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Hubby comes home after a week away.

She bit down on her lip hard, squeezing her eyes shut once more and just when she had finally regained her sight. Tanner's defined build twitched at her reaction while he pulled his two digits out of her core before licking them clean. He savored the taste of her juices allowing his other hand to trail up Korrie's silky skin to her small, round nipples before he captured one between his index and middle finger beginning to roll it side to side. Her lips parted to release a mediocre shriek as she felt Tanner tug hard on her sensitive flesh. Korrie created a rocking motion with her hips, causing a wet streak to line the maple wood finish of the chair she had been confined to.

Tanner's broad shoulders tensed at her expression of ecstasy, he snarled and slapped her clit hard, causing Korrie's shriek to elevate in pitch and audibility. His lips peeled back into a grin as he gave her hot, dripping sex a soft pat, causing her to flinch, "'Atta girl...scream like the whore you are..." He forced two fingers roughly inside Korrie's begging hole once more, smacking his palm against her lips as he pushed his appendages in far, hooking his fingers, dragging them along her inner wall. Her body jerked as she writhed against his hand, attempting to tilt her head up, but to no avail she found her skull pressed firmly against the back of the chair, the restraint around her neck causing her breath to get caught in her throat as she struggled. Tanner grinned deviously watching her slender body squirm from what he was doing, the hard length between his legs twitched with anticipation as he felt her slick tunnel tighten while he groped deeper, inserting another digit into the tight passage.

Korrie's wiggling became more frantic as her body rushed with pleasure, she dare not make a sound for she knew if what came from her mouth wasn't a scream, he'd make her suffer; not allow her to release...she'd been good this time...perhaps he'd reward her. Another finger slipped into her hole and Korrie tensed, letting out a scream as her sensitive inner walls were stretched almost to the breaking point. Tanner's grin spread further, practically touching each of his lobes as he worked his digits in and out of Korrie hard and fast, relishing the feel of her slickness against his fingertips. Her body jerked and trembled while most of his hand pumped into Korrie's wetness, she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, biting back each moan as she felt him expand her core, gripping at the inside as if he were trying to break through the flesh.

Then, as suddenly as they were thrust into her sopping wet box, the fingers were pulled out causing Korrie to open her eyes, observing Tanner curiously. She gritted her teeth and braced herself as he grabbed onto her hips hard, jerking her forward on the chair, causing the restraint around her neck to be pushed into the bottom of her chin while the leather binding around her ribs pressed her breasts into her throat. Her eyes went wide as Tanner slammed his hardened member into her, making Korrie utter a scream in painful pleasure. Tanner's strong build rocked and pushed against Korrie, knocking the head of his length into her back wall, each time a loud smack echoed through the cellar as their bodies slapped into each other. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she neared release, she knew better than to ask, so she waited to be told to climax...Tanner continued to force his thick being in and out of her velvet vice, making it contract and expand with every thrust, pushing Korrie every so closer to the limit.

Her lip was caught between her teeth as she bit down hard on the soft flesh, piercing the skin with her canines while Tanner mercifully used her for his own gain.

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