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The Headmistress, the teacher and a naughty schoolgirl.


"Did you just say what I thought you said," she asked. "Did you say that when you masturbate, you see me there with you?"

"All the time," I said.

"Maybe I was there," she said, "because I saw you, heard you and felt your love every night."

"It's always been there, Jenn," I said. "If you'd kiss me, you'd know how much love you and how much I need you in my arms. I need to hold you."

She came to me and we held to each other as best we could, what with the wheelchair between us. The room was filled with our love for one another, a love that had us both in tears of absolute ecstasy until she finally pulled back.

"What are we going to do, Danni?" she asked. "We can't go through life pretending that I'm just your nurse. You're almost ready to walk and you won't need a care giver any more."

"I might not need a caregiver, Jenni, but I'll always need you. We'll find a way,I promise. I won't always be confined to the house and in the meantime, you can come to visit me whenever we want to be together."

"Is once a day too often?" she asked.

"Not often enough," I said. She kissed me again and again.

"Do you need anything?" she asked.

"I need you," I replied. "Will you let me love you the way I've been dreaming of?"

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life," I said. "Take me to bed, Jenni. I want to be with you."

She wheeled me into my bedroom and closed the door. "I can't wait to make love with you," she said, lifting me from my chair to put me on the bed. I swung my legs clumsily off the bed and motioned to her. . "Let me undress you," I said. "I want you naked."

I slowly took her blouse off to confirm what I already knew. She hadn't worn a bra and her breasts were an absolutely astonishing c cup and firm, with dark pinkish brown pink nipples, erect and begging for attention. I reached up to take them in my hands, pulling her to me so I could worship those soft warm orbs I'd dreamed of. After kissing them all over, I took her in my lips, sucking her nipple deep in my mouth as my hand lifted and fondled her breasts. I loved the feel of them, the taste of them, and the sounds she made as I hungrily fed on nipples that came to life in my mouth. .

Without letting her slip from my mouth, I reached down to release her belt and fumble for the catch before sliding the zipper down. Her slacks fell to the floor and she kicked them away. My hands shook as I slid her panties over her hips and pulled them from her wet pussy lips. Releasing her nipple from my lips, I moved my head down to lick around her navel. Now, I could smell her desire and feel her need as I dug my fingers into soft ass cheeks and pulled her closer. Now her pussy was near my face and the sweet fragrance nearly drove me mad. Pulling her to me, I kissed her over and over from her navel, down her thighs and when I felt the heat of her vulva on my face, I dove into her as far as I could get.

She pulled away long enough to strip me naked and lift my legs up to move me over before crawling in next to me. The heat from her body made me quiver with a desire and a need I'd never known.

We ;came together like animals in heat, rolling around, fighting for a better hold on each other as our lips stayed locked. Moaning into each other's faces, we forced our bodies ever tighter together until we were as one body, molded together forever in passion.

She finally pinned me long enough to settle on top of me, her pussy just below my breasts.

"Now, I'm going to love you like I wanted to while you were in that hospital bed," she said, as she slid down my body to bend over and make love to my breasts in a way that had me fisting my hands into her hair so she couldn't get away from me.

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