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Two couples have fun in the woods.

"If you return our money to us, that woman behind you sleeping? She may live. If she is important to you, she may go and live her life. You will return our money to us, we will put a single bullet in your head, right behind your ear. Painless. A better end than you deserve, but I am not a sentimental man- I only move in a forward direction. I need my enemies dead and I have to rebuild."

John just nodded.

"If you don't return our money to us, then we will still kill you, of course. We will also kill her. Her value is not clear to us. It may be that you care for her enough to give us our money. If not, we can get other money. It is easier to do it one way than the other, but not a- how do you say it?"

Soo Jung looked behind himself towards one of his men, but it was John who answered.

"A deal breaker."

Soo Jung smiled.

"Yes, of course. Not a deal breaker, either way."



Amanda was waking up behind John. She blinked, and opened her eyes.

"Who is this, John?" she asked, looking at the three men standing behind the older seated man.

"A business associate- an old friend."

"Oh. Hello."

Soo Jung nodded his head. The men behind him said nothing.

"Well, Soo Jung," John told him. "I would certainly like to apologize for everything. I would be happy to get you your money. I understand the details of your offer, and I will be returning your money to you as soon as possible."

Soo Jung smiled.

"Wonderful, John Claire. We will give you a couple of days to get the money together -"

Immediately, the three men standing behind Park Soo Jung pulled their pistols out, pointing the weapons at the couple on the bed.

Amanda shrieked in surprise, grabbing at John.

Soo Jung lowered his head, closing his eyes tight. He shook his head slowly, as if to wake up from a dream.

"Ah," he said quietly, resting his head on his lap. "Ah."

He opened his eyes, and pulled his own pistol out of his coat pocket.

"You almost had me, John Claire," he said. "But of course, I told my men that you would try and buy some time, and that you would need to be taken to get the money immediately after we had taken your woman hostage or you would use your mind tricks. When they heard me say 'a couple of days', they knew that you had persuaded me."

"Shit," John said.

Park Soo Jung looked behind himself, at his men.

"What are you waiting for," he said. "Kill them."

Immediately, all three men opened fire with their pistols.

John leapt to protect Amanda with his body, throwing himself over her on the hotel room bed.

He lay there for some moments, hearing the gun shots, one after the other, cradling her in his arms. Hoping that somehow, after all the mistakes he had made, that his final sacrifice might be enough to spare her life.

After some time had passed, John opened his eyes. He heard only the clicking of hammers against metal.

"OK," Amanda said, pushing him off her. "OK."

He rolled off the bed, and saw Amanda standing up in front of the four men.

A dozen or so bullets were hanging in the air, suspended. Just hanging in thin air, spinning uselessly.

Amanda frowned at the men, who kept pulling the triggers on their pistols, although there were no more bullets in them.

She waved her hand at the bullets, and they fell to the carpet.

"OK," she said.

One of the men behind Soo Jung reached into his coat, and pulled out a long knife. Amanda glanced at him, and then once of the jagged bolts of white light leapt from her face into his head, lifting him twitching and convulsing into the air.

She waved her hand, and he fell to the ground, lifeless.

"I wish you had just left us alone," she said to Park Soo Jung.

"Amanda?" John said.

"John, will you face the other way, please?" she asked him.

He did. He saw another burst of light play itself out across the walls, reflecting from the mirror in the bathroom.

After another couple of moments, he heard three more lifeless bodies falling to the carpet.


"Yes, Amanda?"

"Let's get our shit and go. And darling?"

He turned

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