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Old fling rekindles as Tom sees best friend's sister again.

I never felt comfortable with those hunters here anyway."

But Raven was angry. "We all agreed to stick together."

"You agreed," Constantine pointed out.

"Safety in numbers, remember? These are hunters. Their whole reason for existence is to track and kill monsters like this Creature."

"Like you and I," Constantine added.

"Like all of us," Raven replied as he turned his gaze back on Abi. "Once wasn't enough?" he asked as he approached, referring to her affair with Hunter. "Tell me. What more do you have to prove?"

She squared her jaw as she looked at him. "It's not like that," she insisted. "I love Hunter. I always have."

"Good luck with that," he said as he toasted her with his bottle. "Or has it escaped your notice who he went chasing after? How many times is this now?"

She looked away.

"Leave her alone," Constantine said as he went around the bar and went over to where she stood. "It's not like you ever had to live up to a sibling."

Raven just laughed. "This again, Constantine? First Nina. Now Demetri? How else have I wronged you? Let us count the ways."

"What's he talking about?" Abi asked Constantine, who glared at his master, trying to subdue his anger.

"Our sordid history," Constantine told her. "I had a perfect sibling too. Demetri was strong and powerful and everything his sickly brother could never be. But I didn't need to be either to win the heart of Demetri's wife, did I?"

Abi's eyes widened, and Constantine just laughed. "We have a lot in common, my love. Wanting that which we cannot have. Only I had to depend on Raven to give me what I needed to win her heart forever. Power. And immortality."

Raven glared at Constantine. "Well go ahead. Finish the story. Tell her how Nina never saw the new and improved you because they'd burned her at the stake, believing her a witch because she tried to raise you from the dead. And how that's all my fault."

"You should have protected her!" Constantine bellowed and hurled the crystal glass against the wall.

Raven didn't back down. "I protected you! I got you out of that village before anyone knew the truth. Or do you forget that your brother was a hunter himself, and bound by law to kill the likes of both of us." Raven had to laugh as he advanced on Constantine. "You always forget that part of the story. Convenient."

"My brother was never part of the equation," Constantine hissed.

"The hell he wasn't!" Raven exploded. "Admit it! He's the only reason you wanted Nina to begin with."

Constantine stood toe to toe with Raven, but Raven just turned on Abi. "And now you've done the same thing to your sister." He sneered at both of them. "Forgive me for trying to get in between this perfect love affair. It's quite evident that you were both made for each other." He grabbed a leather jacket from the back of the sofa and then tossed an evil grin over his shoulder to where Constantine stood sheltering Abigail.

"I apologize I couldn't give you Nina wrapped up in a pretty little bow," he said with fake sincerity as he motioned to Abi. "But please accept this condolence prize, won't you?"

And for the second time that day, a man left Abi to go chase after her sister.

It was more than Abi could take. She broke down into tears that were not lost on the vampire who stood near her.

He said nothing as he took her into his arms and rocked her against his strong chest. "He's an asshole," Constantine said against her hair. "But he's an asshole who is right," she said, her voice hitching on sobs. "I did this to Ginger not once but twice. I'm a horrible person."

He had to smile. "You say to the guy who sucks blood to survive and gleefully kill for pleasure." Her tearful eyes met his. "I win."

Since he brought it up... "Why didn't you kill me, Constantine?"

He had to pull away then. "Because you didn't ask me," he offered casually, but she didn't believe him.

She watched him go over to the sofa and sprawl over the red silk upholstery. "So if I asked you right now, you'd do it?"

He leveled those intense eyes on her.

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