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Susan blows hot and wins game to love.

Slowly, I adjusted myself so that our lips were at the same level, but didn't move any further. She then put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips! It was my first kiss. I was in heaven. She gave little kisses and then deep ones slipping her tongue between my teeth. I then moved my hand and tugged down the strap of her nightgown. She helped with it, and the rest of her nightgown, till I saw her in just her bra and panties. She pulled her bra over her breasts and threw it on the floor. She then put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her breast. On instinct, I kissed her nipple.

"Suck on them," she whispered. I sucked on them and her body twitched. For a moment, I got scared and stopped. She immediately reached for me, again pulling me to her breast and I continued the sucking for what must have been a very long time. I grabbed both her breasts and was squeezing them hard. She suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed it under the waist of her panties to her clit. I was in heaven. Her panties were so wet! Again, it seemed like instinct to start rubbing in circles while I continued to suck on her breast without any control. I was so turned on and my penis was getting harder and harder, straining under my boxers. Suddenly, I was shocked as I felt a huge eruption go off underneath my boxers. I was too embarrassed. I didn't know what to do. I took my hand out of her underwear.

"I'm sorry, I'm new to all this. I gotta stop," I told her.

A panicked look crossed her face. She was probably scared that I'd expose all this. She wrapped her arms around me, hugging me while she kept on kissing me.

"Don't be upset," she told me repeatedly.

We went to sleep hugging each other. Next morning, we took the bus to the next town where the college was located. We checked into a hotel there. She went out to the college to get the process started. She ended up staying late at the lab to get everything done and got to our room late as well. She was totally exhausted and immediately went straight to bed. I just kissed her firmly on the lips and went to sleep as well.

Next morning she got up, gave me a kiss, and went to have a bath. This time, she didn't bother with a towel and walked out bare chested and began to change right in front of me. She left me money for breakfast and lunch and left for the college.

Later that afternoon, I heard the doorbell and opened the door to find her all smiles. She said that the process went really well and she had all the samples she needed. She slowly pushed me to the bed.

"Let's celebrate," she said, with a wicked smile on her face, and pushed me onto the bed.

Straddling me, she leaned down to kiss me. With her on top of me, I opened her blouse and took it off. Then, I tried to unhook her bra. But with my inexperience and the position I was in, I was struggling. She laughed. After a moment, I finally got it off. My mouth immediately moved to her breast, taking it in and sucking it. "How do you wanna celebrate?" I asked her. "Let me show you," she said.

She then removed my pants and underwear and asked me to close my eyes. After a minute I felt something warm and wet wrap around my hard penis. When I opened my eyes I saw she had it entirely in her mouth and she was sucking on it vigorously. Within a minute, I tensed. She just looked up and smiled. "Relax," she said. I then felt this strange yet amazing sensation as my orgasm explode out of me. She continued her sucking the whole time and with a smile, she swallowed it. She continued to rub and pull on me until, 10 minutes later, I was ready to go again. She took me back into her mouth. Again, I felt the same sensation, this time I was not tense at all and let it erupt into her mouth. Again she swallowed it all. I fell back on the bed breathing hard. She crawled up, gave me a kiss, got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

After this, whenever she went to the bathroom she would leave the door totally open. I could see her getting ready for a shower and my penis would get instantly hard.

I once kept the door open during my shower.

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