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His hazelnut eyes twinkle with flecks of gray as he gets closer pulling me further into his trance.

I hear a hushed exasperation from Tamberlyn that knocks me into reality.I realize how many people are watching him sing to me and my anxiety rises as I shift uncomfortably. He notices and encircles me while continuing to perform.

I try to get out of the circle but he smiles and traps me in my flustration.

Maybe I can at least get Tamberlyn in the circle so I can hide behind her. I inch closer and closer to Tamberlyn.

"Oh no you don't" Tamberlyn whispers as she realizes my plan and fades further into the growing crowd.

I reason to myself that the song is almost over and I can finally die of embarrassment.

As he sings his last oohs and ahhs the crowd burst in applause, some yell encouragement while others are too busy putting tips into his guitar case. I grab Tamberlyn and push through the crowd hoping to be able to run from my embarrassment.

"He was cute why didn't you talk to him?"

"He was a bit too busy singing to talk"

"He's not busy now, stop running from him and take your chance."

"I'd rather go on the Ferris wheel, you know the reason we're here."

"The reason YOU'RE here, I'm just here for the free food and the guy scouting opportunities."
"Free food?"
"You are sponsoring this trip aren't you? I didn't drag my ass out of bed on my one night off to for a symbolic ride on a Ferris wheel"
"Fine, fine I'll buy you dinner." I relent as we push through the throngs of people on the boardwalk, when a face pops up in front of us.

"Hey, sorry about that back there."

It's the crooner from before, did he follow us?

"The singing or the lifetime of regretful twinges I'll have when I think about how I embarrassed I was. Because the singing wasn't so bad."

He chuckled as he adjusted his guitar on his back; I watched as the rays of sunset reflected off of his caramel skin. His crooked smile was laced with sincerity while the grey flecks in his eyes showed prominently during the setting of the sun.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it, sometimes I get kinda caught up in the performance. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you love."

"Are you British?"

"How astute, why yes I hail from the British isles."

" That. is. lovely." I slowly reply trying not to melt in my non-expensive fake motorcycle boots.

"Well we have to be off, gotta date with a Ferris wheel."
"OR," Tamberlyn chimed in pushing me closer to the choir boy. "You two could go on the Ferris wheel while I check out what this fried Oreo stand is all about."

"That sounds bloody fantastic" He replied taking my arm before I had a chance to interject.

I watched as Tamberlyn gave me two thumbs up while mouthing "Go get some" before she twirled around grabbing the first handsome guy in arms length and sashaying towards the fried Oreo stand.


"Sorry sir you can't bring the guitar on the Ferris wheel, but I'll be happy to look after it for you."

"Okay but if anything happens to Delilah, I'll hurt you." He threatens as he hesitantly hand over his guitar.

"You don't have to come on the wheel with me if you don't want to leave your guitar. It was more of a me and Tam thing anyways."

"Nonsense, I said I'd take you and I keep my word." He smiled as he took my hand and ushered me into the empty Ferris wheel seat.

"So you named your guitar Delilah? That's very southern for a Brit."
"Well my ex loved that song, it was symbolic I guess.-" He shifted as the wheel pause "So what brings you to the boardwalk?"

"Getting over a guy. You?"

"Getting over a girl."

"Talk about the boulevard of broken dreams."

"Well the boardwalk is just my escape, it goes with the singing. I followed my ex-girlfriend over here from Britain so she could pursue her modeling career."

"You followed your girlfriend across the ocean? That's, love." The grey flecks in his eyes darkened
"Ex-girlfriend, yeah well it was

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