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Details of a love between a man & his two wives.

I wanna talk," so I walked back to the room and the door was now opened

Stella was sitting on her bed in just her panties and thigh high stockings curled up in a ball, holding her teddy bear and rocking back and forth still sobbing. I went up to her sat down next to her on the bed lovingly pulled her close to me and she didn't resist. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her as I lovingly dried her eyes and gently stroked her honey golden blonde hair. Stella embraced me and buried her head in my shoulder and began to ball her eyes out.

"There, there punkin," I said as I lovingly caressed her and she crawled up in my lap and embraced me. "Tell daddy what's the matter baby."

"Oh daddy, me and Steve had a really big fight and he dumped me just because I wouldn't go all the way with him and give him sex. You were right after all He was bad for me. Then Stella through her tears in a sarcastic tone said "I am sure you are gloating over that victory."

I disregarded that last statement because it was more than likely anger hurt and raw emotion talking but I did tell her that I wasn't happy I was right but just the opposite. I was sad and hurt because Steve had proven me correct, which I hoped he really wouldn't do and that I was just being an over anxious overly protective father.

" Why do all men have to be that way." Stella said tearfully.

I thought about my answer and tried to frame it in the right way because Stella had asked what most guys would call a "loaded question."

"Well sweetheart, some guys are pigs and are only after one thing and then they move on to their next conquest."

"Why are they like that" Stella asked as she continued to sob.

"I don't really know, I guess they are immature."

Stella then looked into my eyes and said "I know you would never do that to me would you?"

"Of course not Angel. I lovingly replied stroking her bangs. "I love you so very much and I respect you and would never do any thing to hurt you."

That's why I love you so very much daddy," Stella said with a smile and lovingly embraced me and then did something unexpected, she kissed me, but not your usual daughterly kiss on the cheek but a warm loving kiss full on the lips. The kiss lasted a good ten seconds and then she broke it and laid down on the bed and got under the covers.

She then did another unexpected thing when she said "Hold me tonight, I don't wanna be alone. I wanna feel your strong loving arms around me"

I slipped under the covers put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me as I lay next to her.

"This is nice," Stella said softly but there's only one thing wrong."

"What's that" I replied.

She turned over to face me and she put her hand on my shirt and gym trunks and said as she looked into my eyes "one of us is wearing too much clothing. I wanna feel your skin next to mine and with that she removed her panties and smiled as if to say "now its your turn."

Stella helped me pull off my shirt, gym trunks and briefs and soon we were both naked and we got back under the covers and embraced and this time Stella was turned towards me.

"Much better," Stella purred like a kitten and she put her soft hand on my bare muscular chest and began to rub it.

"You can touch me if you like," Stella said smiling coyly sensing my somewhat awkward feelings of apprehension. "I promise I wont' bite, hard, that is unless you really want me to," she added to break the tension.

I placed my hand on Stella's breast and gently stroked it and she smiled. We would lovingly explore each other's bodies for the next 20 minutes. She took her hand placed it around my cock and stroked it and said in a lustful moan "I bet you could really satisfy a woman with this" and then in a voice that was barely audible but still loud enough for me to hear she added "and I sure would love to find out."

I moved my hand down her body until It reached her nicely shaved smooth wet oh so pink pussy and I softly stroked it.

"Oh daddy," Stella purred "Don't stop," so I continued to stroke

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