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I suffer public humiliation as I expose myself in a hotel.

I know back in the Old World I'd have cum well before now but here in Pornoland I felt like I could go on until I wanted to cum.

Talking of cumming, my mom started shuddering and gasping, clenching her teeth and moaning as I continued fucking her.

"Nearly there," Chelsea shouted.

"Me too," mom grunted. She looked up at me again. "Can you - uuuhnnnnn - can you hold yours?"

"Sure," I said cockily.

"Good - ohhh fuck - want it - want it - uuuhnnnannnn - at home," mom gasped. "Oh fuck - do it, Alex - fuck Mommy! Make me - cummmmm!"

And just as Chelsea pulled the car up the drive, our mother came on my cock, her pussy muscles gripping my shaft tightly as she moaned, gasped and writhed in ecstasy. I kept fucking her throughout her orgasm, slowing down as I did, letting her catch her breath and relax.

By the time Chelsea got out of the car and opened the back door, I'd helped mom move so that she wasn't going to spill out on to the drive. My sister looked in at us, both still half naked, my cock still stuffed up our mother's pussy.

"God - you lucky bitch," she said again, staring at our mother.

"Take me inside, Alex," mom said. "I want to watch you fuck your sister up the ass."

How many men have heard their mother say that to them, I wondered. And there was no way I was going to do anything other than what she demanded, of course.

I slid my big dick out of her pussy - making her moan in disappointment - and watched as she clambered out of the car, not bothering to put her skirt back on or do her blouse back up. Our house was in the middle of fucking nowhere so I figured what the hell and just climbed out after her, picking my shorts up but not wearing them, my still hard cock bobbing around in front of me as I followed my mother and sister into the house.

No sooner was I through the door than Chelsea fell to her knees, grabbed my cock and unceremoniously stuffed my big knob head between her lips, purring contentedly. She forced herself on to it until she gagged, letting it fall from her mouth while she spat on it, looking up at me as she smeared her spit up and down my cock.

"I love the taste of mom's pussy on your cock," she said with a smile.

"That's just as well," I said, stroking her hair, guiding her mouth back to my dick. "I've a feeling you're going to be tasting it a lot from now on."

I thrust my dick gently in and out of her mouth for a moment before our mom reached down and prised it from Chelsea's lips, tugging it gently, making me follow her as she walked away.

"Come on," mom said, Chelsea hurrying after us. "Living room. Now."

She led us into the large living room just off the main hall and pushed me on to one of the sofas, pulling my T-shirt off as she did, leaving me naked. Chelsea instantly crawled up next to me on her hands and knees and went back to sucking on my cock, sliding her head up and down my shaft as I watched our mom lose the last of her clothes except her stockings.

"Chelsea?" she said as she knelt on the floor between my legs, reaching for my cock once again, easing her daughter's mouth off it. "Get undressed."

Chelsea whined a little as she stood, reluctantly allowing mom to suck hard and lovingly on my cock. She smiled at me as I watched her slip out of her tiny skirt and almost non-existent G-string before she slowly pulled her tight T-shirt over her head, her huge, round, fake tits barely covered by a small bikini top. She licked her lips as she reached behind her and undid the string at the back, whipping it off and throwing it to one side. My pornstar sister cupped her enormous fucking tits and lifted first one then the other up to her mouth, her long tongue snaking out and licking at her own nipples in turn.

"You like these big titties, big brother?" she asked.

"Hell yeah," I said, mom still bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock. "Bring them over here and wrap them round my cock."

Chelsea giggled and quickly knelt at my side.

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