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Wife spends the night with lover, gives into her feelings.

She giggled, but got up and we slow danced I her living room. She smelled fantastic and I leaned in to kiss her neck. I just gave her two or threee little kisses on her neck, and then moved over to her lips and placed a very soft, lips only kiss, maneuvering her lower lip in between mine.

We moved back over to the couch after the credits were done and she put the t.v. on. It didn't distract me though, as She asked me to rub her neck. I said I would, but to lie down first. I slowly rubbed her shoulders, her neck, and then slipped my hand underneath her shirt to rub the muscles knotted in her back. I then asked her to remove her shirt so I could rub her back better. I was rubbing her back and neck, and decided to lean in and kiss the back of her neck again. I moved her hair, and kissed the back, then blew softly on the spot my lips were. I repeated this motion over and over, all over her back. I then turned her over and kissed her lips again softly. MY hard on was pressing through my jeans and she was sort of pressing her crotch up into me to feel it. She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands over my chest, looking at me hungrily. We kissed, and cuddled and ran our fingers over each others bodies for about an hour, just heightening each others, sexual awareness.

I started to slowly kiss down her front, teasing her by kissing her breasts, and then flicking my tongue at her hard, erect nipples. I even nibbled on one, lightly brushing my teeth over the nipples, and then kissing them before I blew on them. She was shuddering and her stomach would convulse involuntarily as I did that. I kissed down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans. She looked at me as if she wasn't expecting me to do this, But I love tasting a woman and pulled off her pants in one tug.

It was gorgeous, she had a full triangle of hair neatly framed by two sexy, creamy thighs. I slowly parted her thighs, kissing and sucking each one over and over, each time letting my lips brush against her pussy in a flirtatious manner that made her sigh with relaxation. I enjoyed the scent of this woman like I have never enjoyed anything before. I leaned in and let my tongue push each one of her lips apart, slowly opening to give me access, my upper lip moving over her hair and my goatee tickling her thighs and ass. I let my tongue explore her vaginal walls and slid my hands around her thighs feeling her cool, soft skin. I looked up at her and she was just lying with her head back, moaning. I then moved my hands to pull her lips open and found her clit. I rubbed my tongue up the right side only, pushing it to the side with constant pressure and then softly blowing on it also. She was now looking at me. I then repeated the motion on the left side. She moaned as an orgasm built up inside of her. I the place my lips in her clit and sucked it Very, Very hard compared to the gentleness I had previously displayed. She screamed and started to shake uncontrollably as she orgasmed and pulled my hair.

As her orgasm subsided, I resumed the soft licking to the sides of her clit, placing pressure at the top and pushing my tongue downard until it sort of plopped into her waiting pussy. I then took my tongue and licked lower on her pussy, feeling skin, until I felt a soft little button of her ass. She was Definitely looking at me now as I raised her thighs and teased a little bit of her asshole. I then took one finger and stuck it slowly into her asshole. She was begging me not to stop, but not to go any further. My right hand was then inserting a finger into her pussy until I could press both fingers together, rubbing the vaginal and anal walls together simultaneously.

Tina was going wild.

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