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A man finds his neighbors working at a strip club.

"Thanks, mate." He said, helping himself to the mug of coffee Chris had just brewed.

"Er ..." Chris paused, hoping that Steve would realise. There wasn't time to make another.

He watched Chris blow on the scalding liquid and take a sip.

"They make you start too early, mate." Chris said. "You know me. I was never the office type. I couldn't stick that routine, day in day out, like you do."

Chris gave up on the coffee and poured himself a glass of tap water instead.

"I've got to go." He said.

"Hold on." Steve snapped. "Wish me a nice day."

"Have a nice day ... Sir"

Steve smirked at him, reaching into his track pants to scratch his balls, farting loudly.

"I will." He winked. "And I've got some special plans for your missus."

*** *** ***

Q17. Can I negotiate a discount?

A17. Sorry, discounts are never offered to individual males on their first visit, so please don't ask. Mistress's rates for Slut-2-Fuck's services are already much cheaper than those set by anybody else offering comparable levels of 'companionship'. However, Mistress offers (i) loyalty discounts for repeat customers (ii) group rates and discounts for married m/f couples (iii) Pensioner discounts for men over 65 and huge discounts for over 75s (iv) special rates for all females of whatever age or colour, usually half the male equivalent rate.

*** *** ***

Sam sprawled on the bed kissing Steve.

He was alongside her, his tongue coiled in hers.

Between Sam's widespread thighs, Laura was hunkered down, slurping every drop of both Steve's loads from her pussy; the stale deposit from the night before and the fresh batch he'd just deposited in her before breakfast. Phew, she needed a nice shower.

But there was no rush. They had the whole day before them. A manic Monday.

"Mmm." Steve pulled his head back, grinning at her.

She let her head fall back on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling. She was going to cum again soon. Now she'd stopped kissing Chris she noticed the wet slurping sounds being made by Laura's lips. She smiled dreamily.

Laura's tongue was doing all the work. Sam arched her back and eased her thighs open as wide as they would go. She tightened her muscles to squeeze out any last gobs of Steve's cum and turned to look into his eyes again.

"Cum." He whispered in her ear, nibbling her lobe.

She forced her own eyes to stay open so she could share the exquisite moment with him as she climaxed noisily. This was the life she'd always wanted.

After a hot soapy shower, she towelled herself dry and put on a new silk gown she'd bought herself from an expensive department store. She looked in the mirror, admiring her new cleavage, and put on some blush and mascara.

By the time she got down to the kitchen, Laura was bustling about in her underwear. Her hair was wet and her skin had goose-bumps. The weather was chillier now but it was too early to waste money turning the central heating on.

Sam sat while Laura poured her a cup of peppermint tea and served half a grapefruit.

"If you're cold, move faster."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Laura's shower had been freezing and the threadbare towel didn't dry her properly. Not that it mattered. She would warm up soon enough!

*** *** ***

Q18. Is Slut-2-Fuck available on her own?

A18. Never. Due to the nature of the sessions, her Mistress is always present, but be ensured she stays in the background and encourages full use of the slut.

*** *** ***

At 10.30 a.m., the first of Laura's clients that day arrived. Sam greeted him, took the 'tribute' cash, and settled into the background as usual.

Steve had the screen upstairs on mute. He watched from Sam's bedroom so the punters wouldn't be aware of his presence. He was just extra security if the ladies needed any. Sam told him she thought that the volume of Laura's business could safely increase now Steve was on the team too.

He was glad he'd already given Sam a good seeing to, otherwise he'd have been tempted to jerk himself off.

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