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And there seemed to be a wry twinkle in her eyes. But she tried every which way, including trying to connect with my shins using those cute little ankle boots.

It was a flat out scrap for a while. Until my height and weight told, and I managed to get both of her wrists trapped in my right hand...which freed my left hand to capture her chin, holding her for the kiss. And the kiss went on and on because she wouldn't let go. And it was her who used tongue first. And no, I did not ease my grip on her wrists because she is female and therefore likely to be up to something given half a chance.

Instead, once we were firmly molded together, so I could feel her nipples against my lower chest, and she could no doubt feel my erection - in fact, she was working one tight thigh over my erection, now that I stopped to take note - I moved my free hand around behind her, lifting the hem of her skirt, taking hold of her thong and peeling it down to the limit of my reach...


Bastard! I knew my panties were down across my thighs because the draft in that carpark was damned cold and my pussy was fully exposed.

And then I got a real jolt- the high voltage crack!

Bastard! He had his finger, maybe two, three?.., inside my molten wet pussy - and he was pumping me! It was like being on a standing rack. He was stretching me up on tiptoe with one hand and all the while he was stretching and pumping my hyper sensitized pussy with the other.

Bastard! Sorry, girls, I know it's letting the side down. And I've never consciously had a rape fantasy. But he had me. When his thumb found my little hooded clit while his fingers were pumping me...well, it was instant. I was cumming, cumming fast, and cumming so so so hard...!


She ripped her mouth clear to moan, and to writhe and wriggle. Could she writhe and wriggle! Wow! Her eyes were fluttering...and they went on fluttering. I'd always wanted to rip an orgasm from a woman, the right woman. I never actually saw it happening in a carpark.

She was helpless. Very much so. When I slowed the pumping of my fingers she sped the action of her hips to make up the pace. When I moved my thumb an inch or so, away from contact, she arched her back into the spectacular bow, to regain direct contact with her clit.

And then her thighs closed like vices. And she came, again, and again, I think. And everything was soaking wet because she'd squirted. And I'd only had two women actually squirt, so this was impressive...and took a minute for me to figure out what was going on.

I turned her and pressed her into place, her breasts and thighs against the back of the car. Then I used my foot to rip her thong down and pin it to the concrete until she had kicked them off, while my free hand got her dress up and out of the way, and her bra to one side, and my foot became useful again in spreading her feet and therefore her legs...and I had to try a few times...she's short, as I said, and I had to bend and find the angle...


It might have been the angle but he seemed huge. He was filling my pussy from behind and then I was on the rack again, this time facing away from him...and he was pounding me again, this time with his cock driving up into my pussy...

And I was cumming again. Hard. So fast and so hard I turned my head and to keep from making unnecessary noise clamped my teeth on his arm...


At first I thought she was trying to get me to back off. The pain in my upper arm was searing. And I certainly didn't want to hurt her, or force her...not really.

So I started to ease off. But she chased me, literally, the tight little tush coming back after me and the pussy still clamped down fiercely

And she let go of my arm with her teeth and her breathing went ragged and she was into that rhythmic moan, over and over and over: every part of her, including the sound, timed to each thrust. While her pussy just kept clamping down and clamping down...and I tried to make a mental note, I think it was to ask her 'how many?'...

But I was swelling by then and I wasn't going to be able

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