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Kimberly is a slut for her daughter's boyfriend.

Chuck was soon to follow. I had a warm but somewhat stressed feeling in my pussy as I repositioned to bring Billie to a climax.

My jaws ached from stretching around Billie's cock. I continued until I felt Billie's scrotum tense. He suddenly stepped backward and shot a massive load into my face. It seems that he was not only blessed with a large penis, he had very productive testicles as well. Stream after stream of cum splashed onto my face, running over my lips and chin, then down over my breast. I thought he would never stop as he covered my head and body. When he finally finished he invited Chuck to repeat the performance.

Chuck stepped forward in a semi-hard condition with his dick glistening with a mixture of my juices and his cum. The taste was delightful and Chuck quickly responded to my ministrations. I felt his deposits from our earlier encounter trickle down my thigh as he neared his second climax. It was a significant performance,especially for an encore.

Just as Chuck finished Billie's phone rang. He gestured for everyone to be quiet and spoke in what was a subdued voice for him. There was no doubt that the future Mrs. Billie was on the line. He talked for a fe w minutes, said "Yes dear" and hung up.

He announced, "I've got to go."

"Chuck, you've got to get Annie home. She's in no shape to drive."

"Call Ed, he will help."

"Drop Annie and her car at her house. It's only a few blocks down Weatherly."

"Then he can give you a ride back to your car at the office."

I stood there nude, with my own cum filled juices running down my leg, and gobs of warm sticky cum in my hair, on my face and smeared over my tits. Billie opened the door to leave, paused in the opening for a few seconds, and I said "I'm not finished!"

Chuck was already on the phone with Ed:

"Ed you have to come to room 136 at the Queen's Inn right now."

"Oh, you are celebrating Tyler's eighteenth birthday."

''I understand he has plans for later but they have an excellent prime rib here. This won't affect his schedule much at all."

"Good, I'll see you in a few minutes."

"Yes, we will be ready to go when you get here."

Chuck was doing his best to get me cleaned up and covered up in spite of my continued claims of "I'm not finished."

He was not particularly effective. My hair was plastered flat around my face and I felt sticky from head to toe. I wore my sheer white blouse partially buttoned with the tail out. My white skirt with embroidered sun flowers had a hole in the center of each flower. The outfit was socially acceptable with the right underwear and subdued lighting. Neither was the case as I stepped out into the sunlight to dry some of the cum induced stickiness.

Chuck searched my purse for my car keys. Having found and pocketed them, he stuffed some of my underwear into my purse and some into his pocket. I guess round one was over.

The sunshine made me feel better. In spite of the twenty milligrams of Valium and the four Absinthe Frappes I felt somewhat lucid and alert. I was also extremely horny. Chuck left the room, closing the door behind him, as Ed and Tyler arrived. Chuck told Ed to drive around front to my car, while Tyler exited his car and helped me into the front seat. He then squeezed in beside me. We drove around front and followed Chuck to my house.

During the ten minute ride to my house Tyler constantly stared at my thinly covered breasts. As I gazed into his eyes I realized that I was much closer to his age than I was to the other nearby gentlemen. Chuck drove my car into my driveway and we parked behind him. As Tyler helped me from the car I whispered that I had a birthday surprise for him inside. Chuck had gone ahead and was searching for the key to the front door. Ed, Tyler and I made our way towards the door. We were on the top step when my husband Dave arrived and parked at the curb.

We waited for him just inside the door.

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