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Wife can't get Mystery Man out of her mind.


"I'd like to apply for a position here," Britney said, sounding and looking very young. "Whatever position you want."

She showed off her body to me, while the other two girls grabbed cameras from their purses, and started taping her. Her dancing and moving got me hard in a moment, seeing how into it she was. She was younger than my two blonde bimbos, her body looking incredibly sexy but girlish at the same time, and her beautiful face looked even more obviously young. She was grinding and dancing almost as well as Amber and Ashley, but with her short, petite body up on taller heels. I asked my girls where they found her.

"She's a ju-," Ashley's words cut off suddenly. "She's from our school, and she wants to drop out too."

I asked Britney if she was ready to service me, like my other two girls had. Complete submission, never saying no to anything, doing whatever it took to please me.

"Of course, master," she said cutely, spinning to show me her young body. "I want to be your property, just like Amber, and Ashley."

She walked up to me, her heels lightly clicking on the floor as she ran her hands over her body.

"They told me that you would put me in my place," she said quietly, her voice soft. "That you would show me how to be a really good woman, and do everything how you like it. They said you were strict. I like that, it makes me really wet."

I slapped her young face, not too hard, and she recovered quickly, smiling at me.

"Please, sir," she said, obviously horny, her voice playing at innocence. "Don't hurt me too much. I promise, you can have me any way you want me, put it wherever you want. I can take you up my ass, for my first time..."

She leaned forward on her platforms, kissing me.

"...or you can pop my cherry."

She pulled her dress down, exposing her young breasts, and kept going, revealing more and more of herself.

"And if you want," she said cutely. "I can give you the... customary 2 days, of nothing but oral, blowjob after blowjob..."

I kissed her again, feeling her body.

"I can start right now," she said, letting the dress fall, leaving her in lingerie panties and her heels as I felt her. "I can just get down on my knees, and start blowing you, like your slut princess, right... now..."

She started sliding down, and I said nothing, undoing my pants. As her knees met the floor, she looked up, and my pants dropped. I still had boxers on, though my tent was huge, and she kissed it a few times, while the girls got in position to film her.

"I've been watching the videos, and I know what you like now," she said seductively, sounding very young. "But I'll listen close, and do everything I'm told, like a good girl. I want to show you that I know my place."

I dropped the boxers, and she smiled, licking her lips, moaning at my cock.

"I've never done this before," her little voice said cutely. "But I watched alot of videos where the girls gave you head, and it turned me on sooo much."

She kissed my tip, a little precum staying on her glossy lip. I groaned out loud at her pretty, sexy smile, and she giggled a little before taking my tip in her lips, and licking all over. It was amazing, her mouth so young and warm, her body moving a little on her knees. I took hold of her young head and started fucking her mouth, feeling her give in, knowing that her lack of experience didn't matter if I fucked her little lips. She just looked up at me cutely the whole time, turning her head from side to side slowly, letting me have my way with her pretty face. She slurped and licked, never questioning it or resisting as I pushed into her throat. She choked a little, and couldn't quite swallow it all, but I knew that with a little practice she would be deep throating me over and over.
She tried a few more times, getting some success, but she couldn't quite get it all. I let her keep going a while, practicing at her own pace, bobbing her head a little between attempts. I told her not to strain herself, as she backed up from the last one, with watery eyes and a wet smile.


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