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Dave remembers the surprises of going to their first ball

After dragging me down one level to the basement landing he again pushed my skirt up and then roughly jerked off my underwear. I stepped out of them and grabbed a condom from my purse, quickly sliding it down his dick. I turned and stuck out my ass, leaning against the door to the storage room. He fucked me hard; my body banging against the metal door created a tinning echo and forced whimpers out of my throat, breath whooshing from my lungs. Anyone walking by would have wondered at the noise.

Someone entered the building and we stopped to straighten ourselves. I resented them for forcing me to do so. My pussy felt so empty. Then they passed, and I bent over on the stairs, hands on the floor after I used them to urge him to fuck me as hard as he wanted/could. He came soon after. I smoothed my dress down and put my underwear in my purse. I left them off, imagining that I was making a wet spot in my dress. On the ride and during the whole check-in process at my hotel, I imagined that everyone could see that darker patch on my dress.

September 13

Dear Master,

This morning I got to G's place at around noon after staying up all night. I went to sleep immediately. At 1am, he started grabbing at my ass, squeezing and murmuring in my ear, hard cock against my leg. After some 30 minutes of him trying, I woke up and climbed aboard. I rode him and ground my clit until I came.

I thought of that lesbian domme comic porn where men paid to fuck her - something like $6 for one fuck, $10 for unlimited and wondered if I would like something like that. How it would feel to have you direct the action, interrupting occasionally to tell someone to cum on my face or have me suck you just enough to keep you hard and ready to split me apart.

This was a common theme in my fantasies while having sex the last few days. You destroying me with your huge, beautiful cock. I miss it and how full you make me feel.

Finally, I again flipped to my stomach and squeezed my pussy as tight as I could until he lost his load.

I dozed/watched a movie until he was hard and wanted another turn. This time I said no sex and just sucked him off. He seemed to really enjoy it, spread-eagle on the bed while I used all of my skills to get him to cum as quickly as possible. He took a while, but I felt accomplished when he finally shot his cum into my eager mouth.

And there you go... everything up to now. Telling you what a whore I've been is making me so hot.

I'm going to be ravenous until I get me a piece of you, which is going to be quite a challenge for me. 2-3 months with my clit aching like this, thinking of your fist in my pussy, your cock in my ass, or your mouth abusing my nipples.

Writing your updates got me so hot and bothered that I went back to Gabriele's so that he could fuck me again. I'm such a cockslut. I can't get enough!

September 14

Dear Master,

This morning Gabriele let me catch up on my sleep. It was glorious!

He got home from work and I was naked. We fucked - for a while. I was sore but after some warm up I was taking it like a champion. Then we went straight to the gym.

After the gym we showered and went out, looking for a place to eat.

When we got back I was feeling frisky after a couple glasses of wine and I started making out with him in the stairs. He unbuttoned my shirt, undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants as we made our way up. Then I unbuttoned his and sucked on his cock while he unlocked the door. I splayed myself on the bed again, begging to get fucked, and he pounded my dripping fuckhole with my feet over my head until I flipped him over and ground on him until I came. Then I pulled him back on top of me and we fucked like that until HE came. I think you have unleashed a monster. Knowing that at any moment someone might see me for the whore I have kept inside makes me wild.

Gabriele started dozing not long after I sent the email to you, but I was WIDE awake.

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