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Wife comes home from work to a big surprise.

One of his hands found my hip and held me. He was really good at kissing. I was a little surprised and disappointed when he pulled away.

"How much time do you think we have?" he asked.

"Enough." I wasn't sure what he had planned or how much time we needed but by this point I wouldn't have cared if my brother came back and started filming.

Dustin took his hand off of my hip and began running it up my thigh. When he got to the top he moved it so his fingers went between them and he began rubbing my vagina on the outside of my jeans. I spread my legs open further to give him more room. Even being on the outside of clothing the feelings were intense and amazing. How long had it been? I think the last time had been over six months ago. Dustin leaned in and we resumed our kissing as he continued to rub his hand against me. I had no track of time but was again disappointed as he broke our kiss.

"Unbutton your pants."

I reached down and undid the top button and the next few following that. I then lifted my hips and pulled down my jeans exposing my underwear. Dustin smiled as he brought his hand up and began rubbing on the outside of my underwear taking special consideration to apply pressure between my lips. It felt good but I was definitely ready for his hand to go other places by now.

Something in his brain must have heard me because his hand pulled back to the top of my underwear and slid underneath. His finger ran across my clit as it pushed between my lips. The movement sent shudders through my body. He ran his back and forth a few times and then he put pressure against me and I gave way to a single finger. It felt amazing as he slid more and more in. He reached all the way and began pulling out to his finger tip before pushing forward again. I closed my eyes and focused on controlling my breathing and the noise. Then it hit me that I didn't have to. I stopped and let out small moans as he fingered me faster now.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes," I answered. Not the sexiest answer but dirty talk had never been something I had gotten into really.

"Tell me how much."

Apparently dirty talk was something he was into. "A lot." That was a sexy answer.

"Do you want two fingers in you?"

Hell yeah! "Yes." God, I needed to work on this.

I felt Dustin pull back his finger and move his hand around slightly. I spread my legs further as I felt the pressure spread me open. God it felt good. My head leaned back and a larger moan escaped my lips.

"I think that was a note of approval. Tell me you like being finger fucked."

I would have told him the password to my bank account right now. "I like being finger fucked."

He continued to work away on me as I realized I was the only one enjoying the show. I reached down and pulled down the zipper to his pants. He moved his hips slightly to make it a little easier. Just with touching his boxers I could feel how hard he was. I found the front opening of them and reached in wrapping my hand around the shaft of his dick and pulled it out. It sprang out hard and I started stroking him as he continued.

"You couldn't wait anymore to get that dick out could you?"

"Looks like he was ready to come out." Alright, that was a little better of an answer I felt.

The talk stopped as we sat there playing with each other for a little bit. I think we were both wrapped up in the enjoyment of it. I started to feel my orgasm building and I wasn't ready to have it just yet. Now was the point of no return. "Do you want to go in the bedroom and have sex?"

He smiled back at me, "if you're ready for that."

I let go of him and his hand stopped and pulled out of my underwear. I stood up and pulled up my pants but did not button them. As I started walking to my room I felt how wet I had become and how wet my underwear had become. Dustin followed me in, his dick still hanging out. I closed the door behind him and locked it. I didn't know when people would be getting back but that was a road to cross when I came to it.

I turned around as Dustin took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

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