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The relationship deepens.

Handing me a cup, Jenn said, "Sweet tea, I hope you like it that way."

As I stood there there, it struck me just how comfortable Jenn seemed to be. She was confident, and casual, speaking to me in nothing but a t-shirt, as if it were a normal part of her day. Her grace had a calming affect on me, and my own nervousness started to settle.

As she descended two steps, and bent to sit on the porch, Jenn's shirt pulled up again, exposing the very bottom of her cheeks. Much of her hips were exposed, and after she settled in, I could see that the front was very close to exposing her pussy. She leaned forward, resting her forearms on her knees, holding her cup of iced tea out in front of her. Leaning forward made the shirt drape open, and pull away from her shoulder. As I stood over her, it exposed the inner swell of her left breast, and her right breast all the way to the nipple, puckered just slightly in the cool morning air.

It was a great vantage point, but as much as I enjoyed the view, I couldn't just keep standing over her. I stepped down, and joined Jenn, sitting next to her on the porch. I sipped my drink, and looked out in all directions, in admiration of the peaceful setting. The property was surrounded by the forests of the Great Smokey Mountains, a view just as breathtaking as the one down the front of Jenn's shirt, albeit in a much different way.

"The tea is good, thank you," I said, in a much more relaxed tone. We seemed to be in a contented state of understanding, enjoying the stillness of the morning, and as the last of the fog dissipated, I broke the silence. "I live in the city. I love it down here. The hills have a way of dropping the blood pressure a few points," I told her. "If I lived around here, I don't think I could ever take for granted how beautiful it is."

"Awww, I knew it! I was right about you," Jenn said in a cheerful voice. With a smile she said, "Something told me you were a good guy; a little naughty, but still a good guy."

I grinned, and blushed a little bit, asking, "So what about me made you think I was a good guy?"

"Well, it was just a good feeling," Jenn said, "When you almost popped out of the woods yesterday, I had my eyes open, just a slit, enough to see what was happening, because I heard you coming down the hill. I was about to go inside before anybody could see me topless. But then you were closer than I thought, and I saw you stop. The look on your face; it was priceless." She giggled for a second, and continued, "You were all surprised, and looked scared. It was all I could do not to laugh. Then my little devil horns popped out and I thought I might have a little fun with it. Okay, maybe more than a little. Guess I got carried away."

I laughed out loud, "Well hell yea I was scared, I didn't know what I just walked in to!"

Another giggle, and Jenn said, "Then at the diner, I was so surprised to see you! I wasn't sure at first, but your eyes gave you away, and I knew it was you. I watched your mannerisms, and you were really polite. You have a kind face; a trustworthy look about you."

More blushing, but I was silent, not knowing how to respond to such an unexpected, and flattering compliment.

"And besides," Jen said, "you're kinda cute, but don't let it go to your head," and playfully stuck her tongue out at me.

She paused, and seemed more tentative as she spoke again. "You know, I've never done anything this bold before. I like to show off a little, but never have gone too far. My husband likes for me to dress sexy, and he gets turned on when I show a little extra skin in public. Of course this is a small town, so I have to be careful not to get labeled a slut by the older folks, the women, and the church goers. I go to church to, but my husband had to work overtime this weekend, so we're skipping today. Imagine how shocked the preacher would be if he knew I always sit in his Sunday morning service with no panties on!" She and I both laughed at her last comment.

Jen continued, but as she did, her voice became dreamy, and sexy.

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