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The submission and Gerard.


She moved her head to the side so she could see around Miss Hunt and smiled.

"But I see that you are a little busy right now." she nearly laughed.

"Oh Tina, I'd love some tea. How about you come back in about half an hour. I should be all set by than." Miss Hunt said.

"Sounds wonderful," Miss Moore replied as she walked back across the yard toward her house. "I'll see you than. Bye bye Anne. Bye bye diaperboy."

Oh god. I was speechless. Now Miss Moore was sure to tell the entire neighborhood. I was doomed. I can't believe I agreed to this deal.

"Let's get inside diaperboy," Miss Hunt ordered.

"Wait a minute Miss uh.. Mommy," I interupted. "She's gonna tell the whole neighborhood. My parents are sure to find out and want to know why I'm wearing diapers around the neighborhood. I'm totally screwed. I might as well tell them what happened. In fact I'm going home right now."

"DON'T YOU DARE" she loudly demanded. "Tina won't tell anyone. I promise you that. The deal is still on. Your parents won't hear one word of this unless you disobey me."

"Now let's get your diapered butt inside before anyone else comes along and see's you." she continued. "If it will make you feel better, I'll have a talk with Tina when she comes over for tea. She's not some busybody who gossips all day. Don't worry about it."

We went inside and I continued to play along.

Once inside she told me that she needed to get cleaned up before Miss Moore came over, so she would have to leave me alone for a while. She led me to a bedroom and motioned me to enter.

"You can hang out here. There's a tv for you to watch if you get bored and I'll bring you something to drink," she said.

She turned to leave but stopped short and turned around.

"By the way, you are not to use the bathroom unless I order you to. Leave your diaper on until I get back. If you break this rule the deal is off. I'll go straight to your parents and tell them everything. Including about you wearing diapers around the neighborhood."

"Oh and also," she laughed. "I've got a witness to back me up. Have fun diaperboy."

She left the room and I collasped on the bed in defeat.

How did I get into this? Was I totally screwed or was this going to save my ass? Was I leaving my fate in the hands of a madwoman?

I'm in too far to turn around now. Hopefully this woman just wanted to humiliate me to teach me a lesson and this would it. She'd leave me here for awhile in a big baby diaper and then just let me go.

I sat up and looked around the room. The first thing I noticed was alot of mirrors. There were five large mirrors spaced around the room and a mirror over the bed. Ohh kinky.

I sat around for a few minutes and decided to watch some tv. Before I could finish Miss Hunt returned. And boy did she ever return.

She burst into the room and my jaw fell to the floor. Miss Hunt looked incredible. She was half naked so of course she looked incredible. All she was wearing was a red satin bra and matching satin panties. Needless to say my boner was back.

"Here I brought you something to drink, I hope you still like beer?" she asked.

The beer was in a glass and had a funny color but I didn't think this was a good time to complain.

"Sorry about the lack of dress but I'm looking for my stockings and garter," she said with a knowing smile. "I know I left them in here somewhere. Ah here they are." she continued after looking in a dresser drawer.

Then she started to slip her stockings on slowly.

I nearly came in my diaper. She stood next to the bed and propped a leg upon the bed and slowly pulled each stocking up her beautiful long legs. Then she hooked her red satin garter belt around her lucious hips and clipped her stockings securely to the garter belt. All the while she kept glancing at me and smiling.

Finally she was done and she stood straight up and put her hands on her hips.

"What do you think diaperboy?" she asked. "How do I look?"

"You look uh great. Really uh great Miss uh Mommy." I studdered idiotically.

"Thank you.

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