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Routines Can be such Fun.

So, everything was ready for starting.

First, I began very slowly to caress my thighs, my butt and all around without however touching my penis. I made small pressure movements onto the muscle between my balls and ass and I could feel the pleasure coming into my organ which was starting to get hot and full of life by becoming harder and longer. At this moment, I adjust the mirror between my legs, which were wide open and up in the air because I wanted to see my anus, balls and the base of my penis with the big vein filled up with pleasure. I have to admit that this view was very beautiful to look at because I like watching each reaction and movement meanwhile all my pond was shaking with real pleasure of anticipation.

A true warm sensation was pouring out of my body and a unique kind of intense life was growing in my belly and all around. It was very hot, erotic and particularly very sexual.

At the beginning, I slowly pumped up my cock, savoring each second of pleasure until my organ was really hard like a piece of rock, very big and sensitive at his maximum. At this moment, I must avoid touching the pink tip of my cock, as it was demanding to blowup with pleasure.

Instead, with one hand I stretched my testicules without forgetting to slowly caress my sweet, soft, voluptuous shaved skin on which I felt a wet warm sensation that was making me feel crazy. My balls were now in contact with little asshole (shaved too) and viewing all this was very stimulating to me while I looked in the mirror. My penis was at its maximum hard-on and I felt the hot wet pink tip against my navel.

Once more, I started to caress my balls which were now relaxed and then I took each one in my hand and made them roll between my fingers and then I carefully put them against the shaved skin of my butt and all around my crack. Obviously, the mirror stays my accomplice at each moment. I especially didn't want to miss any reaction of all my virile organs from all angles.

At this moment, my own pleasure was becoming more evident. I tried to delay this marvelous sensation of pleasure a short time by touching them with my fingertips. My testicules were now full and all tied into their pocket. They are so soft without hair and so hot that they give me big tickles in my tripes.

So now, this is the moment for going deeper toward my own anticipated pleasure. I fiddle with my butt cheeks, knead each one, moving them apart, allowing me to see my little asshole that is now contracting harder under the pressure made by my insistent fingers. My hole, without hair, is very attractive and wishing for a deep penetration. Without any hesitation I insert a pen into my flesh and I get an incredible feeling when this hard-long pen reaches the bottom of my completely dilated rectum. This is a really great experience of pleasure and hot sensations that a man must experience it at least one time in his life.

At this precise moment, nevertheless, my penis is burning and hurting. I quickly sprinkle the pink sensitive tip of my penis with saliva, and all the length of my organ without forgetting my big warm balls. Each inch of my hot body is now shiny with perspiration and my pelvis is shaking with anticipation. My heart and soul are also dying of pleasure.

With the help of the mirror I scrutinize each movement of my hand around my shaft then I start pumping faster. I can see in the mirror my big round dilated balls knocking against my butt, adding by the way, more sensations along with the rubbing movements of my so sensitive pink-purple tip and skin.

Sometimes I hardly attach an elastic band to my scrotum that makes my testicules a big hard round mass of flesh that knocks against the pen deep in my ass and it's triggering fantastic pleasure shocks into my pelvis.

As I now feel the culmination is coming, I reluctantly start stroking faster and at the same time pulling the pen out from my anus as I caress all around this provocative area.

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