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Master takes his girl out for a night.

Meowlissa screamed, "Meeaaaahhh!" Amanda did it again to the other nipple, eliciting the same response, and then moved down to her pussy. Meowlissa screamed even louder, she must have chomped down on her clit.

Amanda stood up, the tears now streaming down her face, her body starting to shake. "That's what you get! That's what you get!" She moved to the closet and grabbed one of my belts. I hardly ever wear them, but somehow a man always ends up with a few belts in the closet. She returned to the bed and started whipping Meowlissa with it, concentrating on hitting her tits and pussy, though without that much accuracy. Meowlissa squirmed in her bonds as the blows landed.

After a few minutes of that, she paused to rest her arm, then turned to me as if she just realized I was still there. She pushed the belt into my hand, saying, "Now you do it."

"Amanda..." I began, not entirely sure what I was even going to say.

"If you love me, then prove it!" she yelled, cutting me off. I took a breath and sighed. Talking wasn't going to calm her down. Fine then. I walked to the bed and followed her example, laying down lashes on Meowlissa's naked body with the belt. I'm not generally into hurting a woman, even with those that ask for it I think I lack the proper sadistic mind-set to give my all in a beating. I definitely wasn't into it this morning. Even though I knew Meowlissa was enjoying herself as a matter of programming, I was only striking her halfheartedly.

Amanda noticed too. "No, that's not hard enough. Like this," she said, taking the belt away from me and resuming her angry attack with vigor on the bound kitty girl. This could take a while, I realized. Better to switch tactics and put an end to it quickly. I left the bedroom and went to Amanda's purse. Digging around inside, I found her stun gun, something she'd held onto from the days when she used to live in an area that wasn't all that safe for a young, single woman. I took it back with me to the bedroom.

Meowlissa was yowling while Amanda pulled on her tail with one hand and continued to whip her using the other. I put my hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her back. I released the safety, pulled the trigger, and pressed the electrodes into Meowlissa's breast, over her nipple. As the high voltage current poured into her body, she screamed and her bound limbs shook. This wasn't the psuedo-kitty cry I'd been hearing so far. This was a full out human shriek. After a few seconds I pulled the stun gun away.

"Again. Do her again!" Amanda demanded. At this point I was pretty much expecting that. I pressed the stun gun into Meowlissa's other nipple, and she screamed again. This time, she cut off mid-scream, and announced in a calm, monotone voice, "Warning: System damage imminent." Then the scream resumed until I released the gun.

I looked to Amanda. She had an absolutely bloodthirsty look on her face. I looked back down at Meowlissa. She was breathing hard, and her eyes were pleading with me. Pleading for it to stop, or pleading for more, I couldn't tell. It didn't matter. I pushed the stun gun against her clit. The resulting scream may have been the loudest yet. Once again, it stopped abruptly for a moment as she said, "Warning: Sys-sys-system damage has occurr-urr-urr-urr-urred." I pulled the gun away and took a step back. Meowlissa whimpered, her breath rasping and wheezing.

Suddenly Amanda got onto the bed, wearing her largest strap-on dildo.

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