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She uses her charms to convince her husband to agree.

I had a dream of the two naked and John with his hands tied behind his back performing oral sex on his wife. She would orgasm and then grab him by his hair to pull his head back where she would slap his face as she had done at the party. John would then thank her and then she would yank his face back into her sex.

I awoke aroused and tried to wake my wife for sex but she was having none of it. I got up went into the bathroom and jacked-off in the sink with thoughts of me taking John's place at his wife's pussy. I could not get this strange dream out of my head and for days every chance I could, I would masturbate to thoughts of Sonia. How could this girl, who was the least sexy looking female I knew, arouse me so much? I couldn't answer and neither could I keep her out of my fantasies.

I thought that if we could be around John and his wife more maybe my wife would somehow become more like her but after just a couple of evenings with them my wife told me that she had lost all respect for John as a man. She refused to be around either of them and I could see she had no desire to have a pussy-whipped husband. I couldn't get Sonia out of my head and I found myself dropping by with any excuse I could think up. So when my wife went to visit her mother for the weekend I dialed up John as soon as she left. Sonia answered and I dove right in,

"Hi Sonia, It's Friday night, I'm here alone and bored so I wondered if you guys could use some company?"

"We're just here watching TV, if you want to come over it's alright."

I knocked on their door and entered when I heard Sonia yell, 'come in'. I walked down the hall to their front room and found a sight that changed my life forever.

Sonia was sitting in a big high backed easy chair with a can of beer in one hand and the TV clicker in the other. John was on his knees in front of her with his head buried under her skirt. Her feet were propped on his shoulders and I noticed that her panties were around one ankle. She appeared to be paying no attention to John as she surfed continually through the channels. She took a long pull on her beer then looked up at me,

"So are you here to fuck Johnny-boy's wife?"

I stared at the sight in front of me more aroused than I'd ever been in my life but I shook my head.

"So then what do you want?"

My throat was dry and I wasn't sure I could speak but I managed to stammer,

"I, I want what John has."

Her laugh was mean and derisive; she grabbed a hand full of John's hair and yanked him from under her skirt,

"See, what did I tell you, he's a pussy-boy just like you."

"Yes dearest but..."

Before he could finish she pulled him back under her skirt, then she finished the last of her brew and threw the can at John's feet.

"If you want to eat my cunt you have to earn it so we'll have to see about that."

She picked up the foot that had her panties around it and pushed it toward me. In doing so, I was able to peek up her skirt to see John face buried in the middle of a huge hairy bush. My wife always kept hers trimmed neat and it was a surprise to see so much hair.

"Let's start you out with my panties, here take them and put your face in them."

I pulled her panties off her ankle; they were not delicate or sexy like my wife's but big girl panties more like the kind my wife wore when she was on her period. I looked at the crotch but no red stains, thank god, however they were not only sopping wet with her fresh juices but caked with dried stains both yellow and white. I put them to my nose and sniffed deeply an aroma both repulsive and yet erotic. I was instructed to put my face in them and to put my ears through the leg holes much like a mask. Sonia pointed to a spot on the floor next and ordered me to kneel. She began to rub my nose through the material and then to force her finger into my mouth. Once the panties were coated in my saliva, the nasty aroma of her panties was even stronger.

She then pulled them off my head and told me to stand,

"OK, now that you've prewashed my panties I want you

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