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Jim tries out the code.

"Don't worry Amy," Scarlet said. "Now for the good part."

She moved to stand over Amy, lowering herself to the point where she was holding herself a few inches above the head of her large cock. She lowered herself those last few inches until the head of Amy's cock was pressing lightly against the lips of her pussy.

"Don't tease me," Amy said, as Scarlet was rubbing the head of her cock back and forth across the velvet-soft folds of flesh.

Scarlet smiled deviously before lowering herself slowly, Amy's cock disappearing inside her inch by inch. Amy softly thrust up in order to go in faster. In a few seconds, Amy was as far inside Scarlet as possible without forcing herself through Scarlet's cervix.

Scarlet knelt for a minute, adjusting quickly to Amy's large cock deep insider her. Looking down, she noticed that it was just over half way in.

After adjusting to the cock inside her, Scarlet started moving, slowly pulling herself up before dropping herself back down. Both girls moaned softly as Scarlet moved, Amy shivered with pleasure as Scarlet's hot pussy engulfed her cock over and over again.

Amy started pumping her hips in time with Scarlet's movements, driving herself harder into her lover. She could feel the muscles of Scarlet's pussy squeezing her shaft tightly, attempting, even at the early stages of their love-making, to milk her for her cum.

"Oh yes!" Scarlet exclaimed. "You fill me so well, it feels amazing!"

"Your pussy feels so good, too!" Amy replied, thrusting up harder and faster.

Scarlet and Amy both moaned with pleasure, thrusting at each other as they both neared orgasm. The sound of their sex filled the room, drowning out the sound of the late-night traffic on the main road outside the window.

"I'm cumming!" Amy exclaimed.

"Me too!" came Scarlet's reply.

The two of them came at the same time, Scarlet's pussy gripping Amy's cock tightly as her own cock fired cum onto Amy's tits. Amy's own cum fired from her huge cock with the force of a cannon, quickly filling Scarlet's womb and pussy until it was spurting out of her onto the bed sheets.

When they came down from their orgasms, Scarlet collapsed onto Amy's chest, her face falling into a small pool of her own cum between Amy's breasts. As they were panting from the exertion, Amy's cock slowly softened inside Scarlet before falling out of her pussy followed by dribbles of cum.

The two girls cuddled close until they fell asleep, exhausted.


Lucy got home around three in the morning to find some dinner that had been left for her by Scarlet and Amy. She warmed it in the microwave and ate it while watching a late night movie on television.

When she finished eating, she walked to hers and Amy's bedroom, wanting nothing more than to climb into bed and sleep. When she looked into the room, however, she found Amy and Scarlet asleep.

Scarlet was still on top of Amy and they were laying in the product of the sex they'd had earlier. Lucy smiled to herself, shut the door and went to sleep on the couch.


A few weeks later, Amy had planned how she was going to propose to Lucy. She had decided on a romantic meal for two followed by a nice walk through the botanical gardens, which is where she'd propose.

She'd bought beautiful silver ring with a small diamond set in it for around three hundred pounds and had made reservations for two at a nice restaurant. She'd also come up with a story with Scarlet as to why Scarlet wasn't available that night to go out with the two of them, because Lucy had told her to invite Scarlet along.

She was excited but nervous as to Lucy's response to what she was going to ask. When the night finally came, they dressed in nice dresses that made them look sexy, yet covered them properly, and set off to the restaurant.

The meal was nice.

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