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Kimber reconnects with an old crush.

But, Govinda had never liked to make it easy for people to find him.

Sighing, he made a serious effort to pay attention to the passing crowds. Not that crowds in Sikhazovot were all that heavy; at most the city's population was only about a hundred thousand. The natives who were strolling through the marketplace stopped now and then and haggled with various merchants, but seldom bought anything. The outworlders, on the other hand, often purchased little objects or pieces of fruit without haggling at all. The merchants seemed disappointed if they got their first price, even though they made almost all their profit that way. Govinda smiled a small, inward smile, thinking of all the different ways he could commit crimes in an old-fashioned economy like this one. It might be a nice diversion after spending so many years doing cutting-edge netcrime for Indhira's crew...

Just then, a shadow crossed his vision, and a tall outworld woman sat down at his table. She planted her elbows on the tabletop and leaned in, looking sideways at Govinda as she pulled the blackened husk off a grilled sukkao. Taking a big bite of the fruit's bright green flesh, she turned to face Govinda full-on, and smiled at him with her large dark eyes. "So," she said, talking around the food in her mouth, "you know a place we could go?"

Govinda was accustomed to forward women, but, even so, this one surprised him. He liked her long red hair and her pale milk skin, and the way she wore her cybskin, which was currently matte black with a subtle rippling pattern all over, like water covered with a film of charcoal dust. So, he was definitely interested. Still, at the same time, he wasn't completely himself yet, and so tried to slow her down some, even if only for a minute or two. He said, "Yes. I know a place. But...maybe you want to talk first or something? Let me buy you tea."

She took one more bite of the sukkao and tossed the remains in the hole in the table's center. Then she wiped her chin with her hand, and said, "No, don't want to talk first. Later might be okay...we'll see. But, anyway, if you don't want to do anything, you don't have to." She made as if to leave him, half-rising from her chair, but Govinda reached out and grabbed her hand. They stood up together, and, giving in, Govinda led her away from the marketplace and back to his rooms near the vacant Shouter temple.


Her cybskin was set to allow a basic hand-off ID, but nothing else. So, Govinda knew her name was Sabine as soon as he'd touched her the first time. He did not know the usual list of other things, such as origin or sub-species or last planet visited. Of course, Govinda's skin was set on highest privacy, and Sabine wouldn't know his name unless he told her himself. Which, he might do eventually...just, not yet.

They stood at the foot of his wide bed and let their cybskins melt off their bodies, each one rolling into a little ball which they kicked away with their feet. Govinda stepped back to admire Sabine's body, then held out a fingertip to trace a line from her ear to her shoulder to the sharp edge of her hip. In an age when it wasn't difficult to be perfect, beauty depended on imperfection, and Sabine had designed herself to be extremely pleasing to the discerning eye. She had a spray of faded freckles across the tops of her small breasts, a ragged scar along the inside of her left bicep, a wine-colored birthmark under the shadow of her collarbone. Her pubic hair was full, and surrounded her sex like a halo made of flame. Below that, she had thick rings tattooed in black around her thighs, and narrow rings tattooed in brown around her ankles. Standing there with his palm now massaging her hard little nipple, Govinda thought she was the loveliest woman he'd been with in a long, long time.

Sabine reached out and played with the soft black hair on Govinda's chest, then let her fingers walk down his body until they found his growing erection

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