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Obsession over a younger woman finds a female co-conspirator.

He watched her eyes drift shut as he reached for the front clasp of her bra. She inhaled sharply as his fingers brushed against her skin. He pulled the fabric back to reveal her large breasts with nipple so stiff it looked almost painful. He pulled the bra from her body and dropped it on top of the forgotten skirt. Using his knuckles, he caressed the distended nipples and watched as goose bumps popped out over her creamy skin. Without warning he pinched her right nipple viciously, she cried out without thinking.

"Ah, sweetheart you know better than that." He grinned excited that she had played so well into his hands. He grabbed her hand and led her over to the desk. He positioned her so both hands were resting on the edge of the desk and she was bent at the waist with her legs straight. He moved to the other side of the desk where she could watch him as he opened drawers looking for something. When he pulled a flexible plastic ruler from the drawer, she inhaled sharply but did not move. He moved around behind her, leaning in close to her ear he whispered quietly. "3."

She shivered from the caress of his breath against the sensitive skin of her ear and waited for the promised punishment. The first impact of the ruler against her lace cover bottom caused her to flinch but she did not cry out, knowing that if she did there would be more. The second landed viciously, and still she remained quiet, breathing through her nose as she bit her lip. The third smack landed and a tiny peep of noise escaped her. He laughed knowing that she knew there would be consequences.

"Later, I will collect on that. For now though..."

He stepped behind her and pulled the lace from her bottom and pushed it down her legs to pool around her ankles. Still wearing the stockings, she looked incredible with her ass striped with faint red marks. He brushed is hand over her heated skin then ran his fingers down the cleft of her ass until he was touching the outside of her pussy lips. The moisture of her cunt had seeped out and coated her so he could feel her wetness from there.

"You liked that didn't you, slut?"

She nodded silently answering his question. He smiled and shoved 2 fingers brutally into her sopping hole. She offered no resistance and in fact pushed herself deeper onto his fingers. He finger fucked her hard and she struggled not to cry out with the bliss. It took only three hard thrusts of his fingers before she orgasmed.

"Oh fuck. That is right you dirty little whore, come on my fingers. Come for your master." He continued to manipulate her cunt as he talked, giving her another climax that was too much for her to keep silent. She moaned and ground herself against his hand. "You know that I want you to be quiet and you keeping making noise. Is that because you want me to punish you?"

Once again she nodded silently in answer. He grinned and pulled his hand from her. "Lick my hand clean so I can use it to spank you." He said holding his fingers against her lips. She licked sensuously against his fingers tasting her desire and his skin. Ravenously she sucked his fingers into her mouth, lapping and softly biting his hand. He growled as the pleasure became too much for him. He pulled his hand away and moved so he was once again standing next to her. He leaned close and whispered. "5."

He ran his hand against the skin of her ass, softly.

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