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Paul & Martha's new business leads to more than profits.

She had 800+ friends on Facebook and that was going to be my angle. I had her address and I made my way to her small house in a nice little estate within a quiet Welsh village. She drove a nice new fiat which was on the drive. All this information on her profile, people make my job to easy. I parked outside on the street and got out of the car. I put on my jacket and tucked a baton up my sleeve. I went to the door and knocked hard. All part of the act to get my victim afraid.

The lady I expected opened the door.

"Hi Karen, I'm here because of your husband."

I walked straight in. I let the baton fall from my sleeve and I caught the grip just in time. I motioned to the living room and invited the scared woman to sit down. She was wearing a plaid red shirt and black jeans, her hair was down and she had a little makeup on. I noticed as she went to sit down the thin black lace of her underwear on her waist line. She was dressed kinda hot.

I explained to her how she would cooperate with me or I would break her. The baton seemed to do it for her because she was as compliant as it got. I asked her how long her husband had been in and what for. He was inside for fraud I found and I told her he had a debt for protection which he hasn't paid up for. I explained how I was going to take a few pictures and show them to her husband. Her husband would see these and pay up if he didn't want them to go public. She asked if I was going to hurt her.

"If all goes well I won't be hurting you physically at all. I just need a few pictures. You cooperate and this will be over and you'll never see me again" I said.

I pointed to the stairs and she moved with a puzzled look upstairs. I told her to go to her room and sit on the bed.

She didn't move at first. I took a swing with the baton and hit down hard on her dressing table. I took out a good chunk of the wood and then I raised it to her face.

"I don't ask twice" I said slowly.

She took a seat on her bed and looked up at me from her glasses. I took a pillow and put it on the bed.

"Straddle the pillow, and remember I don't ask twice."

She didn't move for a moment then got on the pillow.

"Now look like you're ridding the shit out of it."

I took out my phone and hit the camera app.

"Look up at the phone and look like you're enjoying yourself. It goes without saying that I won't be sharing this unless your fella can't pay up."

I took a few shots.

"Undo your shirt half way down. Make it quick."

She hesitated but started to undo her shit enough to expose her perky C cups clad in a black bra pushing them together which was a really hot look. I told her use one hand to pull a little at her bra cup and bite her lip a little. I again took a few shots. I think she getting a little into it.

I started to undo my pants and pulled out my 10" meat. She looked in horror at me.

"I'm not going to fuck you. I just need you to pose with my dick in the picture. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

I put my meat to her lips and told her to open up. She placed her warm lips around me and took me whole. Her tongue tasting me a little as I went in. I took a few pictures and pulled out. I must have been imagining the brief moment old disappointment in her face surly.

"This next one is more intimate but it's happening regardless. Take off your jeans and underwear and lay back."

She did this with no resistance which I didn't expect. She didn't plead like most she just put her head back and spread her legs for me.

"I'm just going to place myself inside you. Take a picture and then we are nearly done."

I got on the bed with her and placed myself at her entrance. I pushed myself in and Karen let out a groan. I took the picture and captured the look of pleasure in her eyes.

I started to pull out but she placed a hand on my shoulder.

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