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Not only that, he was an academic to boot... his slim chances (he HAD a chance?) dashed as quickly as the orange glow the horizon had the last few moments the sun set. Long after the sun set, Reed made his way in the twilight back to the campus, the large Water Tower flashing lights guiding his way.

He didn't go the party that night; Alex did. At 3 am, he returned drunk and in the arms of some girl - she looked like one of the freshman he saw during Orientation. Then he noticed both were as drunk as the day was long; they didn't register his presence as began making out on Alex's bed. Soon, Alex's beefy cock was in the girls' hands as she stroked it slowly. Moans escaped Alex's mouth as her lips teased his mushroom head. Reed couldn't believe they were getting naked in his presence (not realizing he was sitting at his desk). Fuming to himself, Reed grabbed his books and headed for the main lobby of the dorm. An hour later that same freshman girl was heading out the dorm - he noticed her hair and face were wet and her shirt half open exposing her big tits. As she past by the sofas, he saw streaks of milky white on her neck, breasts, and in her hair. When she left the building, Reed began chuckling putting the Psychology textbook on his lap.

"Damn," he whispered into the empty lobby, "his aim sucks. For someone who cums as much as he does, he should have better freaking aim." Picking up his book, Reed continued reading the chapter before heading up to his room and bed (seeing his roommate sprawled out on his bed in his boxers with a white thong on his face).

Saturday arrived and Reed was happy for it. So ready that he woke up at 8 am without the clock's help to watch Saturday morning cartoons. To him they weren't as good as the ones from his childhood, but some of them had promise. Of course, Alex was out cold (the thong still on his face) lying on his bed snoring a little. By noon, Reed was upbeat and ready to head to the library to study (Alex was awake too - sort of). At the campus library Reed found many places where he could study quietly with little chance of being disturbed. His small table covered with books, Reed became fused to the world of his textbooks; he didn't notice the company until he heard a book fall from one of the shelves nearby. Looking up, he noticed Tamara standing not far from the table smiling. The jeans she had on weren't as tight as the ones he saw her in Friday, yet they still showed off her legs well. She didn't have any books with her... Reed began wondering why she was in the library.

Waving, he said, "Hiya Tamara. What brings you to the fourth floor of the Hemmings Library?"

"Nothing... just visiting." Her chuckle put a grin on Reed's face. "Seriously, I am here to do what you doing - studying. Have a big paper due Tuesday - and its only the second week of school! God, I hate that class..."

Sauntering over and hopping onto the table, she gave Reed a flirtatious smile and head turn. Laughing, Reed said, "Uh huh, riiiight. Taking a break now right?"

She nods and slowly began licking her lips.

Watching that tongue glide across her lips (wishing suddenly that tongue was licking his cock all over), Reed lost track of what he wanted to say. He ended up blurting out, "Where's Kevin?"

She glared at Reed. Reed thought he upset her; she slid off the table. Reed was lost at what to do; he sat frozen staring as Tamara walked around the table and stood not a foot from him, her hands on hips watching (those alert eyes mesmerizing). The humming of the library A/C was heard over the long silence. Abruptly Tamara began laughing - a cheerful, seductive, almost childish laugh surprising Reed.

"No," she replies. "He's with his football buddies doing some stupid macho thing. They still happy they won the game Thursday against Odeon University. We have a shot at a winning record."

Reed sat listening to her ramble on about Kevin and the game his eyes not leaving hers.

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