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Anna proves she wasn't joking.

I gave him my best (I want to fuck) smile and said "No; not at all. I have been up for awhile. I was just wondering where you came from and who my new neighbors might be."

His wide bright eyes roamed from hedge top to my face and back down to the swelling in my robe. I could see I had guessed right he was a tit man. "We drove over from New Port City. Had to come around by way of Wallenberry because the old bridge is being replace down by Bay City. No Mrs." He looked at me waiting for me to finish his statement.

So I said "Raven, Wilda Raven. I'm the nosey old widow lady next door." I said laughing.

He drew back his shoulders and said "A very pretty one at that." I would say.

I smiled and even managed a blush and thanked him for the compliment.

"Can I offer you something" I said smiling. Then added to "Drink; of course your men too."

"My, my; it is too early to start drinking for any one else but for an Irish man its never too early" He said laughing. "But no thanks my dear Wilda. We need to get as much of the truck unloaded today as we can. I got another job day after tomorrow back in New Port City."

I smiled and asked "Then you'll be staying in town over night? I'm sorry what did you say your name is?"

He leaned close and said "O' Shay, Thomas O' Shay"

We seemed to talking along the same line. So I said "Well Mr. Thomas if you need any thing a poor old widow lady could give you. All you need is ask. Come over any time I'll be home all day."

I brought my coffee cup up to my trembling lips and let a few drops of coffee drip on my robe right between my tits. I said "Oh, shit." And as I brushed the few drops off the neck line of my robe my robe gapped open so the tops of my breasts were visible. "How silly of me." I laughed and walked back toward my house swinging my hips just to let him know he could have a piece of this ass if he wanted it.

Just as I walked up on the porch I turned back and said "My bedroom is right up there pointing at the second floor window. Wave if you need anything."

I'm so bad I can hardly stand my self... But Oh, God isn't it fun.

A few minutes later I was standing at my window drapes fully open stark naked. He was not looking. But I saw a young man across the drive in the third floor window looking as me smiling and waving. He had both hands on the window frame. He was shaking his hips so his cock was swinging back and forth. It looked like he was waving. I smiled and waved back. Then I shook my shoulders making my big old saggy tits bouncing and swinging back and forth. I think we were talking in some kind of strange sign language. What ever it was this young man was getting the message because his cock was growing.

His name was Andy and he was the first to make it up to my bedroom. Andy came over and up to my bedroom without stopping to talk to the boss Thomas. Somewhere between my back door and my bedroom young youthful Andy lost his pants.

Andy found me on the bed legs spread, lifted to the heavens in a thankful gesture and praise the Lord for horny young men. Andy was quick, to the point with no foreplay and delivered a stream of molten lava deep in the old fuck hole. But not matter how quick he was he made me reach for the sky as I let out the old (I did to) scream in thanks for his attentions.

Andy was nearly as quick to leave as he was to climb my fat old ass. You would think this would have left me feeling used and tossed out. But not this old bird. Hell I found it refreshing and some what exciting that Andy who was maybe twenty found me sexy enough to want to fuck at all. His exuberance was kind of erotic and left me on the bed aroused still and ready for a next time which was going to cum, or it that come sooner than I thought.

I was still lying there feeling the rhythm and bouncing of the bed letting it all sink in when I heard foot falls on my stairs.

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