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I become aware the family fortune is larger.

Never mind that it's how we met in the first place. Well, enough about me. Perhaps Ninve should talk now," she clarified.

"There's less for me to say. My beau got killed in an accident last month. I was Jen's assistant, you see. She told me her plans and I decided to join her. I can't say that I regret it, at least not yet," Ninve chimed in.

"We've gotten even closer, too, don't ya think?" Jeannette observed.

"Well, yes, now that you're not my boss anymore, Jen," Ms. Marat teased her as she drank her own beer.

"That's good, girls, but the main thing is that we're together now. Just so you understand, while there are house rules, they won't be too stringent. I need one of you to work, but the other one to stay home. We can decide that rather quickly, I think. The homemaker will be expected to do the bulk of household chores, I want you to know.

"Naturally, sex will be required of the two of you, as will an ability to get past any jealousy. It will be my kind of sex. That's the whole point of acquiring concubines, after all. I'm warning you upfront that I am a bit on the wild and kinky side when it comes to intercourse. You will also be expected to go nude at home, and to have sexual relations with each other. I might have you bear me children, but that's not guaranteed. I just want to prepare you for this whole situation," Roger declared to his new servants, neither of whom seemed a bit upset at the ideas he expressed.

"Yeah, I kind of assumed that we'd have to fuck you, not to mention each other. I'm cool with screwing Jen. She has a nice body and I suspect that she has a wild streak that she tries to hide from even me. Or rather, she tried in the past tense. Something tells me that she won't hide much anymore from me. So, what do you want us to do first, Boss?" Ninve agreed.

Roger grinned as he thought as what he'd really like from his women as his first sexual act with them. Yes, he would have to do that. He cleared his throat to ensure that he kept their attention.

"Well, I first want you gals to undress for me, right now. Give me a damned good striptease, to get me started. I want the two of you to work as a team, too. Kiss each other, hell, French kiss and make out, but don't actually eat each other out yet. That can wait a moment or two longer. You can grope each other, of course," he directed his new companions.

"That sounds fine by me, Master," Jen answered, as Ninve and she began to disrobe for his benefit.

Within seconds, they were half-naked and engrossed in a bisexual session that would make anyone but a gay man drool in response. Ninve's tongue was fully immersed in Jeannette's throat, and the actress made certain to return the favor. Ms. Marat proved to be a sloppy French kisser, but that was nothing likely to make Roger complain, or even Jen for that matter.

When they broke that kiss, they resumed taking off their clothes in a way that tantalized one another as well as their patron. Certainly, Ninve had latent Sapphic tendencies, if not Jeannette, but Roger suspected that both of them were at least slightly bi.

After their panties were gone, they didn't stop, either. Jen began to caress Ninve's hair, stroking it with her long fingers, and then Ninve slid her own digits into Jeannette's cunt. This prompted her partner to follow suit, and the pair gave off a definite scent of arousal from their girl-on-girl interaction.

"Don't stop on my account, girls," Roger instructed them, so the duo continued to masturbate each other, while he removed his pants and showed his undeniable endowment to the twain.

Still playing with each other's twats, Ninve and Jen approached him and gestured a rather unmistakable query. He nodded, and the shorter woman knelt to suck his dick with all of the urgency of an Olympic swimmer desperate to catch with her rivals. Instead of joining her friend, Jeannette positioned herself behind her former assistant and spread her ass-cheeks.

Ninve shivered as Jen started rimming her and whispered that she had long secretly wi

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