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Curvaceous Asian virgin on a steep learning curve.

The news demoralised her further and her head dropped and slackened as the fight and resistance left her and a dull acceptance filled her.

"That's right and now his stuck up wife is going to suck me off!"

A final sob escaped Victoria as Tilstock pulled her head towards him and at the same time thrust his erect cock forward to rub against her lips. She almost retched and gagged at the prospect of what she was going to do, the fact this was so much more personal than all the others just made it all the worse and she could barely believe that one of their own would sink to these depths. The smell of stale sweat and the disgusting sight was too much for her and as she closed her eyes she felt his fingers prying her mouth open and then his dick slowly ploughed it's way in, sliding horrifically for her, along the length of her tongue.

Uuurgh! He was a filthy and disgusting cur and it certainly didn't help when his hairy, sweaty balls slapped against Victoria's delicate little chin as his cock strained deep into her mouth. For his part he was in heavenly rapture, holding the young blonde's head tightly he pushed his groin forward and was rewarded with the indescribable feeling of his large foreskin being slowly peeled back as his cheesy helmet pushed further in until it poked against the back of Victoria's throat. He screwed his eyes shut in ecstasy, as much at the thought of doing this to the perfect English Rose who for so long had been on a pedestal to him, unattainable and untouchable. The thought of her transformed into this cheap, dirty gutter whore was such a turn on to him.

He pulled her head off his cock and stared deeply at her as he spat out his next harsh words.

"That's it whore! Suck my cock good because it's going right up your tight asshole next!"

She flinched and gasped at the sudden release and the promise of what debasement was to follow but the cowardly Tilstock just saw that as another opportunity to ram his hard, slimy cock back into her mouth and once again enjoy the feel of her soft lips on his penis.

"Yeah that's what your mouth's for Mrs Adams, eh? Not looking down your nose at me now are you? Not so fucking snooty with my big cock in your gob, eh?"

God he was loving this and he seemed positively deranged as he laughed at the various misshapes Victoria's mouth was forced into as his cock head pressed against both her cheek walls alternately.

Gagging, coughing, her eyes blurring as they filled with tears, Victoria struggled to keep it all together, she thought she might just go mad there and then. The stress and strain of the past couple of months since the Japanese army invaded the island had built and built and now this latest indignity and humiliation was pushing her to her breaking point. She felt like just snapping her teeth together and biting the fucking bastards dick right off, it was anger and emotion that she had never experienced before but also mixed with the deepest regret because she knew she would never do it. Captain Fujita and that she-devil Lucy had left her in no doubt that the fate of her beloved husband were she not to 'play ball' with any of her 'customers'. So in the end all she could do was try and position her head forward a bit to try and at least gain a measure more of comfort, but it wasn't much.

It also did not last for very long and her discomfort at her mouth being fucked so crudely was to be nothing to the prospect she was then faced with as Tilstock plucked his slimy cock from her lips and, with trails of her own saliva hanging from her mouth, he flipped her over onto her front and she felt her ass cheeks being pawed and parted by the perverts hands.

Defiance long since gone to be replaced by pathetic pleading she tried to turn her head over her shoulder and beseech him feebly.

"Please, no, please don't do this, please, I can't, I..."

The unfeeling bastard Tilstock paid her no heed and continued to pull h

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