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A slacker is punished by her boss.

It's been 4 year since his wife's passing and he truly misses her. Now as he looks at them, he sees Kira's lips wrapped around Jake's cock, his own cock jumps to life, throbbing in his slacks. Not wanting the young couple to stop, Adam slowly pulls his zipper down trying to mask the sound as he pull his hardening shaft free of the confinement. Adam has never been so hard, seeing this happening right before him and up close, his cock is already leaking steadily with precum. He knows he's not going to last long. When Kira moans, Adam's cock twitches in his hand.

Jake opens his eyes and looks around, making sure they are still safe and not about to get caught. He turns his head and looks at the man in the aisle next to them. The man is staring at Jake's cock in Kira's mouth and doesn't notice Jake looking at him. Though Jake does see the blanket moving and knows right away what is going on next to them. His cock stiffens more at the knowledge of being watched. He leans his head back and doesn't say a word, this is too hot.

Kira feels Jake's cock pulse and throb in her mouth. She loves the feel of him in her mouth; her tongue running over the slick skin, feeling every curve, every vein of Jake's cock. She swallows as much of him as she can, her head bouncing up and down. She hopes he's paying attention so they don't get caught, but the excitement of her has her pussy sopping wet. Sure that the excitement of doing this on the plane, in the open has him ready to explode, she doesn't think it's going to be much longer before he fills her mouth with his load. Kira loves the way Jake tastes, so heavy and sweet. She licks every last drop from him when he lets her. Her pussy is spasms over Jake's hands, and she's trying to stop herself from crying out as Jake thrusts his fingers faster into her pussy. Her hips wantonly thrusting as she fucks herself with his hand. Jake knows to bend his fingers up slightly and spread his fingers wider as she pumps on them. He just holds his hand still as she thrusts and pumps her body over and over on his hand.

Adam can't take his eyes off this couple; his hand is stroking his hard cock under the blanket. Hoping that neither of them looks over and sees him, but is so turned on at the idea of getting caught, he can't help but watch. In all his years, he has never done anything like this and briefly wonders why. He feels his balls tighten and stops touching himself, wanting to wait to cum when the young man does.

Warm tingles of pleasure are running through her body, the walls of her pussy clench and grip Jake's fingers as she cums. As gasp and a moan escaper her lips, Kira lifts her head from Jake's cock and looks up, her eyes fluttering then open wide as she sees him. The man from the airport is looking right back at her. She is powerless to stop her orgasm from rushing through her body and seeing him watching her so blatantly just pushes her right over the edge. Kira stares into his eyes and silently cries out, her lips parted with pleasure, her breath caught in her throat. A few moments later, her body is back in her control, she realizes this man is touching himself under the blanket. She's not sure why, but knows only that this excites her more and she wants to see him, watch him. She whispers "show me" and her eyes dart to the movement beneath the blanket.

Jake looks at Kira as she rides her orgasm and sees her look at the man in the next aisle. He holds his breath as she comes back down, not sure what her reaction may be, his heart pounding in his chest. When she whispers, "show me", Jake nearly creams right then as Kira's hand begins to stroke him faster, but her eyes are on Adam.

Adam can't believe his ears; this pretty little lady wants to see him.

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