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Jack's tongue licked and lashed at Miranda's squeezing sphincter. She tried to move her arms and legs, both still too numb and under the weight of Miranda's clutch. For now Jack's talented mouth would have to struggle alone for air.

Miranda knew she still had the upper-hand, but felt shaken by this unexpected turn of events. She looked back, watching each sweat-beaded, round cheek undulate over Jack's head with wavelike motion. "You need air?" Miranda gave her ass a playful shake. "You're not getting any. The last thing you'll ever experience in life is my big, bubbly ass smothering you."

Jack was becoming desperate and fully aware that her longtime fantasy involving Miranda's ass could be the death of her. Groans and whimpers intensified as oxygen became difficult to come by. Her tongue extended further, massaging the soft interior of Miranda's rectum. Movement returned to Jack's neck, now able to twist and shake her head around its fleshy pen. A tingle was sensed in a new area as well, Jack's cock.

"Why don't you just surrender? I can keep this up for hours," Miranda said, teeth immediately biting into her lower lip upon completion of the sentence. Regrettably, the motions of her ass became less vigorous and more tentative.

Jack's tongue was doing its job. Each adroit flick and twirl eroded Miranda's resolve and zapped strength from her limbs.

It's only a tongue, Miranda thought, ...a wet, skilled little tongue. "Ohhh!" A moan interrupted Miranda's musing. Her faced burned red, embarrassed that she vocalized her bliss. The pulses of pleasure lowered Miranda's back, leaning farther down with each release of her labored pants. Her gaze affixed to Jack's cock, inches away from her face. The once flaccid appendage was now at a semi. Bobbing higher and throbbing harder as the long seconds rolled by. Miranda couldn't believe it, Jack was finding pleasure in this cruel facesit.

Much like Miranda's face, Jack's was also red, but for very different reasons. She couldn't hold out for air, not any longer. Jack's limbs exerted all their force, fighting Miranda's grip. Legs jerked and kicked to no avail. Trapped arms flailed in Miranda's thigh-vise. Jack persisted, though she was losing hope and her squirming body was losing energy. Then, in the last throes of revolt, Jack's right arm slipped free from its sweaty flesh cage. Diligence had paid off. Reaching to her face she cupped a cheek of Miranda's globus ass and pushed upward. Jack was able to steal one soothing breath before Miranda returned to her seated position. However, it was enough to fill Jack's lungs with air and her mind with confidence.

"No, no! Not again," Miranda said. A pang of panic washed over her. What followed was a look of resignation painted over her nude, perspiring body. She may have still been on top with Jack's face and arm trapped under her ass, but she knew that she'd lost. Jack had leverage now and all Miranda could do was delay the inevitable. Miranda's body continued to drape down as pleasure assaulted her; her breasts swayed against Jack's abdomen with hardened nipples compressed to tattooed flesh, and her head hung low by Jack's waving cock.

Jack was calm and precise. Her face twisted and turned, kneading the well-developed muscles of Miranda's posterior. Her tongue explored the asshole, rimming her rival with slimy zeal. She heard Miranda's wails. She could feel Miranda's squirms over her own slick body, and she was warmed by the copious flood of oily pussy juice pouring onto her neck.

Sooner or later Miranda knew she'd slip from her mounted position, then the punishment would come. She was overwhelmed with dread, knowing this failed coup would only bring her more debasement. Now she rested with a languid stare locked to a wagging cock.

Suddenly, Miranda was struck with an idea. It wasn't over. She could once again gain the advantage. All she needed to do was bring Jack the same disarming pleasure that was overtaking her.

Miranda, mouth agape and pa

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