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The possibilities of their new hobby.

"Um..." Keep it simple, she told herself. "Thanks," she said, blushing slightly.

"You don't exactly look like you belong in a place like this," Gerald said. "You're far too pretty to be a scientist."

Nina distantly recalled wanting to slap the last guy who'd told her that, but she understood that Gerald wasn't like the other guys. He wasn't saying she was too good-looking to be intelligent. He was just complimenting her dress sense, her style, comparing her with the other women in the room and finding them wanting. She felt a tingle on her clit as the thought occurred to her that she might wind up in bed with him tonight if she played her cards right. "Um, I...I'm in Marketing," she managed to say through the pulses of arousal that were overwhelming her thoughts.

"Marketing, huh? That must be fascinating." He smiled at her, and it was all Nina could do not to tackle him to the ground and straddle his hips right there in the crowded room. She felt like she was basking in the light of a new sun, soaking in the radiance of his charisma and letting it warm her all over, and she wanted nothing more than to let Gerald sweep her away and do whatever he wanted to her. Her mind was already filling in the details of what those things might be, picturing hot, passionate sex, him thrusting endlessly into her, filling her up so completely as she begged for more...

"So, is this party boring you?" Gerald asked. She could tell just from the way he asked it what he wanted the answer to be, and Nina couldn't imagine answering the question any other way than the one he wanted her to. She couldn't imagine doing anything to displease Gerald. His charm just seemed so...absolute, so irrefutable.

"Well," she said, her mouth seeming to move all on its own, "I was wishing this was a little bit more of a...private affair." She said the last two words breathily, thrusting her tits out just a little, just enough to let him know she wanted his hands all over them and his fingers tweaking and teasing her nipples until she whimpered in ecstasy under his touch and pleaded for his long, hard cock thrusting into her twat...

"Perhaps we could go upstairs," he said, interrupting her fantasy just long enough for his words to generate a whole new one, "and you could show me your room." He smiled. "I'm afraid my company made my colleague and I room together. And we do want someplace...private, don't we?"

Nina nodded, her eyes glazed over with lust. Someplace private, someplace sexy, someplace they could suck and fuck and she could be his slut, his whore, his horny fantasy Gerald led her out of the room, Nina thanked whatever gods there were that she was the only woman her company had sent, forcing them to give her a room to herself. Herself and Gerald, tonight.

Once they got into the elevator, she couldn't keep her hands off of him any longer. She locked lips with him, sliding her tongue into his mouth and passionately curling it around his. Her hands felt all over the soft, silky fabric of his suit, running up and down his chest, feeling down between his legs where the bulge of his cock stood out underneath the material. Nina thought about how soon she'd be taking that cock into her mouth, her cunt, her ass, anywhere he wanted to put it and it made her so fucking wet... She felt blessed that he'd chosen her to be his fucktoy for the evening that she'd do anything he asked, no matter how depraved, how perverted. The kinkier the better. Anything to prove her devotion to Gerald, anything at all.

She pulled him down the hallway with the same intensity that her own lust dragged her towards her bedroom, her mind full of images of her tits pillowed around his cock, of her body bent over the sink as he took her from behind in the hotel bathroom, of endless orgasms ripped from her body by his sheer masculine power. She only dimly registered him saying, "Maybe later, I can swing by the party again, pick up another girl, and the three of us can have some fun together. What do you think?"

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