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Victoria has a photoshoot, then a casting session.

.." I protested.

"Now you'll find out how your poor slave-girl feels, stripped naked in front of strangers."

There was harsh laughter from the brigands.

I shook my head.

Suddenly, one of the women behind me darted up and tugged down my under-shorts. They lay in a little pool around my feet. I was exposed to view. Immediately I covered my privates with my hands. There was more laughter.

I looked up, blushing with shame and embarrassment.

"I'm not a slave! I'm a free man! The son of a Sinjoro!" I cried out.

"That can be changed," the woman said. She nodded to the two men standing next to me. They grabbed my arms and dragged them up behind my back. I thought they'd wrench my arms out of their sockets it was so painful. My penis was fully exposed.

Then a woman approached. She carried a short length of chain and a padlock. I thrashed my head from side to side but she draped the chain around my neck. One of the men hit the side of my head and I was stunned for a moment, unmoving. That was all the opportunity the woman needed. She padlocked the chain around my neck and then passed the key over to her leader.

The two men stepped away from my sides. I tore at the chain but it was on too tight for me to lift over my head. I stood, glaring at the woman.

"I gave you an order to undress, slave, which you refused to obey. That's a very serious offence and must be punished."

"I'm a prisoner, not a slave and I will not be a slave!"

"Silence!" Her voice whip-cracked around the little box canyon, echoing off the rocky sides.

"I will not be spoken to like that by a slave. Now I must punish you more severely."

She turned to some of her people. "Bend him over that log and stake him out."

They dragged me over to the felled trunk and threw me over its surface. The bark dug into the tender skin over my stomach. Several of the men held me down. Others grabbed my arms and they were chained together. One brought a mallet from out of a hut. I screamed in panic. I thought they were going to smash my brains out. Instead, they put a tent peg through the chain links and hammered the peg into the ground before me so I couldn't move my arms.

They chained my legs and also staked that chain out. I was sprawled over the trunk, my arms staked before me, my legs staked out behind me and with my bottom in the air. I wriggled but apart from a few centimetres of leeway I was immobile.

"You can't do this! I am a free man!" I shouted.

The woman spoke from behind me. "Gag him. I don't want this slave's shouts attracting any cavalry scouts."

A young man, Anselmo, approached with a ball gag. I shut up and clenched my jaws shut. No way. But they had all the power and I was totally defenceless. He pinched off my nostrils until I had no choice but to breathe, and then the horrible gag was forced into my mouth and buckled behind my head.

"A very disobedient slave, Libereco, I would recommend you give him a beating to remember. Like his family probably beats their poor slaves," Anselmo said.

Even in my terror Anselmo's words penetrated my brain. Could this woman be Libereco, not Chibuzo the Angolan brigand leader? Was that possible? Nobody had ever thought the most notorious brigand of the southern Sierras could be a woman. If I could capture and escape with her I'd be a rich man -- and be promoted and appear in all the newspapers. But I had other things to deal with first.

"Are you ready for punishment, slave?" the woman, Libereco asked.

I ignored her. I was too busy thinking about Libereco and I was determined to give her no satisfaction by responding.

"Yes, a very stubborn, disobedient slave," she said. "And an ex-slave owner. Needs some punishment."

I heard a harsh, loud whip-crack behind me.

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