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The fun continues.

Will I be torn apart?

My screams made it sound like it, but the hot pressure inside me did not feel bad.

"AAAAah-!" I couldn't breathe.

It was too much, I exploded in such an intense orgasm my eyes were seeing black spots, growing as I squirted in my bathing water, on the blue woman's hand. My body was shaking like an epileptic, every muscle enjoyed the orgasm, everywhere intense, burning. That water could do this, make such enjoyable warmth from within my pleasure-hole.

My breath came back to me and I started to shout my sexual satisfaction. Not sure if I was screaming to hard and let to this, or if my orgasm too intense, but I fainted. The black spots covered the pretty smile above my head, while I was sinking in to the water.

Wondering if she would let me drown in the tub, even though I did not feel bad about that, the blackness overwhelmed me and the epic pleasure of my orgasm slipped away from me...

I slipped into dreams. The previous seemed so unreal, but I could feel it wasn't. This was less intense and felt just like dreaming. The wetness and sex were nothing less abundant, but it didn't arouse me or got me off as the waterling did.

Illusions of me, rubbing against a body, one of incredible softness and beauty with just one scary feature: it was me. I always enjoyed looking at myself and I am beautiful, but it was very different to actually do it with someone looking like yourself.

It was talking to me. Though I could not hear in my dreams, all I did was feel. And cum.

My consciousness tried to crawl out of the dream. It took I while to let it completely go, but finally I woke up in my bed. I found myself in a bed soaked, the thin sheets humid and fixed against my skin. The air was damp too, like steamy water. Like sex.

Again not sure what happened I opened my eyes. The darkness already covered my room and the disclosure of my eyes didn't add any information about my whereabouts and physical status, all I had were my feeling hearing and smell. And a dry mouth, what you truly wouldn't expect after making out with a person made of water.

My ear picked up the moving of sheets next to me. Feelings of tenderness and love for whatever it was that satisfied me, made me hope it was her. A heartbeat skipped as I finally asked her what has been going through my mind a few times now.

"What's happening?"

A moan went through the room, through me. Lust for that voice and for a body to love woke up in me. Intense idea's of sex and moistened labia, tongues swirling and lips dripping, fists clamping in sheets...

"What is happening... What happening is: I am satisfying you."


A touch went over me, stroking my body with a gentle coolness leaving a cold tightening feeling.

"I like you, and I know you would like my attention."

"Just for sex?"

The fingertips moved to my breasts, for the first time taking a more solid form and squeezing a kind sign of empathy.

"I want to be everything you want me to be."


It was a feeling holding such an intense grasp on me that felt like my innards would rip and spill. It came from me, though, not from the other woman. She felt familiar inside me already, I would know if it was her. This really was me, begging for this chance for true love.

I tried to say it to her, but my breath got stuck on the way out.

This wasn't like me, I was introverted and solitaire, I have never ever felt like I needed someone, all I needed for an extra was a toy ones in a while. The rest was all on me, I am beautiful a paradigm of perfection. Obviously narcissistic and not stupid enough to refute that fact. I accepted myself as being this kind of independent.

A finger touched my lips, telling me without words that she already knew. I smiled but still with a huge knot in my stomach I felt a sob coming up.

"I'll be there for you."

A soft glowing light came over the room, every inch illuminated with a beautiful blue glow.

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