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Daddy's hot response letter to Daddy.

For the next several minutes, Ezri scrubbed the stone floor on her hands and knees, while Gul Dukat was busy on his computer terminal, taking occasional swallows of ginger tea. She was starting to wonder how long she would have to do this, and what sort of work it had the holographic Gul doing on his holographic terminal.

Finally Gul Dukat took the last swallow of his tea, and opened a desk drawer. Ezri continued obediently scrubbing the floor as she watched him approach her out of the corner of her eye. Without conscious thought, she lowered herself submissively closer to the floor as he came to a stop next to her.


Ezri screamed out in pain-and shock-from whatever he had hit her with, and reached back to protect her ass from another blow. She looked up to see him leaning down, holding a stiff leather riding crop in one hand. He deftly grabbed her wrists, and pulled them to the small of her back. When he let go, her shackles had been locked together.

"My boots are dirty, Ezri," he told her, holding her head down with the end of the crop.

Ezri frown in confusion a few heartbeats. How could she clean his boots with her hands cuffed behind her back. Then it hit her. She leaned forward, stuck her tongue out, and began licking the toe of his boot clean.

"That's where you Bajorans belong," Dukat began, keeping the pressure on the back of her head with the end of his crop. "On your knees, licking Cardassian boots."

Ezri barely registered what he was saying. A moment later she let out a little yelp of pain as he cropped her lightly on her ass.

"Where do you Bajorans belong, Ezri?" he asked her, tracing the crop across her rear.

"On our knees, Gul Dukat," she answered submissively, but loud enough for him to hear her. "Licking Cardassian boots."

Wow, whoever wrote this had some seriously messed-up fantasies, Ezri thought as she returned to licking his holographic boots.

"That's enough for now, slave," Dukat said, giving her a stinging blow with his crop.

She obediently stopped, and started to look up at him for his next command, but instead he leaned down and snapped something onto her collar's leash ring. He promptly pulled her up to her knees by her new leash, and she found herself staring at his dick.

It was pale gray, and about twenty centimeters long. Its most striking features were the ridges running from the base most of the way up each side. Unlike the ones on a Cardassian's neck though, the ones a couple of decimeters from her face weren't as pronounced, and were quite a bit smoother.

"What are you waiting for, slave?" Dukat asked, giving her leash a yank.

Ezri took a breath, then opened her mouth, and licked around the tip a couple of times, getting it good and wet. Then she wrapped her lips around his cock, and slid it into her mouth. She looked up at him as she slowly took it in as far as she could. She made it maybe three-quarters of the way on her first try.

After sucking a few seconds, Ezri slid it back out of her mouth, then back in. She tugged at her cuffs, unconsciously trying to reach up to hold his dick while she sucked him off.

On her second try, Ezri took almost all of him down her throat. She sealed her lips around his shaft, and sucked it a couple of seconds, then started bobbing her head back and forth, keeping at least a few centimeters in her mouth. While she sucked his dick, Ezri looked up into his eyes, letting him see hers as she submitted to him. It seemed like the thing to do.

After a minute or so, Gul Dukat reached down and put a hand on each side of her head.

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