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A quickie can often be anticipated for years.

Clive was disgusted and tried to open his mouth to spit the lollypop out but couldn't. When Pete finally pulled the lollypop out of Clive's mouth he stood up and moved his left leg away from Clive so he could sit on his knee and as he took his seat on Clive he pulled out his throbbing cock from under his leather dress and began jerking himself off again. Pete held the lolly pop with one hand and caressed his penis with the other and within 30 seconds of jerking himself off he was ready to cum. Pete placed the red lollypop head near the tip of his penis and exploded his first batch of cum for the night all over it. Pete squeezed every drop until it was completely covered then sat up off Clive's knee, turned to face him, placed his legs over his and sat cross-legged on him like before. Pete then gripped the sides of Clive's jaw and forced his mouth open then stuck the cum soaked lollypop into his mouth the gripped the underside of his jaw and forced his mouth to close. Pete then fiddled with the white tick of the lollypop to ensure that his cum was cleaned by the inside of Clive's mouth.

"There you go, taste my yummy cum!" said Pete followed with a girlish giggle.

Pete kept rotating the stick of the lollypop and seductively licked his top as he did. After a while Pete removed the lollypop from Clive's mouth and it was bright red again,

"Hmm, how was that? Did it taste good?"

Clive was disgusted but Pete was far from finished. Pete leaned forward toward Clive's face and gave the lollypops dangling from his ears a few little licks, with the tip of his tongue he rapidly kept wiggling it over the lollypop head attached to his right ear and Clive became enraged! Pete was making loud tongue noises as he did this and was clearly doing it to anger Clive and it was working.

"Hmm, you don't like that do you?" he said then began doing the same to the other ear.

After playing with Clive's lollypop earrings for a bit Pete was ready to kick it up a notch!

He placed the white stick of the lollypop he had just ejaculated on in his mouth and bit on the end so the lollypop was firm and the wet round ball of it was sticking out of his mouth. Pete closed his lips over the white sick and there was an only a small gap between his lips and the red lollypop head. Pete then moved close to Clive's face and placed his leather gloved hands over his cheeks as if he was going to kiss him but instead he used the lollypop in his mouth as his tongue and pressed the round ball of the lollypop against Clive's chin and with an upward head motion slurped Clive with the lollypop all the way over lips and up-to the tip of his nose! Pete now had a tongue that wasn't his. Slowly he continued that motion and began lollypop licking Clive's lips upwards and downwards with his lollypop tongue. Clive went crazy but Pete just continued this motion and thrusted his hips firmly against Clive as the red ball of the lollypop slurped him. Pete used his lollypop tongue and played with Clive's lips ensuring the top and bottom was strawberry licked! He moved up and down Clive's lips and in circles angering him.

"Stop that you fucking freak!" Clive yelled as the boy in high heeled boots lollypop licked him.

Pete grinned with the lollypop still in his mouth Grabbed Clive by the back of his hair and pulled his head backwards and softly lollypop licked him from his throat all they way up-to his chin and repeated that action a few times before releasing his head.

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