shoulder and Mike's mouth was hanging open.

I pushed and felt my now thoroughly saturated panties pull away from where that had been clinging tightly to my lips. A few more inches and they too fell to the ground.

I stood naked, my back to Mike.

I slowly turned to face him and watched his eyes as they grew bigger and roamed across my body.

He began to push himself back to sitting straight up and looked like he wanted to stand and take me into his arms, but I pursed my lips and again held my finger straight in the air at him and moved it slowly back and forth. He immediately froze.

No, no... this is my game.

I moved to him, one slow step at a time until my legs were pressed against the edge of the bed. His knees brushed against my hips.

My hands reached out and rested on his thighs, pushing them apart until they were no longer against me.

I slid my hands down to the bed beside him, removing our last point of contact, and paused, looking directly into his e

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