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It's almost rape, almost.

The next night we were set to hit a show near our home it was about an hour drive. So I had one of my security guys to go pick Ebony up for me and bring her back to my room. It was going great for our band not long our album hit the nation and within days a song hit the top ten. We were in sweet heaven with ourselves. That night they rest of the band and road crew had parties,strippers and groupies in their room. And it was just lonely old me waiting in my room on my foxy lady. I knew it was going to be awhile before her arrival so I decided I go down stairs in the lobby and see some fans. An hour went by and I was down in the lobby bar chatting with some fans and media. One of my security guys walked up behind me and whispered in my ear and it was a messenge that felt so right. My foxy lady has arrived and she was waiting for me upstairs.

As I reached my room and opened the door I fell into her arms onto the bed. She smiled into my eyes and let me know that it was good to see me. We just laid side by looking at eachother in an eternal gaze. That night we made love to each other like it was our first time. I mean it was sweet and tender with slow moving touches and kisses. The next morning followed and we ordered up for some room service. It was funny as I thought about it, I was proberly the only one in the band up that early and with no hang over. Ebony and I sat on the couch and started talking. She let me know that her ex-girlfriend was looking for her. And to my surprise I picked up the Saturday morning newspaper and laughed out loud. I explained to Ebony that it wouldn't be hard to find her. The newspaper had a huge article on Ebony and I. It basically said that the frontman of a top ten band was seen with a black woman. Fucking media pissed me off sometimes, because they would love to print such unintelligent bullshit on people like me. We both laughed at off, because it wasn't like we were in hiding about our relationship. But it pissed me off, because the press would include my private life in their stories instead of my music business.

Ebony was drove back to our town and our band hit the road after our show that night. A month passed and it was time for the tour to end and time for us all to return home for vacation. As soon as my friend dropped me off at my place I decided to surprise Ebony. I put my key in the door and opened it up. And to my surprise Ebony was siting on the couch with two other black females. Ebony introduced me to her company her ex-girlfriend Wanda and her friend Tonya. Wanda was in her late 20's and her friend was in her early 20's. Wanda jumped in my face and pushed me against the wall. Wanda said, " so you're the mother fucker she has been with." She then said, "we are just going to see what draws her to you tonight." I was somewhat fearing what this thug chick was saying; she was acting like she was pissed off with Ebony and I. Tonya threw on some handcuffs on Ebony and the both of them tackled me to the floor. I fought as hard as I could, but Tonya was a big black woman and her weight exceeded mine.

They pushed me into my bedroom and handcuffed me to the bedposts. I just couldn't believe this shit was happening to me. I mean any other man would have loved it, but I wasn't enjoying it at all. I mean Ebony was scared and I just didn't know what these two crazy chicks were going to do to me. Tonya brought Ebony into the room and sat her in a chair across from the bed. Wanda made a promise that she and Tonya was going to fuck me and then she would leave Ebony and I alone.

Wanda explained that she had to see what Ebony saw in me.

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