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She shoplifted and he took advantage.

As the clock struck seven o'clock I got up and walked to the door, before I opened it Ruby spun me towards her and kissed me full on the lips. There were no tongues involved just a long, hard kiss. At first I was so shocked I kept my eyes open for a second but then closed them. I enjoyed it so much I became instantly wet. The feeling was unlike I had ever experienced. I had obviously kissed and even made love with other girls, but I had never felt so loved as I did at that moment. Suddenly I felt a tentative touch on my breast. Ruby's hand was cupped over my breast, her fingers caressing my nipple, which was fully erect. I gasped against her mouth as her other arm drew me nearer. We pressed so tightly together I almost couldn't breathe.

I felt her pert and firm breasts pushed against mine, her smooth leg was wrapped around me as she pushed me into the door. Before I knew what was happening she ran her hand down my trembling body and stroked my warm and damp pussy. I was breathing so deeply I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to enter my mouth. It was hot and wet, it curled around my own and she gently sucked on it. I reached out and fondled her heavy breasts. The nightdress was so flimsy I could see the small hard nipples clearly, and at that moment I knew I had to have her. In every way. Just as I started to kiss my way down her neck a loud car horn beeped and we were both brought back to reality.

'What the hell was that?' I asked, running my shaking fingers through my dark hair.

Ruby grinned at me, 'A going away present'

Whilst in Spain all I could do was think about Ruby. Every dream I had was about her, our kiss and us growing up together. I often thought about the times I would try to catch a glimpse of her coming out of the shower or getting changed. Almost every night I masturbated thinking about her firm and juicy breasts, chewable nipples and toned body. I wished away the six months and couldn't wait to go home.

The big day finally arrived. I kept the arrival date a secret to surprise everyone, although they knew I would be home late in September. As I got out of the taxi I looked up at my home. I was now twenty and had a lot more experience under my belt. A little shiver ran up my back as I realised I would be seeing Ruby in a matter of minutes. I dashed up the path but quietly unlocked the door, so I could surprise everyone. I was a little shocked when everything was silent. I didn't call out, but instead looked all around the ground floor, leaving my luggage in the front room. I was dressed in only a white crop top and cut off denim jeans. I was deeply tanned and had, had my think hair braided. I kicked off my trainers and socks and displayed my manicured toes, my last expense during my trip to Milan. I searched all over before finally creeping up the stairs. I checked the bathroom, my room and my parent's room before finally coming to Ruby's. The door was ever so slightly ajar. I could clearly see her bed and my breath caught in my throat. She was masturbating.

She looked like a Goddess.

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