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Mom, Nana and Son team up to seduce bitchy prude relative.

They strolled right up to us and Cindy said. "Tonight, anything goes!"

The two of them were almost tackled, by Al and George! Soon, they were both bent over the back of the sofa, with Al fucking my wife, as George pounded away at Dale's. I slowly undressed, then stood in front of Julie, who quickly gobbled my dick into her mouth!

When George finally came, I was close to coming. I quickly pulled my dick from her face, and moved to her pussy! It was at this time, that Bill and Scott walked in.

They stood watching, as Al forced his dick deep into Cindy's pussy, while he shot his load, and Julie sucked George's dick clean! Bill removed his clothing, and moved to Julie's mouth, as soon as George pulled away. I noticed that Dale was now screwing my wife, while she licked Al's now bare dick. I was still amazed, that my conservative wife was acting so wantonly and sexy! I looked back, to see Bill looking at me, over the naked back of another man's wife!

"Hi Jeff." He said, as if we were meeting each other at the dinning hall. "Hope you don't mind us helping ourselves to your wives." Again, he sounded relaxed. Like he was talking about drinking a couple of our beers. He then grinned real big, and said. "I couldn't help myself. I damn near came in that night, while the show was going on!" He was breathing hard right then, like he might shoot his load right then!

Scott, who was now jabbing his dick down my wife's throat, piped in. "He came and got me. We sneaked back, to watch some more!" With a laugh, he stroked Cindy's head, as his dick continued to stroke in and out of her mouth! "I got there in time to see Al and George take them into the room. I couldn't believe you sat there, while those two guys were screwing your wives!"

I could believe it. I had sat there, imagining my wife being fucked! I had sat there with an erection the whole time! I had sat there, anticipating fucking my wife, afterwards! Then of course, Dale and I decided to swap rooms, and wives!

I came, right then. I shot my load deep into Julie's unprotected pussy, knowing I couldn't get her pregnant. As I pulled my dick from her steaming crotch, Bill quickly put on a rubber and took my position!

He then picked up the story. "Oh, we noticed the switch you pulled on them! That's when we decided that it would be alright to take a piece, for ourselves!" I stood there, as Julie slurped my soft dick clean, listening to Bill's story.

"When we walked in, the next morning, they were only partially dressed anyway. Once we told them what we had seen, they didn't object. Stripping them naked, we fucked them first, bent over the kitchen table! Then we went to the bedroom and had a morning of leisurely sex!" Scott was now plowing Cindy's pussy, and the two of them were going like mad men! Brutally, they drove their dicks into the willing flesh of our two wives!

The rest of the night involved a lot of blow jobs, fucking and beer drinking. When I told everyone it was time to call it a night, everyone agreed, it was getting late. We shook Bill and Scott's hands as they left, and the girls gave them each a kiss.

After another round of showers, we were ready for bed. When Cindy and I were alone, in the bedroom, I asked if she enjoyed herself. She said she had, but I knew something was bothering her. I pressed her, until she finally explained.

"What's going to happen when we go home?" She asked. "I mean, I love the sex,... but if my mother, my family, found out about what we've been doing, I would die!" I asked I she just wanted to leave tomorrow, and forget any of this ever happened.

"No!" She blurted.

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