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Dan's MILF pays a visit to his college.

Still forgetting that my husband and his coworkers were watching me on the webcam, I decided to go ahead and give the poor old man his cheap thrill.

I laughed and said, "Okay, okay, you win."

He got all excited as I slowly turned around and bent forward. With my back to the man, I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my panties and inched them down my legs. I looked over my shoulder and giggled a little as I witnessed the man leaning over to get an unobstructed view of my bare ass. In our bent over positions, the man was not only getting a good look at my butt crack, he was also getting a chance to peek at my pussy lips from behind, too. I just giggled again and let the man gawk at my nakedness.

I'd completely forgotten all about the men watching me over the Internet. Since I was facing the webcam, my pussy hair was now as exposed to the camera as my breasts were. The men in my husband's office could see everything! After stepping out of my panties, I turned around and handed them to the old man. He took them from me, and then I put both of my hands up on the top of the door jam. I just sort of hung there, thrusting my nakedness into the old man's face.

I teasingly asked the man, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Surprisingly, he made another request.

He said, "If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd be willing to stand there while I take care of this," and then he pointed to the bulge in his pants.

I giggled and asked, "You want me to stand here in the nude while you whack off?"

He replied, "Sure. I'm not asking to touch you or anything. I just want some fun in my life."

Looking for an excuse to get the man to leave, I saw a dust rag that I'd left on the bookshelf the previous day.

I picked up the rag and said, "Actually, I've got some housework to do."

He closed the front door behind him and said, "Great. You just go about your business and I'll stand here and watch."

I finally gave in and said, "Fine."

The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid penis. He was obviously a man that did not need Viagra! Next he put my panties in his hand, wrapped them around his erection and began stroking himself. I had the dust cloth in my hand, so I decided to finish the dusting that I'd been putting off for the last couple of days.

The bookshelf was on the wall between the front door and the ottoman, so the camera was capturing both the man and me. At first I was annoyed that the retired old man asked me to do this, but the way he was worshiping my bare body began to turn me on. I started exaggerating my motions as I slowly reached up high and slid the dust cloth along the top of the bookcase. Then I squatted down with my knees apart and dusted each picture frame on the lower shelf. In my squatted position, my knees were spread apart, which gave the man a total beaver shot! He could see every inch of my moist pink slit.

Then I turned away from the man, but remained in the same squatted position. Since I'd forgotten that the webcam was still on, I was now showing my pink place to the men watching in my husband's office. The reason I turned away from the old man was to allow me to move my finger up and down my slippery snatch. I wasn't trying to get myself off. I just wanted to make sure that all of my soft brown pussy hair was pushed out of the way so that I could treat the man to an unobstructed view of my pussy lips. Then I turned back to the man and continued dusting the bookshelves.

I stayed in my squatted position for a while to give the man a great view of my pink pleasure place, and then I dusted other shelves. I gyrated my naked body into several different positions as I performed my housework. I glanced over at the man and he was wide-eyed as he watched me parade my naked body around in front of him. It looked like he was having trouble firing his missile so I decided to give him some extra incentive.

I looked down and said, "This darn dust is getting all over me.

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