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Cousins & Denise travel to Hershey, PA.

" Mom was moaning and tossing her head from side to side. Then she reached down and grabbed Aunt Sis's head. "Yes Sis! Lick my pussy. It's been so long." Mom was grinding her pussy up into Aunt Sis's mouth.

Aunt Sis lifted her head. "I'll make you feel so good baby. You'll forget all about Bill's dick when I'm through. Are you still my bitch Helen?" Mom moaned as Aunt Sis worked her fingers in and out her squishy cunt. I could hear just how wet she was.

Aunt Sis reached into her night table drawer and I saw her pull out a dildo. My dick was hard and I slipped my hand around it. I couldn't see so well so I stood up and peeked around the doorway. Mom's pussy was shaved and she was soaking wet. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw aunt sis suck the dildo to get it wet. Then she twisted and turned it as she pushed it up into my mom's cunt.

Mom moaned as the head slipped in. "Oh sis! Fuck me like you used to." Hearing mom say this, I knew they had done this before. Aunt Sis worked it in and out. The more she worked it, the deeper it sunk into mom. Finally Aunt sis stopped. "Beg me for it Helen. Tell me you're still my bitch. Beg like you used to."

Mom's mouth was open as she breathed hard. "I need it Doris. Yes I'm still your bitch. I'll do what you say. Fuck me with that dick. Shove it up my pussy till I scream. Please fuck me. Please!" Aunt Sis started to saw the dick in and out of mom's cunt.

I was standing in the doorway openly now. My hand was wrapped around my dick and I was pulling it as hard as I could. Mom was humping and jerking her pussy to the hard thrust Aunt Sis was giving her. "Take it Helen. You always loved letting me fuck you. Is this better than Bill's cock?"

Mom couldn't answer. She was on a fuck ride and she didn't want to waste energy talking. She reached down and pulled the lips of her pussy open even more. At one point her eyes flew open and I swear she looked directly at me. Then she closed them and screamed out her orgasm. I slipped back to my room.

I jerked my dick until it was sore. For the rest of the night, I fantasized about fucking both of them. The sounds of them fucking and sucking lasted well into the night. I finally drifted off to sleep but my dick was sore as hell. I woke up to the feel of soft wetness on my dick. When I opened my eyes, Aunt Sis was kneeling between my legs.

Her head bobbed up and down as she gobbled my dick. Looking down at her, I could only think about watching her eating mom's pussy and fucking her with a dildo last night. Maybe I just dreamed that about her. Maybe all she did was suck my dick and I dreamed the rest. Maybe I was dreaming now?

I bucked my dick up into her mouth. I watched as she finger fucked her pussy while she sucked me. I felt like I wanted to cum but Aunt Sis stopped. "You were a bad boy last night Billy. Sneaking in to look at your mom and me wasn't nice. I had to work real hard to calm her down after you ran to your room. I think you should go and tell her you're sorry."

My dick went instantly soft. She did see me last night. Aunt sis got up off the bed and looked at me. "Go ahead Billy. Go tell your mom you're sorry for spying on her."

If there were a gun around, I would have shot myself. I would have run into a burning building rather than face my mom right then. But Aunt Sis stood there and looked at me. I pulled on a bathrobe and walked out my room. The walk to Aunt Sis's room was like a condemned man walking the last mile.

I knocked on the door and mom said to come in. When I walked into the room, mom was sitting up in bed smoking a cigarette. She never smoked in the house before. She told me to sit next to her. I sat on the side of the bed. I turned to her and looked at her. She looked back but didn't say a word.

I started to say something.

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