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Back to his first love and back to the land.

" With that last remark she turned and walked from the bathroom. She knew master was watching her exit the room and she gave him a show to get his cock stirring, swaying her ass as she left the room.

Her ass was his favorite part of her body, followed by her mouth, tits, eyes, legs and Hips. But her ass was perfect; tight, heart shaped, spank able and most importantly fuckable to the end and Freya knew it.

After a long wait of hours, her master and now cum cow, called for her. Freya walked to the bathroom wearing a push up leather corset, leather boots, a thong, and lots of lipstick and eye makeup. Her high heeled boots clicked on the wood floor as she approached.

Master was standing facing the mirror with his arms folded behind his back. He knew the role of a slave from training his wife. Freya walked over to him and moved up behind him till her nipples and breasts flattened into his cool back. He could feel the poutiness of her nipples and the metal that pierced them and decorated them, his cock hardened.

Freya enjoyed the naked coolness of his skin, she reached around front with both hands and in one hand cupped his balls and with the other hand she grabbed his cock. She started kissing on his neck her breathing sending chills up his spine, his cock began to respond immediately. Freya stroked his cock up and down and said to him "I will no longer call you master for the rest of our training your new name will be 'Bull, Slave, or cum cow.' Kissing his skin between words while her hands continued to caress and stroke him she informed him "I love your cock, you know I have to have all your cum! but I need my meal to have no hair, now lean forward and spread your legs we have to remove all this hair so I can milk you better.

Master obeyed the command and leaned over spreading his legs while Freya continued to stroke his cock. She worked his cock with her hands expertly until precum began to appear and then she stopped. Next, she took a tube of depletory cream and covered his body with it, pulling his checks apart, covering his crack, his balls, and his hard cock with the hair remover. She then told him to stay in that position until she returned and then Freya left the room to prepare for the milkings and multiple feedings.

After a while Freya returned seeing her master shifting his weight from one leg to the other and she knew the cream had done its work, and with that Freya led him to the shower. When he emerged she had him stand again with legs apart and she inspected him. The cream had removed almost all the hair from his body and what was left she removed with a razor, warm water and shaving cream, when she was done there was no hair on his body at all. Most importantly, his pubic area, ass, and balls were hairless. He was becoming the perfect male bull for milking.

Freya satisfied with the hair removal process, reattached leash to his hairless balls and hairless cock and led him back into the bedroom. Next she tied his hands above his head to the ceiling and pulled the chain so his arms were lifted above him. She then took and attached a spreader rod and hooked it to his ankles so he couldn't close his legs and finally she hooked the ankle cuffs to the floor so he couldn't lift his feet or move them from position. Next she took a leather hood and covered his head with it. First pulling it over his face and then from the back she expertly laced it tightly closed. The smell of the leather excited her, and she breathed it in and kissed his neck and the leather itself. The smell of leather also excited her, knowing how it smelled and felt to him also excited her.

She knew that all his nerves and senses would be through his skin, his hearing and his private areas, not from his eyes. She also knew removing all his hair would make his skin super sensitive. Finally, Freya knew that for males, sight was a primary sense organ, followed by the nerves of their cocks and balls.

She cooed into the 'Bulls' ear sweet erotic words ab

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