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You begin to rediscover yourself with His help.

She had worn an old, comfortable tank top to bed, along with a pair of soft grey flannel shorts that were a couple of sizes too big. She moaned loudly as she cuddled backwards, questing until her ass was pressed against his groin.

John's arm came across her own, embracing her, and Amy purred, grabbing his arm and holding it close. She loved falling asleep in his arms, but it was not something which happened often; while she was comfortable sleeping that way, John had a hard time falling sleep that way; he could never find a comfortable position.

Which was OK, as Amy had no intention of sleeping at the moment, anyways.

Amy dragged his hand to her chest, covered by the thin layer of cotton of her tank top, and moaned softly as his fingers found her turgid nipples. Turning her head, she started kissing and biting the arm that was beginning to give her such pleasure.

"Someone is a little bit of a frisky kitten tonight..." John chuckled, enjoying his apparently half-asleep wife. His fingers seemed to operate with a mind of their own, gently tugging and pulling her nipples through the tank top. Amy began to undulate her hips backward, finding John's cock under his boxers, and trapping it in her ass crack. He had grown nice and hard, and she began to stroke his cock with her ass.

"Feels good.... " Amy moaned softly. "I love having your cock pressed against my ass."

"It feels good to me, too..." he whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe.

"Mmmmm.... not as good as your bare cock would feel... let me feel your bare cock against me, Johnny... please? " she half-moaned at him. "I need to feel your cock against my ass."

John pulled away and shed himself of his boxers. Returning to his spot against her shorts-covered ass, he pressed against her, feeling her renew her movement against his sensitive, bare cock.

"Yes..." Amy crooned. "So soft, and so hard... so good..." Any grabbed John's wrist, and guided his hand down to where his cock rubbed against her ass. "Touch me, Johnny... feel me....

Not one who needed to be asked twice, John splayed his fingers across the fleshy expanse of her shorts, and down to where the material was riding up from her masturbating his cock with her ass. Pulling her the material of her shorts to one side, he pulled his cock against the bare skin of her ass crack.

"How does that feel, honey?" John asked, his fingers tickling the expanse of flesh between her ass and her pussy.

"Oh my God... I love it... " Amy confirmed. "I love your hard cock against my ass... maybe someday you'll let me have your cock in my ass..." she moaned, and reveled in the twitch her comment made in his cock. "Would you like to try that someday, Johnny... your hard cock pressing against my ass? Would you like me to rub some lube on your cockhead and shaft, or would you rather watch me finger my ass with some pussy cream, to get it ready for you?" Amy and John had never tried anal sex, but Amy and Jill had talked about how much Jill liked having a nice hard cock in her ass, about how it felt so dirty and slutty and delicious. John was a considerate and loving husband... sometimes too much so. John was nothing but respectful, kind and gentle, and there were so many things Amy wanted to try that John would never think to suggest.

John kissed the back of her neck, biting lightly. "Is that something you want to try, my love?"

"Oh yes.... yes indeed.... but not tonight..." Amy replied. "Tonight I want this... " she paused, reaching behind and grabbing his cock, guiding it lower to where her pussy lips here split. "I want this... right here..." Amy spread her legs as wide as her position would allow, and began moving her succulent pussy back and forth over his cockshaft"

Not slow on the uptake, John angled his hips so that his cock was at a better approach angle, and moved with her, his cockhead plowing through her furrow. "Like this, Amylove?"


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