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The gift of unrequited love.

The thoughts of fucking you Sexy and the hot wetness between my thighs has made the walk almost unbearable. I wonder if you are feeling it too...

Finally in the room.. You embrace me and kiss me on the lips, deepening your kiss as you feel me respond to you. Your tongue slowly invades my mouth as your hands roam my back, pulling my hair and tipping my head back slightly, ravishing my neck.

I kiss you back, enjoying your skill and the anticipation of things to come. Your hands move to knead my bottom. My legs weakened a little as my body flushed with feminine appreciation. You finished the kiss moving to my ear, my knees buckle completely.

I grab your hand and lead you to the chair and tell you to sit. I plug in my iPhone and already have a song in mind. The music begins to play and I am feeling very sensual from your touch. I sway to the music, hands roaming my body, feeling, touching and stroking over my dress. My face and lips pouted sexily; my eyes closed and widened slightly in time with the music and the movement of my hands. Can you feel me Sexy?

The perfected looks of pure pleasure and sex emanates from my body and the flickering light from the candles I brought with me, heighten the sensuous feeling as I dance for you Sexy. You watch transfixed and in awe of this woman before you, oozing such raw sex aimed directly at you, knowing I want that gorgeous cock of yours.

My hands roam to my bottom and squeeze and knead my cheeks. I feel the material of my dress caress my skin with the movements of my hands. The material sensuously grazed my tummy, my hips and my soul.

Getting lost now in my movements and knowing you are entranced and watching me intently, I let the naughty woman in me take over. I moan oh so softly and start to whisper my naughty, seductive thoughts.

"Do you like what you see Sexy?"

"Mmm, You want to touch my body? Feel how hot I am in your hands?"

"I'd like that, your hands touching, stroking, fondling me, making me hot, crazy, wild for you."

"You want to see my body Sexy?"

"My tits bared for your eyes, my nipples peaked & hard for your lips and teeth?"

"You want to kiss my tummy? Your tongue invading my belly button mmm Sexy?"

"You want me to inch my dress up so you can see my thighs?"

"Shall I take my dress off for you? Slowly, very slowly so you can see my hot, wet pussy?" or would you prefer ripping it off of me Sexy... I don't mind.

"Mmm, I want you Sexy, I am so hot and wet for you now."

Shall I turn round for you and bend over? would you like that? Seeing my ass and pink pussy lips mmm, maybe smack it for me.

You enjoy my naughty suggestive words, as well as, the sexy dance before you. I see your cock growing, straining against your pants, wanting to be unleashed. You unzip your pants, releasing your swollen, throbbing cock and begin to stroke yourself, following my direction. You know it would be wise of you not to disobey.

My hands continue to roam my body, fondling and squeezing my tits, sucking my finger seductively and rimming my nipples. They were clearly hardened now and protruding through my dress. I pull my dress up slightly as I sit in your lap, rubbing my ass on your cock, can you feel my hot wetness for you Sexy?

You want me. The lust in you was building and getting stronger as i tease and provoke you. Making you feel alive.

I unzip my dress, it falls down to my waist slowly and seductively. My tits exposed to you... Then the dress lowered more, still sexy and slow until it pools at my feet and i step out of it.

I open my legs a little and feel down their full length, picking up my dress and then toss it in your direction. You catch it deftly and fling it on the floor next to you. Your eyes glued to the woman in front of you, wanting me. Wanting to fuck me hard.

I stroke my body more to tease you, letting you feel the anticipation. I moan and voice more of those naughty thoughts. You know by my naughty thoughts, you are getting me hotter.

I move to dance closer to You Sexy, m

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