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Off to war. But not until my sister takes my virginity.

"Ooohh," Star moaned, taking one hand off the control yoke and placing it on the back of Jacen's head, pulling him in. "I definitely like you."

As she proceeded to pilot the shuttle in for a landing, Star discovered something she had not quite experienced on Yavin IV - Jacen was extremely good at controlling his tongue. Unlike many of the men she had been with, he seemed to possess the ability to give good oral sex without getting her worked up to the point of maximal pre-orgasmic frustration. Instead of lashing out at her clitoris and other sensitive places, Jacen used long, slow strokes of his tongue. The result was a very relaxing effect, and though it did raise her level of excitement somewhat, it didn't cause her to become desperate for orgasm. This was a good thing, as the remaining flight time to the Academy was rather short.

When they were landed and secure in the hangar bay, Star stood up and pulled Jacen to his feet in front of her. The two kissed, tasting themselves on each others' lips, naked bodies pressing together.

"You were a very good student this week," Star said when they pulled apart. "If you ever need anything... come to my suite. Number 53, on the fifth level."

The two started to dress quickly, gathering their scattered articles of clothing.

"I mean it Jacen," Star said as they dressed, giving his cock one last stroke with her soft palm. "Anything."

Jacen smiled at Star and they finished dressing. After unloading all their supplies from the cargo hold, Jacen slung his bag over his shoulder and said one more goodbye to Star, a much more formal goodbye as they were now visible to others. It was only after Jacen left the docking bay and got away from Star's extremely seductive and sexual influence that he realized how exhausted he was. The week had really taken it out of him, and his mind was almost immediately set on one thing at home - the shower. He picked up his pace slightly, hurrying toward the student housing area. When Jacen reached the apartment and opened the door, he saw some of Eryn's clothes scattered on the couch, as if she had stripped and tossed them there as she walked in the apartment. He inspected the items quickly - a pair of tight, soft pants, panties, and a tank top. He was about to move on when his fingers brushed the crotch of the panties. They were damp and slightly warm - recently worn by a recently aroused woman, he reasoned. He looked up at the door to Eryn's room, which was closed. Would he be so lucky?

Jacen walked to the closed door and gently opened it. It appeared he would not be so lucky.

"Eryn?" he called out.

The empty apartment gave him no response.

"Oh well," he said to himself. "I guess that at least means I get the shower to myself."

Jacen tossed his bag into his room and quickly walked into the bathroom, absently pushing the door behind him.

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