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Jennifer meets her roommate...

But what I truly wanted was his cock.

So after about 1/2 hour of talking to him I asked him if he was thirsty and if he wanted to come up to my apartment for a drink. So picture this; I'm wearing a skimpy black and white bikini, my body is covered in coconut oil and here is this man, with but a hint of suntan lotion and smelling like the sun and that manly sweat smell that drives me nuts and nothing on but a smile and some boxers. The boxers had to come off at once.

I walked to the refrigerator and got him some iced tea and got me some too. I gave him my best come-hither look and said, "Let's drink these in the bedroom baby." So, like a little puppy dog, he followed me into my bedroom and onto my king sized waterbed. I slowly stripped off my top for him, letting my big, marvelous tits spill out and of course, he was all over me in a second. Kissing me, kissing my tits, rubbing the oil into my body, pressing that hard cock against me.

He laid me down on the bed and took off my bikini bottom and immediately went down on me. Poor dear, he had no idea how to eat pussy. It felt terrible and it's not what I wanted at all. I wanted his cock!

Anyway, I finally pushed him off me and onto the bed, straddling him. Ooooh now I had him. Now I could indulge in doing what I wanted and he was just a passive little boy beneath me (told you I had dom tendencies!) So ever so slowly I kissed and licked behind his ear, and down his neck and between the shoulder blades. By now my beautiful man had a raging hard on inside the boxers and I could feel it at the crack of my perfectly poised ass. Oh but I was going to torture myself before I got there, I was going to enjoy his body for just a short time before I just concentrated on his gorgeous cock.

I kissed his bare chest, licking the salt and lotion off his body, then to his nipples where I sucked and licked lightly. Oh yes, he was moaning now, telling me how gorgeous I was and how great it all felt to him. Well of course it did, I was worshipping him and at the same turning myself on incredibly.

I got to his belly button and there I kissed and licked and sucked. By now I could smell him, I could smell his cock; but there were other smells, chlorine on the boxers and lotion on his legs. I couldn't wait any longer, but I made myself go slow. I took his boxers off, sliding them down his legs while my head followed, kissing his thighs, the inside of his knees. Awwww, and now, those boxers were finally gone.

Like a lioness crawling towards her kill, I slowly moved up and across his legs. Can you just see me, hair tousled over my shoulders, dreamy, dreamy look on my eyes as I focused on that which I wanted more than anything?

And then, I was there. The first thing that hit me was the sight of him. He was a little bigger than average, I'd say about 7" (but that is the perfect size, is it not?) with a very smooth shaft. The head of his cock was magnificent, like a perfect pink mushroom waiting to be eaten by the hungry lioness. And then, there was the smell of him. How do you describe the smell of cock? I've never quite been able to do it but yet, I would recognize it anywhere. I put my head between his balls so I could smell him. MMMMMMMMMM. And then, I put my hand on his shaft. So smooth, soft and yet hard. Such a perfect, perfect fit in my hand. I could place almost my whole hand around him, but he was thick (is there anything better in life than a thick cock? I am hard pressed to think of one at the moment...) so my middle finger did not quite touch my thumb. I stroked it gently. Up and down. It needed lubrication and I had just the perfect thing.

And then, I lowered my head and licked the head.

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