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Two Literotica members meet.

And I must admit I had taken some very good pictures. Good lighting, poses and of course a knockout subject.

After they had finished with the album (I could have been anywhere and they wouldn't have noticed). I took it and returned to my chair. They stayed where they were, in close contact. When I asked him what he thought, he said it liked them very much. He was saying this to her as they were looking at each other.

I told him she liked to look good and he agreed that she sure did look good. I told him she also loved a back rub. He looked at me with a puzzled look as I said; "Get up" which they did. I said to Joe, "Hand me that cushion" while I was pointing to the seat cushion. He pulled it off the loveseat and handed it to me. He did the same with the other one when I requested it. His look got more puzzled when I asked if he had any lotion or baby oil. He thought for a second and then said yes. I asked him to go get it and he disappeared toward the bathroom.

By the time he returned I had put the cushions on the floor, and gotten Mona to lay down on them. I had also turned off the lights except for one lamp. I said for him to get started rubbing her back, since I had to go use the bathroom. Which I actually did have to do. Before I left, I pulled her top up to her neck. If he hadn't guessed she had no bra on, he sure knew now. He had a moisturizing lotion to use and my last comment was to "Warm it up first".

She told me later that she knew I meant the lotion, but she almost said, "I'm already warmed up!" I was gone a few minutes and when I returned, her sweater was completely removed and he was massaging her back from her waist to her neck. He was doing a good job and she was enjoying it. She said it was very relaxing.

A couple of minutes later, I had to return to the bathroom. My stomach was not cooperating. When I came back, nothing had changed. I later learned that Joe had starting to feel the sides of her breasts that were accessible because she was lying with her face on her hands. So after a bit she had risen up on her elbows so he could have access to her nipples and whole handfuls of her boobs to rub. They would stop as I returned.

Since I didn't know this at the time, I decided I needed to move things along. Joe was wearing cut-off white denim shorts and a polo shirt. I had jeans and a tee shirt on. Joe had taken his shirt off. I too was getting warm so I followed suit. Joe was on her right side, kneeling at about her waist. I was lying down on her left side with my head about at her waist. He was still rubbing her back with gentle caresses.

I pushed her left hip up enough to reach her jeans button and zipper, which I undid. I knelt up and started to pull her jeans off her butt. She asked "What are you doing?" "Trying to get these out of the way so I can massage your legs." I said. She raised her hips up a little to facilitate the removal, even though she knew that was a lame excuse to get her undressed. Joe was watching as her ass and legs came into view as her pants came off.

She had on a pair of black lace panties that contrasted perfectly with her lightly tanned skin. True to my word, I started to massage her legs. I even got some of the lotion from Joe. By this time Joe was getting bolder. He was fondling her breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders. He let his hand wander from her lower back onto her ass. But he wasn't quite sure what would happen since this was all very new to him. I knew Mona was going to be fucked, either by me or him but preferably both of us.

I knew Mona was getting hotter by the minute. As I stroked her thighs, she parted her legs a little so my fingers could reach her apex. I could feel the heat and slight moistness emanating from her slit. At this point, I slowly started to peel off the last pretention of modesty from her body. Once I had her panties in the pile of discarded clothing, I started to turn her over onto her back.

I watched Joe as she turned over, exposing all her body to his view.

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