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Sam's adventure climaxes in a remote motel.

I'm beginning to like this town."

I would try to describe the technique I used, but I don't really remember too many details. My head was spinning so hard. My body was high as a kite on adrenaline and it felt like my blood pressure was way over the moon. The prick that Jennifer had sucked into submission not long before was once more iron-hard and slapping against her ass with every beat of my heart.

I tried to be tender and take my time with her, but I knew she was extremely hyped, also, and if I remembered my boyhood very well, those jocks wouldn't be able to wait long and I didn't want to ruin her dream of a mass simultaneous cum in her honor.

So, I gave her the accelerated course. There would be plenty time later on to explore the nuances of cuntlapping, but right now my granddaughter needed to get her rocks off. I slammed my belly up to ram my dick against her ass cheeks and pull her pussy lips taught, and made bubbles in her cuntal secretions.

She ramped up, drawing in air as fast as she could fill her lungs, because she could tell she was up to A sharp already, heading for the big O. Heading, in fact for the really, really, really tremendous, stupendous, gigantic O.

My darling hit the peak and hit high C at the same time. I don't believe her fan club could have held out one more second and gave them all credit for managing to time themselves as she has requested.

Cum rained on Jennifer from every direction, landing on her tits, in her hair, in her open mouth, down her back and was running down her belly and thighs in rivers.

Her pussy juices spurted into my waiting mouth, delighting my tongue and my cravings. I buried my face in her steamy cunt and sucked for all I was worth while she continued to trill. When she took a breath and tried to reach another octave up, she squeezed her diaphragm muscles so hard she began pissing on my neck. My mouth was so far up her cunt, than none went in it, but the back of my head was saturated.

Like I said, this is not normally my bag, but it seemed so natural and so erotic at the moment, that I gave up another offering to the gods of lust. With no direct contact except the touch of Jennifer's tanned ass, my prick began spewing cum all over her back, to go along with the flood from the football team.

Jennifer finally ran out of air and strength and collapsed on top of me. I slid her down until her cunt was resting against my root and held her until the cocktail of juices that covered our bodies began to cool.

"Ooooh. What's that smell?"

"Well, you sort of pissed on your old GranPa, honey."

"Oh, GranPa. I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's just one more page in my scrapbook. I'll race you to the water."

The gang of jocks were still standing around with their dangling cocks, reluctant to leave Jennifer as long as she would let them admire her. They grabbed her up above their heads and raced me to the water, holding their queen aloft.

Ok, so I can't outrun a bunch of horny football players, but I didn't need to. I've never been so fucked out in my life.

"Not bad for a virgin", I commented.

"You're a virgin?" The guys were stunned.

"Yep. Bonafide, never been fucked, virgin."

"Can I do it, can I, can I?"

"Later, guys. Give her a chance to get to know you. I'll throw a party on the weekend and maybe we'll raffle off Jennifer's cherry. How would that be?"

"Shit, I'll bet we could get enough to buy her a car."

"A car?" Jenny's eyes lit up at the word "car". She wanted a car worse than anything in the whole, wide world. "Oh, GranPa. I want a car worse than anything in the whole, wide world."

"What's the matter, kid. Don't you think I can read?" (Sorry. got carried away there.)

The cum ring around the lake must have taken a long time to wear off after we left.

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