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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

Grabbing them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, he squeezed.

Molly's reaction was immediate as her hips began to buck and roll as her orgasm soared through her. "FUCK ... AAAGGHHHHH ... YEESSSSSS ... PULL THEM ... PULL ON MY TITS ... SQUEEZE MY NIPPLES ... CUMMIINNGGGG!!"

Dan had no choice but to do as she pleaded because she grabbed his hands with hers and held them against her tits as she spiraled into orgasmic bliss, pushing her hips downward against his face. And yet he held off until he felt her legs begin to loosen from around his head. NOW was the time ... as he pressed his lips against her pussy and slid his tongue into her while he playfully tortured her tits and nipples.

"Oh god ... oh god ... please ... please ... too soon ... too soon ... oh my god," she mumbled as her body reacted sending her into another orgasmic ecstasy one again. Though not as intense as the first, this one was by far the more enjoyable as her body seemed to melt under his touch and her juices flowed from her slit to cover her thighs and his face.

Afterwards, Molly gently pushed Dan away. "Roll over, stud. It's your turn now."

Moving to the top of the bed, he rolled over next to her, the scent of her perfume stimulating his senses as she leaned over and kissed him passionately while her hand moved lower and wrapped around his hard shaft.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered, "Either this thing has gotten bigger than I remembered or someone is VERY happy to see me."

"Well, why don't you take a look and see what you think," he replied.

Smiling, Molly slowly slid down Dan's body, kissing across his chest and stomach until she reached his cock. There in front of her was the object of her visit tonight. His cock was swollen and hard. Although just slightly longer than her present husband's, it was almost twice the diameter and the head seemed to be pulsating as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. Sensuously, she stuck her tongue out and licked a large drop of pre-cum from the tip before kissing the head. A feeling of warmth and desire instantly spread over her as she kissed the tip and shaft again and again until she could no longer hold back. Then, lifting her head and opening her mouth, she descended on the tip, engulfing it between her lips. The subtle saltiness of his pre-cum thrilled her as she felt more and more seeping out of the tip as her tongue gently probed the slit. The warmth inside her loins quickly became a raging fire while saliva leaked from the corner of her lips, covering his cock and lubricating it as her hand continued to slide up and down the shaft.

Dan had asked her to do this many times but she had always resisted because of his size but tonight ... tonight SHE WANTED it. SHE WANTED to feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. SHE WANTED to feel the power a woman can have over a man as she takes his cock deep inside her mouth and brings him to the verge of climax over and over again. Almost as if in a dream, she began to take his cock deeper in her mouth as her hand descended with each stroke and then pulled back as her hand moved up. Mischievously, she slid her hand beneath his cock and gently cupped his balls, gently rolling them like a pair of dice.

Dan's response was immediate and everything that Molly had hoped for. "Ohhhhh, fuck. Oh my god, baby. Oh shit! That feels so fucking good. Lick my cock. Suck it. Yesss. Play with my balls. That's it, suck my cock. Show me what a great cocksucker you are."

And she was only too happy to comply as she took his cock deeper and deeper until it hit the back of her throat.

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