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College professor teased by her sexy student.

Her sobs quickly turned into laughter and she hugged me tight and farted again, pushing more cum out.

"Oh baby - I'm fucking great! I came so hard I can't believe it and we came together Scott...You are just plain amazing! God our fucking can't keep getting better...I'm going to have a heart attach if it does!"

I hugged her tight and then parted enough to kiss her deeply, as I rolled, pulling her over on top of me. She spread her legs and let cum run out, dripping on me. I felt her tense her belly muscles, one last time, and fart, long and low, giggling over the sound.

"Oh God I'm so sorry...It's just all that love you pumped into me!" and we roared with laughter.

When we finally stopped laughing, I gently rolled her back on the carpet and got up to get a warm wash cloth. Her eyes sparkled and a warm smiled crossed her face, as I sat to clean her.

She raised her legs and planted her feet, spreading wide, as I gently wiped her pussy and cleaned her rectum. As I slid across her final love hole, she clutched my arm hard and screamed,

"Fuck...I'm so sensitive! Damn you make my whole body just intense Scott! I hope I'm not walking bull-legged tonight! And she cackled at her joke.

I laughed with her and then bent to suck in her clit and massage her labia. Jody rubbed my head, as I played with her, sighing,

"And that's almost the best part...You always play with me afterwards...No slam - bam- thank you - mam, for you, is there? Do you really love me and my sex that much baby?"

"Umm...Damn straight." I said, taking a long lick up her sweet slit and then slid up to play with her marvelous tits.

"I'm really hungry to take me out?" She giggled, as I latched on to a nipple and playfully pulled it, with my lips.

"Only if you'll roll on top of me and hang these big titties of yours in my face and wiggle them for me!" I said, releasing her nipple.

Jody quickly pushed me away and climbed on top, resting her hands on the floor, she lowered her tits and wiggled them across my face and laughed, as I tried to capture her nipples.

We played for a while and then showered, getting ready for a night out. It wasn't until we walked out from the bathroom that Jody realized she came down naked and laughed, as she slipped on her long coat, to go dress.

"We need one place Scott...This is ridiculous." She commented, as she closed the door, leaving to dress.

I made up my mind that we would have that very discussion at dinner tonight and turned to print out Jody's story. I wanted her opinion before submitting it and I, still, had two days remaining, before the deadline.

An hour later, Jody knocked and walked in, dressed casually and looking radiant. We kissed and turned to immediately leave, when I remembered the print out, turning back to grab it.

Italian seemed appropriate and we ended up at small place that was noted for its divine dishes. As we started in on the best Veal Parmesan dish, either of us had ever had, the conversation turned to our combining places.

"Mmmmm God, this is heavenly Scott!" Jody commented, after her first bite.

I nodded my head and gave Jody a "thumbs up" approval and continued to chew the bite just taken. I sipped some wine and then brought up moving in together.

Jody's eyes lit up and she gave me her undivided attention, as I explained about perhaps getting a slightly bigger place and moving out of our apartments. She had no qualms about anything I said and only brought up our lease differences, after finding out when mine was up.

"Okay...That's okay Scott. I don't mind. If we find a place, your moving in earlier is fine. I can bring things over a little at a time and when my lease is over I can just move out. No fights, no hassles!" She commented, smiling taking another sip of wine.

It suddenly dawned on me, that after all the time we spent together, I had never asked her what she did for a living; and of course, I asked.

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