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When a College Master instigates a drug check programme...

Adrian turned to me. "What do you think honey, can we make a little room?"

What do I think? I think you have the hots for Mrs. Redhead, that's what I think. I extended my hand to the woman, "Sure we can, I'm June and my husband is Adrian."

"Thanks June, I'm Martha, and this is my husband, Sean."

Adrian and Sean busied themselves rearranging our chairs to make room for the small folding ones they carried.

"Is this your first time here?" Martha asked me.

"Yes, it's our first day on the beach. Is it that obvious?" I asked.

She motioned to my top. "It took me a few days to adjust to the local customs, but once I did, it was liberating. We come back every year now."

I nodded, not sure how I was supposed to respond.

"Oh no, sweetie, don't get me wrong. You keep your top on until it's good and ready to come off."

Thanks, I guess. "So, what exactly are the local customs?"

She pointed to the rock formation where the sand beach ended. "Anything goes on those rocks; here on the sand it is just topless."

"Have you been to the rocks?"

"Not exactly," Martha said. "Sean fancies himself a photographer, and likes to get some nudie snaps, just from the rental boats mind you." She gave his ruddy cheek a pinch and then raised her arm to scratch the back of her neck.

Adrian tore he eyes off Martha's tits to get a look at the tuft of red hair under her arms. I thought his eyes were going to bug out. He restrained himself and joined the conversation. "Get some good ones?"

"Oh yeah," Sean said with a wide grin. He pulled a Nikon camera out of his bag and attached a very long lens. "I can read the ladies tattoos from a hundred meters out."

"So," I said, "you have to be nude to go out on the rocks?"

Martha chuckled and gave me a pat on the arm. "Honey, on this island, nobody tells you what you have to do... and better yet, nobody tells you what you can't do." She winked to make her point.

Sean cut Martha off. "We're off to our boat rental now. It was sure nice of you folks to let us share your space. Perhaps we'll see you a little later."

We waved as Sean trotted off with Martha in tow. Martha turned back and yelled, "Don't forget the sunscreen."

"What was that about?" Adrian asked.

I laughed. "I think she just told me not to burn my tits."

"Good advice," he said.

"Same goes for you... in case we head for the rocks."

"I'm glad you brought that up first."

"What about Martha, are you giving up already."

"Never, but she's not here right now. Besides, I think it's time for you to do a little window shopping."

I nodded enthusiastically. Watching men in bathing suits just wasn't getting the job done.

We grabbed a few things and headed for the rocks. Well worn trails snaked between the large flat rocks. Mostly nude couples sprawled out on towels and sunned themselves.

Adrian turned back to me. "See anything interesting?"

Oh yeah! I had a wide variety of cocks to choose from, but all appeared to be spoken for. At a fork in the trail I spotted two men off to the left. From the back, all I could see was their dark curly hair and deeply tanned bodies. "This way," I said, nudging Adrian in the direction I wanted to go.

As we passed in front of them I stole a quick glance at their cocks before turning away. They were both uncircumcised, something I'd never experienced before. Their nearly hairless bodies were uniformly tanned a deep bronze, including their cocks. I hope they're not gay. I tapped Adrian on the shoulder and pointed to an empty spot to his right. "That looks like a good place."

He threw out the towel for me to sit down and whispered in my ear, "Find something you like?"

I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I hope it answered his question. He surprised me by slipping his board shorts down and stepping out of them. Did he expect me to do that?

He reached for the sunscreen.

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