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A male college student gets used by a dickgirl classmate.

Now you've got to figure I'm nuts to elbow my way out here in these incredible lines and to be honest, my image has suffered from the wear and tear. I've noticed a slight fade in my right sleeve and lately began to wonder if there's not a flicker or two in my red matrix. Most likely I'll need my hyper-projection serviced after the purchase tomorrow, but that's a small price to pay to be guaranteed a purchase.

It's coming down to the end and in just a matter of a few hours, I'll be cranking up the system and getting down to some serious foreplay. In addition to the game I plan to get three different scenarios cartridges, one of Kate Moss 27, and then one that would make old granddad proud, the Farah Fawcett Majors 29 and the Farah Fawcett Majors 60. Yeah, I'm a sucker for the Twentieth Century and who could resist that crazy drunken Farah at 60.

Of course you'll ask why a Foreplaystation 15, wasn't the 14 good enough? Well the short answer is, "No!" The long answer is "Hell no!" The fifteen features real screen technology, not virtual screen or in other words, I plug in my woman cartridge, move up to the screen, find any place on her body to touch with any part of my body and I slip beyond the screen barrier and feel her.

Now the memory units like the Farah Fawcett's are actually stand-ins, where actresses were virtual fucked by the computers to analyze their feel from wherever on their bodies, so it's not really Farah Fawcett. But there are actual cartridges, where the actresses and performers actually let the computers analyze them, so the experience is the same as actually being there with the actress, but wow, those are expensive. Right now I'll have to settle for the stand-ins, and imagine using the screen image.

That is another reason for being in line. Once I make my purchase, if I am one of the first fifteen in line I get to try a demo of the Jessica Simpson cartridge. Now she's not very young, certainly not like the other actresses with cartridges on sale, but hell, I can't afford to be choosy and besides, a fifty five year old Jessica Simpson still has got to feel good. I mean she has taken excellent care of herself over the years.


Well, there you go, that was an excellent playback of my virtual wait but I know what you're interested in, it's the tryout of the Jessica Simpson cartridge. Yeah, to help you catch up, the store finally opened up, I was first to buy the 15 and then they led me into a small, soundproof booth, with 360 screen image and sound.

I waited for just a moment when suddenly Jessica appeared. Now she's about the age of my mother, but damn if my mother looked that good, well I would have been shopping in the incest cartridge section. Anyway, her breasts sagged just a bit and even the recent facelift couldn't get all the wrinkles off her face, but still she was a blonde and beautiful as ever.

Moving closer to her, I reached my hand to the screen and penetrated the barrier, immediately moving my hand to her pussy. My fingers suddenly felt her soft lips as they parted for me and I felt the sensation of a warm wetness coating my fingers. Leaning forward, I pushed my cock toward her hand and she took it and began stroking it with her soft hands.

She then leaned her head forward and took me in her mouth, sucking it hard while running her tongue around the head. I pushed in further and she deep throated me, taking the entire length of me into her mouth. Oh it felt so good and I began pumping my hips, almost ready to... suddenly I heard a high pitched beep and a warning ran across the screen saying, "Two minutes to shut down, one minute fifty seven seconds to shut down."

Ignoring the countdown, I focused on the sensations and continued pumping my hips back and forth, shoving my cock in and out of her mouth.

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