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A married man realizes who's in charge.

Each day I died a little more inside but I still stuck with her knowing that Darren was now the light in her life but it couldn't last. Somewhere deep down inside I still felt that this would eventually go away and she would want me back. Well, I prayed it would anyway."

I felt my eyes misting as I looked at Walt and saw his face twist in anger. "I don't blame you Walt for being disgusted with me. I guess that maybe Vickie might have been right." Walt fairly exploded, "RIGHT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! That woman is a cast iron bitch!" He was on a roll, "If she ever steps foot in this bar again I will throw her skanky ass out in a New York second!" He then seemed to deflate as he looked at me, "I'm sorry Jake. I am not mad at you at all. Please continue on with your story OK?"

I nodded my head again to signal my assent but also to clear it before I got the rough part. "Well everyday Vickie and I seemed to be moving in different directions with our lives and marriage and yet I didn't want to lose her so I put up with everything she threw at me and believe me there was plenty. Then today, about 10:30 in the morning I got a call at work from Vickie and she sounded like she used to before this whole nightmare began. She was happy and made me feel that we had turned a corner. She asked me to come home early as she wanted to surprise me tonight. You know she actually called me tiger. The last time she did that must have been twenty years ago." I had to stop and rub my eyes because something seemed to have gotten in them.

Walt's concern was evident, "You OK Jake?" I looked at him without any expression as he said, "Let me get you another drink pal, on the house." I stared down at the glass and was shocked to realize that I had emptied another one. The funny thing was that I seemed to be more sober now as I told my story than I was before I started. Maybe it was because I was focusing now.

Walt brought me the drink and I took a hefty swig because I knew this next part was going to be painful. "Well I left work early and got home around one in the afternoon and there was Vickie wearing stockings, garter belt, high heels and nothing else. She looked like a goddess!" I took another swig as I let that mental image sink in for Walt.

"Well, Vickie strolled seductively over to me and gave me a kiss like I was her long lost lover and then whispered in my ear. "You have been so wonderful over the last couple of months that you deserve a treat!" I stopped shaking head in disbelief, reliving the moment in my memory again before looking back up to Walt, "Her voice was so alluring and her body molded into mine and she was achieving her desired effect. I was so aroused that I just wanted to reclaim my wife but she had other ideas in mind."

Taking another mouthful of booze I forged on with my tale of woe, "Well, Vickie asked me if I wanted to play a game and like a sap I said "Yes." She gave a throaty laugh as she rubbed my erection through my pants and asked me if I trusted her. Again all I could do was to say, "Yes." Well, she gave me a devilish smile and began to slowly strip me naked. I was more aroused than I had been in years as I naively gave thanks to the powers that be that she had finally come back to her senses and wanted me back."

The bitterness of my mental state showed in the way I took a deep swig from my drink and then started coughing as it was too much. I noticed Walt's concerned look as he pondered my mental state and how it must be affected by the quantity of booze I had consumed. I tried to alleviate his worry by stating, "Don't worry Walt I'm not crazy...or drunk for that matter either."

I wanted to get this story out so I began again, "Vickie soon had me naked in the living room and then rubbed up against me so seductively I would've have done anything for her.

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