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MJ tries to tell Spidey and Scarlet Spider apart.

" With both wrists locked tightly in place I moved down to her ankles. "I'll get back to you and that luscious ass of yours soon enough." Now that she was completely secured with arms and legs spread wide I gave her butt a nice hard smack and then walked away. She grunted just a little in time with the blow.

"Okay, Slut, now it's your turn," I announced as I walked quickly towards her and motioned for her to stand. Then I led her over to a contraption I had seen on the floor earlier and knew I wanted to try out the second I saw that little red landing strip of hers. The device was, in a sense, a set of stocks, but to leave it at that would not be doing it justice.

First off, I had her lie down on her back on a padded floor mat that was part the object in use. I locked her in place at one end by a stock around her neck and a simple hook pushed into place to keep it closed. Her hands were locked into the same board wrapped around her neck.

Now that her upper body was immobilized I moved onto the bottom half. For that her legs were locked into stocks just below her knees. Then the locked board was fastened to two risers at the edge of the mat in line with her waist. This pulled her legs back and slightly open, exposing her scrumptious pussy to me to use however I deemed fit.

Now that I had her in place I could not help but stand back and enjoy the view. Directly in front of me lay a spectacular specimen of a woman bound in such a way that her pussy practically begged to be devoured. Just a few more feet a way stood a voluptuous woman bound upright with her ass turned invitingly in my direction. My cock now stood at full attention.

After admiring my work for a moment or two, I went to retrieve a couple of the items I had set aside and then quickly returned to my Slut on the floor. "I love to eat pussy," I told her as I kneeled down at the base of her contraption, "I could eat it for hours, especially after it is sopping wet and dripping with satisfaction."

She began to squirm a bit as I spoke. Her anticipation and excitement was rising with every word I spoke.

"I am going to get you jump started," I whispered, "while I go torment that Whore for a little while."

I had selected a vibrator that was what I would have considered neither small nor large. It was only about 8" long and hummed nicely as I turned it on. I would have liked one with more pulsating action, but this would certainly do. I held the vibrator against her clit for a few seconds as I gave her a couple last second instructions.

"This better be in place when I get back," I started, "and I don't want to hear so much as a peep out of you while I am gone. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," she whined, and I pushed the vibrator into her pussy before rising to walk away.

As I stepped up behind Whore I rested my right hand on her left ass cheek. "Did you miss me?" I inquired as I gave it a good squeeze.

"Yes, Master," she cooed.

I leaned in close so that my lips brushed against her ear as I whispered, "You have an incredible ass."

"Thank you, Master," she replied, as I continued to rub my hand up and down her backside.

"I think it would look simply amazing in crimson," I continued. My hand wandered along the very bottom edge of her ass to the crease where it met the top of her legs. I simply love this area. I could never explain why, but I do.

"How does that idea strike you?" I asked, adding special emphasis to the word 'strike'.

She swallowed hard. It was obvious she was nervous or possibly even scared. "Whatever pleases you, Master," she responded.

"Very good," I replied, and my hand continued exploring her bottom and down her crack until I reached up underneath and found the gloriously soft entrance to her pussy. She moaned gently as my fingers slowly opened her up and slid up into her. She was getting wetter by the second and her smell, combined with Slut's, was delectable.
It took all the discipline I could muster to step away for a moment and gather the implements I had chosen to 'paint

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