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Nick & Julie take an early swim.

If he accidentally let them free and they disappeared, his mother's job and his life could be on the line.

He gave them another apologetic frown and shoulder shrug as he yanked open the door.

"Hey babe," came the girlish whisper from the other side of the threshold. "Your mom and sis home," she queried her voice dropping lower.

"Nah." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek as he tugged her into him and his thick arms encircled her torso. "Haven't seem em all day," he explained as his lips hurriedly pressed towards hers. She giggled as they quickly glanced across hers and drifted down to her neck.

"Couldn't bother even getting dressed for me?"

Lucas gave her a muffled "mmmm mmmm" in the negative as he nuzzled further down the collar of her top.

Her hands were slipping down his shoulders and her fingernails were lightly scratching across his back. He pressed himself into her, another little mumble passing from his throat.

"God, can't even let me inside the house and shut the door," she teased further. Sometimes she could be the biggest bitch, but she was one of the hottest and most exciting girls around, Lucas had to admit. The dip of her hands beneath the waistband of his shorts only confirmed the notion. He managed to kick the door shut and stumble past the dogs to the couch, her small frame in tow.

Slowly the young man sunk into the center cushion of the couch, pulling his girlfriend's skirted legs to either side of his and trapping her atop him.

"When did you guys get dogs," she asked, her voice catching when his tongue lapped over her ear.

"Dunno," Lucas replied, trying to get her focused on something other then the dogs. Preferably something throbbing between the two of theirs' bodies. "My Mom's boss', I think."

"Mmmm, I love that," she hissed, his tongue finally managing to shift her mind back to the subject at hand. Lucas could feel the press of her body getting a little more urgent then before- she was definitely starting to focus on the contact between the two of them. There was even a bit of a grinding motion from her hips, and he knew that soon enough his choice of a single garment was going to be rewarded.

Their touches and kisses were practiced and familiar. Both knew each other well and they had been active sexually with one another for some time. It wasn't often that they were at Lucas' house and with the air of mystery still surrounding his family's location, the feeling of naughtiness grew.

He continued to gently and sporadically lick at the exposed soft flesh that dipped towards the deep V of her chest. The sudden surprise contact kept her hissing and increased the intensity of her grinding over his short covered shaft.

Around his waist he could feel the naked press of her knees and knew that soon the delectable sensation of her thighs would be wrapping around him and his penis would be wrapped in something else. His erection twitched and leaked at the thought.

As his mouth continued to nibble its way across her collarbone his hands dug at the top that was carefully tucked into her skirt. He didn't need to pretend to be patient with it. Sarah was already working on the buttons above his hands. It made the kissing awkward for a few moments but once her lace encased tits were freed it was all worthwhile. His hands were satisfactorily rewarded with the soft pliant surrender of her full chest.

He kneaded the tits slowly in his strong hands, watching as her eyes fluttered with pleasure as her bucking motion increased in intensity and speed. His eyes traced down from her breasts over the lightly shadowed line of her abs to the top of her skirt. Every so often a matching pair of pink lace panties would peep into view as her grinding became more and more pronounced.

Lucas gathered the skirt material with his left hand above her waist, exposing the V-ed meeting of her thighs and panties.

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