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Surprises in store for both participants in this tale.

George Hospital and forcing the patients from their beds, in some cases causing grievous bodily harm, not to mention the criminal damage inflicted upon the building."

"Yes, well, that can all be dealt with once I'm finished here, Detective, we shouldn't be too long, only a few days, I'm assuming there's food and drink around somewhere, we'll be fine. No need to worry," and with that he hung up.

'Only a few days!' I thought, I started to panic and realised that this was much worse than New York, this man actually wanted me, not just a quick fuck, he wanted to make it last. I moved to the other side of the lift and cast around wildly for anyway to escape.

"You must be wondering why I'm doing this to you," he said. I had thought about it, but didn't want to ask out loud, I was foolishly worried it would sound cliched! I almost laughed at my situation, I didn't want to seem cliched, yet here I was about to become the cliched self-sacrificing heroine.

"Well," he said, "your ordeal in America made world news, and it was on the news here for weeks, when I heard how you had allegedly stayed strong for Aimee and Sally I was intrigued. I had been wondering for a while whether there were any self-sacrificing people left in the world, people who do things for others and don't expect a reward. Well, there is no reward for what you did, and what you'll be doing in a minute, and I wanted to know if you were the real deal, if you really were that selfless, that caring, and I had to find out. Unfortunately I came across some hitches, firstly, you weren't accepting visitors, other than that of your family, secondly, I had no idea where you were, there was a blanket ban on the newspapers revealing your location, thirdly, if I did actually manage to gain an audience with you, how would I get the proof that you were as selfless as I hoped." He took a breath and moved so he was standing next to me, "I agonised for weeks as how to get close to you when it suddenly struck me, just walk in there and demand to see you, if that didn't work then use my well-trained men to clear the way to your room. As you've probably worked out I had to use my men," he laughed at his own joke. "And now," he continued softly, stroking my shoulder, "here I am, and here you are, ready to do my bidding." He placed his hand under my chin and pulled my face close to his, "now, kiss me."

I closed my eyes, thought of Wes and leaned forward, his lips locked with mine, soft and warm, gentle, careful almost. Then his passion took a hold on him and he pushed his tongue into my mouth, eagerly exploring my mouth, I reciprocated his effort playing with his tongue, gently sucking it until he pulled away.

"Wow, I'm so glad I waited to do that," he gasped, "you have the most wonderful tongue, I wonder if it's that good doing other things, get on your knees."

"I can't," I said, my voice trembling, "I'll be sick, I don't know how many I had to do in New York, but I can't even eat a sausage without cutting it up first. Please, don't make me do this." I was pleading, begging for mercy, something I never thought I'd do, I never thought I'd have to.

"Look at my face Mae, see this gash above my eye, you did that to me, you owe me," he was talking seriously as though he believed what he was saying, I almost believed him.

"Owe you!" I suddenly laughed, "you were coming to rape me, I don't owe you anything!" He grinned then his hand shot out and he slammed me against the wall of the elevator, I cried out in pain as my already broken ribs were crushed and gradually sank to my knees.

"Just take it slowly and you'll be fine," he said, while unzipping his trousers, "pull them down and take it out," I took a deep calming breath and reached up for the waistband, "but, my sweet, I want to be down your throat in the next thirty minutes."

Once his trousers were around his ankles I reached for his boxer shorts, taking as much time as I could, unfortunately he caught onto what I was doing and pulled his boxers down himself, and there it was, standing upright pointing t

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