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What a hellishly hot day to get stuck in an elevator!

With my flushed face pressed into the bedding, I found it much easier to not care about lifting my ass up, widening my thighs to expose my cunt, and rocking my hips up in a vulgar display. 'Fuck,' I thought, 'I hope he's looking at my cunt, that he sees how fucking wet I am, how badly I want him to do what he said, I want him to punish me.' I groaned aloud into the mattress, lifting my hips even higher.

I felt his palm running up the backs of my thighs, and up around the curve of my buttocks. I quivered under his hand as it moved along my skin, and pressed my face harder into the bedding to muffle my cries.

"Such a nice whore, all splayed out, ready for me to punish." His fingers trailed lightly all over my ass, running tantalizingly close to my aching hole, but never actually dipping into my wetness.

I was groaning and wagging my bottom around, incoherent in my need for him to keep thrilling me.

Suddenly his hands disappear, and I groan into the bed and move my hips more wildly, begging him to continue his attentions.

After a few seconds I hear rustling sounds, and turn my head to look over my shoulder. He has his back turned towards me, and when he turns back, I cry out and move my hips in both a come-on, and in fear.

He has a riding crop in his hand.

I turn away and bury my face into the bed. My head is yanked up angrily, my hair gripped in his fist as he yanks my head up and back. Now my weak whimpers aren't muffled. I'm panting in anticipation, my heart raging behind my breast, my cunt swollen and hot, and my face flushed with passion.

I can hear his words clearly as he calmly states, "I'm going to whip you with this crop, my sweet girl. I'm going to hurt you, and mark you." My stomach drops in sheer thrill as he continues, "I want to hear your suffering, I want to hear the music you make."

"Uhhhhhh, yes... please" I burst out, the words bubbling up and out of my throat before I really know I'm saying them, "Oh, fuck, please hurt me. I want you to hurt me."

He still has my hair firmly in his grasp, and I tense my muscles in anticipation.

There's a soft hiss of something cutting through air, and then a sudden flash of pain. A yelp pops out of my mouth immediately, and the spot on the bottom of my left buttock throbs with my heartbeat.

Another blow hits me, and another, then more quickly they showered over each globe of my cheeks. Each time the crop kisses my flesh, the hand in my hair pulls me backwards; I can't brace forward in attempt to escape most of the force of the blow. Instead, by pulling my head effectively up and back as he hits me, he actually pulls me into each swing. Even if I wanted to escape the blows, I couldn't. Soon I'm reduced to watering eyes, and an incoherent mix of crying, moaning, and muttered pleas. I'm not even trying to move away, my whole body has relaxed, my ass up in the air as the crop smacked against my flesh again and again.

Inadvertently he would run the tip of the crop or his warm palm over the throbbing places on my ass. These gentle touches evoked a moan, and my body strained against the restraints to follow the hand.

"You take my punishment so beautifully." His voice sounds flushed, but calm, centered. His hand cupped one ass cheek, the thumb trailing a welt, causing me to moan and press myself harder into his palm. "Good, that's my good slut."

I purred out, "Oh yessss, I'm your good girl."

Immediately I felt the harsh kiss of the crop against my ass. I squealed and tried to pull away, ending up yanked back by his grip on my hair.

"Good girls don't get wet from being beat, do they?" his hand was still pulling hard at my hair, and his other hand was tracing the riding crop over my ass, and then dipping it between my cheeks, to lightly flit along my asshole, then down to tease at the entrance of my pussy.

"Mmmmhhhmmm," I cry out, arching to show off what he's talking about, my voice sounds tortured to my own ears, "I'm a slut.

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