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My lovely girlfriend comes home drunk and horny.

I tried to shake off various inappropriate images and set to work. Some of the guys in the office had allegedly struck lucky whilst out on jobs, but being the new boy and only there for the summer during the University break, it was unlikely I'd be given any 'plumb' assignments. Having said that, she was a new client so who knew? But she had said she was off to a meeting later, so any MILF fantasies would have to be put firmly back in the box.


I pressed on and a few minutes later I had changed a couple of boards in the recalcitrant machine, but there were still a few problems and it soon became clear that I was going to overrun my time slot. I was just about to give Gina a shout when I was aware of a presence behind me and the hand was back on my shoulder. She held it there a little too long for comfort and bent towards me and said softly, "How's it going, Sam?"

I could feel her breath in my ear and she was so close I felt one of those magnificent breasts rub against my shoulder. She had changed into a silky silvery-grey blouse, still showing her off to her best and the lycra leggings had been replaced by a sleek black leather skirt. I tried not to think about what other treats might be lurking under there, but I'd have bet my weeks wages that there were stockings and suspenders involved. Oh god, and there were shiny fuck-me black boots as well. What kind of meeting was this woman going to?

To make matters worse, as I turned to speak to her, I could feel heat from her groin region as the leather of her skirt now brushed my lower arm. Beginning to perspire, I told her I was running a bit behind and that it was generally going well, but I'd need another fifteen or twenty minutes to finish off. My arm was trapped between the heat emanating from her nether regions and the chair arm, her hand was still on my shoulder and between the sensations of the leather and silk rubbing against me, it was becoming a losing battle to think straight. Factor in the smell of her hair and perfume and I was struggling badly.

Fifteen or twenty minutes?, I thought. Hell if she had started anything it wouldn't have taken anywhere near twenty minutes. I would be lucky if it was twenty seconds.

Mercifully she stepped away slightly and the warmth on my arm subsided. I was willing down an erection that was trying its best to make its presence felt when she made matters worse.

She still had her hand on my shoulder and as she removed it, she stroked down my arm past my t-shirt onto the skin, fingernails tracing my tattoo which runs from shoulder to elbow. "You've got very impressive muscles, Sam. Where d'you get them from, eh?" Her smile was pure wickedness. She leaned towards me and breathed into my ear. "Not sure about the ink, though..."

I managed push the chair back a little and was able to look up at her face. Her eyes were now subtly rimmed with eye-liner and she had applied some gunmetal eye shadow which accentuated the pure white of her lustrous eyes and the beautiful grey pupils within. As with everything else, the effect was magical and I imagined gazing into those eyes as her equally striking mouth did its work.

I tried to keep my voice neutral, but my discomfort must have shown and I cleared my throat, which was getting a bit dry. "Oh, er, thanks. Rugby. I play for Old Newtonians. Er, sorry about the tattoo - not everyone's thing, I know." It all came out a bit breathless and rushed and I was sure I was going red in the face.

"Rugby - thought so the moment I saw you. An ex of mine used to play, so I know the signs. The size of you, I reckon back row, eh? I bet there's a bit of cauliflower ear going on?" Before I could react she pulled my hair back on one side at a time and inspected my ears. "Ooh, no perfect little shells- wear a scrum cap do you?"

I could only nod mutely. Once again, she knew what she was talking about.

"Sensible lad! My ex had ears like prize fighter." Another one of those smiles and another few pats on the shoulder. Please let this stop!

"Yes," I managed to blurt out.

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