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He was not merciful, but wanted his cock to have an open well lubbed hole that he could pound.

The boss rubbed the spit-cunt juice mixture around her hole, pressing on it lightly at first. Then his very long and slippery fingers finally slide inside her welcoming cavity. It wasn't the roughest thrust but it wasn't gentle either. Alice let out a squeal that was heard by me on the patio and the bystanders watching my humiliation. And possibly people in a 12 room radius.

The boss started finger fucking her ass at an even but fast tempo. She pumped Steve's cock with her clasped hands, squeezing harder as the boss continues the anal finger fuck. Michael was pulling her wider like a wishbone, watching with his powerful black endowment still hard and pointing straight out to enter whatever hole the boss said. After about 20 strokes in and out of her virgin asshole the boss decided he wanted more than his fingers in there.

The boss moved back to the couch behind him and sat down with his knees touching. Michael and Steve aggressively pulled Alice up by her arms and lead her to the couch. They turned her around so her back was to him. Her naked beautiful body faced me and the 8-10 spectators about to see her ass impaled on a BBC. I was rubbing my small clit-like dick, getting excited at the prospect of watching my wife take a cock in the ass for the first time. And more intriguing, it was the cock of a scar faced Jamaican that clearly spent most of his life behind bars.

Steve and Michael had Alice on either side by her arms. The boss was holding his approximate 6.5 to 7 inch dark-as-night cock in his fist, pointing straight up just inches from her back door. Her ass was hopefully lubed enough to accept it. They lowered her onto him, and holding his BBC with his right hand and her left hip with his left, they lowered her slowly down have her three-hole filled.

The first two attempts were unsuccessful. Not from a lack of trying. His tip hurt her so much, she recoiled both times. Instead of just jamming it in her butt and treating her like the black-owned fuck meat she is, he motioned to Michael to grab lube from the dresser. He also said to Alice "turn round an Get dis dick wet bitch". She complied by sucking the head that had just been up her ass a bit and dropping spot on it to lube the shaft with her hands. Michael returned with the lube.

The boss applied a generous dose to his throbbing cock. The big black head was so ready to enter her ass it was throbbing, it almost looked like it was breathing. Steve bent Alice forward just a bit and the boss rubbed the lube all over her asshole, sticking his fingers inside to make sure it was wet and welcoming.

They then lowered my wife onto his cock and this time it slipped right in her wanting ass. She screamed. Anyone who has ever had their ass fucked or penetrated in any way knows that until you are properly stretched out and entered regularly, there is an initial pain every time. It's sharp and piercing, but so worth it once a good cock begins pumping it. I've had this feeling myself. I've taken probably 20 dicks and countless objects in the ass and I still get the pain unless it is very thin. Length doesn't matter, just girth. And my wife just took some serious girth and slid all the way down in one motion. Only ass-gapped pornstars and men and women that get ass-fucked regularly accept the first thrust pain free.

Alice slid all the way down to the bottom of his shaft. He was surprisingly merciful, kind of at least. He knew to let this uptight rich chink bitch's ass absorb the pain. He gave her about 10 seconds before he grabbed her by the hips and started bouncing her up and down on his cock. Alice was starting to enjoy it.

After about 20 pumps into her anal abyss, the white frothy substance created by the lube started to drip from her ass and appeared on his cock.

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