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A public fling at a baseball park.

Chel barely made it home the day she started affecting people. She had marveled at how big some of the guys had grown though and at how massive her first doctor got from proximity. It gave her a lot to think about over the next few years. Her father and brother, of course, had to be moved out of the house. That left her and her mother who ended up quitting her job to home-school the poor girl.

Things were fine for a while, but during the course of her senior year things changed quickly and drastically. That was when Chel began really filling out and becoming more womanly. She went from a scrawny 90 pounds to a bombshell 130. Her chest came in so quickly that her mom decided to stop buying her bras for a bit. They were sore constantly. It also didn't help that her hips were widening, and her pussy almost constantly aroused. Chel even outgrew her panties, but she liked the way a small felt riding up on her oversized bottom. She took up a bad habit of masturbating almost constantly when alone. One of her favorite things to do was imagine all of those big cocks that she had accidently created ravaging her.

She heard through friends that her male classmates had become incredibly popular with women all over the county these last few years. One of her guilty pleasures was tuning in to hockey games during this period of development. Something about all the big foreign boys slamming into each other on ice really did it for her. Chel watched week after week and began to plot and scheme in her head. The only time her mother allowed her out was if she was sleeping over with a girl friend with a single mom. She just had to convince a friend to lie for her. It was pretty easy, all she had to promise Kate was that she'd make her boyfriend a bit larger when all this was over and done.

With her plan laid out, she entered the stadium wrapped tightly in coats and covered in perfume. She needed to mask her scent at least for a while or she might be in trouble with a stadium of hulking men coming for her. She waited patiently alone all night while the game went on, and when she heard the final buzzer, she leapt into action. As she now swayed seductively into the players' locker room, she looked for her first victim. She found him, though not quite what she expected. Sadly, the water boy was the first person to cross her path. She'd have to act quick if she wanted to get to the real men.

"Hey little guy," she cried out, "where's the rest of the team?"

Chel swayed her hips seductively and approached him, her scent starting to take hold.

"Oh uh, who are you?" the short, thin man stammered out. He quickly found himself becoming aroused and confused. It wasn't that the woman in front of him wasn't attractive, she was a total smoke show frankly, he just usually had more self-control than this. He felt Chel's tiny hand reach into his shorts and tug on his rock-hard cock.

"Take me to them, NOW," she giggled as she felt her pheromones go to work.

He shook his head in disbelief and said in a surprisingly deep voice, "uh yeah sure right this way ma'am." The waterbody began to feel strangely good as he started packing on muscle and height at an alarming rate. Not only that, but Chel also felt his somewhat undersized penis begin to swell longer and thicker. Short tugs turned into long strokes as she struggled to keep him occupied. "Fuck," she thought to herself, "he's already way bigger than the average hockey player, those guys in there are going to destroy me when they grow." The thought of it made her overheat with her nipples hardening and her pussy dripping.

He moaned in a masculine baritone as he led her to the showers. The urge to take this little slut was growing by the second along with his now massive, muscled body. She felt it too, he was about to lose control and grab her, or something worse. As they opened the door to the showers and walked inside, Chel gave his cock a firm squeeze and bolted towards the other men.

"Time for stage two of the plan," she thought to herself.

"Guys, help! Thi

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