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He comes home to find a surprise.

It doesn't get Susannah turned on again--she lost count of the number of orgasms she had a long time ago. For that matter, she lost track of time a long time ago. She's not even sure if she's capable of more pleasure right now. But Robyn's actions hit her deep down in that same core of intimacy. She feels loved, in every sense of the word.

Robyn pets her hair. Every touch and caress seems only to intensify the feeling of rightness Susannah feels. It's like she's fitting perfectly into every space Robyn leaves for her, joining with her in rapturous communion. "You love being in this safe space, pretty girl. You love to let go, you love to let the oxytocin do its work and make you feel all warm and peaceful and happy in my arms. You can feel that right now, feel your brain pumping you full of trust and love in the wake of all that bliss and pleasure. You don't need to do a thing. It just happens."

Susannah's body twitches a little. Not quite the kind of twitch that you get when you're falling asleep, but close--she's so relaxed now, her muscles completely limp and exhausted from their involuntary workout and her mind still drugging itself with dopamine and oxytocin. She smiles, remembering the first time she and Robyn made love. It was all about the hormones back then. 'Aren't you curious, Robyn? They call it the 'love' hormone, or the 'trust' hormone, but we don't really know how much of that is true and how much of it is clickbait bullshit.'

It wasn't the usual kind of come-on, but then again, Susannah wasn't looking for the usual kind of relationship. Not back then. Now, she can't imagine life without Robyn stroking her shoulder, saying to her, "Feel my voice, wrapping you up like a warm, soft blanket. You know you can always relax completely like this with me. You know that I will always take good care of you. Even when the peace in your mind deepens to sleep, and when that sleep refreshes you back to waking, you will always remember this love, this trust. It's so perfect, pretty girl. You know that, don't you?" It seems so natural that she doesn't even know what any other kind of love would be like.

Susannah moves her head just slightly in answer to Robyn's question, an approximation of a nod that only someone who knows her as intimately as Robyn would recognize. She's too exhausted to do anything else. Her mind drifts on the edge of sleep, memory and awareness blurring until she's not sure whether she's dreaming. She remembers saying to Robyn, 'We should try it. Just as a clinical experiment. After all, if you're right and everyone's overestimating the effects the hormones have, it won't do any harm. You won't be affected at all, and it'll just be a little...experimentation.' She remembers trying to hide the desire in her voice, and failing.

"My good sleepy girl, so happy wrapped up in my arms and my voice," Robyn says, and Susannah's not sure anymore whether it's a dream or a memory or a perception. "You're always so happy to relax and listen to my words. Your brain is telling you to let my voice inside and trust me completely, and it just feels so right. So easy. So happy."

Susannah smiles, imagining Robyn's arm draped over her chest, Robyn's hand caressing her belly. Her eyes are tightly shut now, too heavy to possibly open. Her mind blurs together all the memories of Robyn's touch, Robyn's blissful stroking and petting. She barely even remembers being surprised anymore when she first felt Robyn's fingers on her breasts, fondling her nipples until they stood up stiff and erect and tingled with arousal.

'Oh, Robyn, I--how did you--oh god that feels, mmmmm.

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