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A newbie beauty to swinging is my target. An erotic game.

She saw the man's eyes examine her from within the mask and she felt her situation to be strangely erotic.

Without a word, he reached out a hand to her. In it was a small piece of paper. After she took it, he turned and exited through the same wall from which he came.

Kristi quickly opened the folded sheet of paper.

"Do not fear death."

Kristi's heart jumped before she was able to gather herself again. Nothing that had happened to her so far had indicated they intended to seriously harm her, let alone kill her. She had to think positive and continue to look for ways to escape.

She pushed against the wall where the grim reaper had come and gone, but it didn't budge. Kristi began to walk along the wall, looking for an exit. The cool, damp air made her breasts and ass feel exceptionally frosty.

She worked her way back around to the archway and walked through it, suspecting the door behind it would be locked. It was. She continued making her way along each wall, unsuccessful in finding a getaway.

When she returned to the wall that had produced and then taken back the grim reaper, she pushed against virtually every square inch. Her breasts were nearly touching the wall she was so close and so desperate to make it move.

Suddenly, it did move. The budging of the apparently immovable object sent adrenaline rushing through the woman's body. She pushed harder and that portion of the wall swung away from her.

Kristi was hit in the face immediately with a blast of thick fog. She didn't let it deter her. She walked forward into even thicker murkiness, stubbing her toe against something in the meantime.

"Ouch," she muttered, lifting her foot to see if it was a step. It was. Although there was light amidst the fog, making out anything was impossible due to the thickness of the haze. She took another step up.

OK. Now she knew what faced her and she began to climb. She reached for a handrail, but there were none. Just a rough wall.

"Eeeekk. Shit."

A hand brushing against her ass caused her to shriek. Then another one touched her right breast and she screamed again. Every couple of steps produced more groping from both directions.

Kristi thought she had to be reaching the top of the stairs when hands on both sides of her took firm hold of her arms and held her in place. Her screams echoed in the narrow stairway before she calmed down.

From her right, a hand engulfed her right breast and kneaded it gently. From her left, another hand cupped her left ass cheek. The hand in front began to manipulate the woman's nipple, rolling it between soft fingers. Kristi closed her eyes, fighting back the pleasurable feelings flowing through her body. With each twist of the nipple, Kristi felt a surge rush to her pussy.

As if on cue, the hand in front moved down her stomach and found the thin strip of hair covering her pussy. Her arms were still being held tightly as the hand in front unhurriedly searched the area between her legs. The hand on her ass continued to massage her cheek, occasionally moving down to her thigh and up toward her cunt.

Kristi gasped as the hand in front grazed past her clit and down to her vagina. She could feel the dampness gathering inside her and wanted desperately not to let the person groping her know she was stimulated.

The hand moved back up to her clit and began to rub it in all directions. The hand behind her moved inside her legs and reached up toward her cunt. Kristi spread her legs as the desire to have a finger inside her overcame her fear. The finger reached the entrance to her cunt, then stopped tantalizingly close to entering her.

Her clit was growing by the second under the influence of the other hand. She found her body grinding against the hand in rhythm with its actions.

From behind a wall, a voice said, "Do you want it?"

At the same time, the finger between her legs touched her cunt once more. And stopped.

"Answer me."

Kristi almost whispered, "No."

She felt the fingertip ente

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