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His first time is with the Head Cheerleader.

He can also see that she has been sexually assaulted. There are several contusions on her vagina. He assumes that there are also bruises on her buttocks. He wonders if she too was ravished with a wooden object; another piece of evidence that only he, Olivia and the coroner know about. The coroner said it was probably a broomstick but he couldn't be sure.

Her clothes are nowhere in sight. There is only a black stocking tied tightly around her neck and a gag on her mouth.

He gets up from the body and starts to search the tall grass around the body for tire marks. He does not find any. He tells the police photographer to make sure he gets some close up photos of each letter of the word WHORE branded on the victim's chest as well as some close ups of her wrists, ankles and face.

He approaches the young female officer who spoke to him earlier; she is standing on the sidewalk. "Has anyone found her clothes," he asks her. His depression over the vicious murder is evident, both in his voice and in his demeanor.

"No sir." She smiles at her superior officer in an attempt to somewhat brighten his gloomy mood.

Stone guesses that she is in her late twenties or early thirties. She has a dimple on her right cheek that makes her smile look genuine. Stone notices that she has a nice round ass; it's not too big or too small.

He looks back toward the victim ignoring his own thoughts. He knows that Darlene does not mind him looking at other women. She knows that he keeps his "wondering" to merely looking at them; he loves Darlene to too much to get involved with another woman.

Then he looks back at the young officer. "OK, I want you to get a couple of officers and I want every dumpster and garbage can within a three block radius searched for her clothing. Who knows maybe we'll get lucky."

"That's a lot of dumpsters and cans. It'll probably take us all day," she answers him.

"I don't care if it takes you all day and half the night. I want those dumpsters searched. Now get some more officers and get on it," he orders her.

"Yes sir," she replies. Her smile is gone.

He looks back at the body again and then to another police officer standing nearby.

"Who found her?" he asks him.

"That college kid over there who was talking to O'Malley a few minutes ago," he answers and points to the petite auburn haired girl. Det. Phelps notices that she also has nice supple breasts, just like Darlene's.

"Thanks." Then he walks over to the young coed. She is leaning against a police car across the street from the scene. "You found her?"

"Yes sir. I was out jogging with my dog and noticed her."

The detective looks from the student to the back of the lot where the dead woman is lying. "She's lying in the tall grass way back there in the back of the lot and you saw her from the street? How'd you do that?"

"I just saw her. Then I called 9-1-1 on my cell phone. What's wrong with that?"

"Look kid, I can't see her from here in that tall grass and I'm a good ten centimeters taller than you. Now tell me how you found her or I'm going to start thinking you got something to hide. I'm going to start thinking that maybe you did something to the body."

The young coed looks down at her feet and tugs on her dog's leash. She frowns. "My dog got away from me and I had to chase him. Hey! It wasn't my fault. I stopped him as soon as I could."

"Stopped him. What do you mean?" The detective asks her.

"My dog Frisky was licking her face. I'm sorry; it wasn't my fault. I pulled him away as soon as I got there."

"That's OK. Where on her face did the dog lick her?"

"I don't know, just her face that's all."

"Don't worry about it. Did you tell that to the policeman who took your statement?"

"No," she answers him.

"Go give that information to him right now. Tell him I said to put that in his report. And don't worry about it. The only thing you have to worry about is if you're hiding something from me. You're not are you?"

"No sir."

Stone then gives the petite woman his card and tells her that if she happens to remember anything else to please

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