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Cher leaves Freddie dumbstruck.


"I know you will," Jimbo agreed, as he held her down and slammed his massive cock in her tight white cunt.

"Noooooooo," she screamed in pain and humiliation.

Her father watched helplessly as his baby girl was taken in front of him.

She continued to beg, "Please stop, you're too biggggg."

"Don't worry," I comforted, "you will get used to it and eventually end up craving nigger cock."

"Never," she snapped back, as her whole body bounced off the bed as Jimbo roughly pounded her cunt.

Master finally spit the panties out of his mouth and continued his demands, "Get out of my daughter!"

"Shut up, or we will fuck your fat white ass," George shot back, an idea I'd have loved if he wasn't paralyzed and thus unable to feel the pain. Instead having his daughter get fucked by black cock was the ultimate revenge.

I shoved the panties back into his mouth and punched him in the balls just because I could.

"So bigggg," Annabelle whined a couple of minutes later as she got used to the massive cock inside her...obviously the pleasure was now overriding the initial pain.

"You love it, don't you slut?" I asked.

"Noooo," she protested, but the loud moan that accompanied it betrayed her denial.

"Liar," I quipped. I looked at her father, who was watching his daughter's facial expressions shift from pain to pleasure, "We are hoping to make you a grand-daddy to be by the time we are done today."

His eyes went wide at our intent as he tried to spit the panties out. I put my hand over his mouth and whispered, "This is only the first three, don't you have four other young, built and well-equipped men outside working?"

Annabelle, whose breathing was beginning to increase, closed her eyes.

I smiled, "Looks like your nigger loving daughter is finally getting into it."

Annabelle opened her eyes and said, "No Daddy, I don't, ohhhh, fuck, God don't stop."

"Beg for it bitch," Jimbo ordered, having stopped, buried deep inside her.

She looked at her father with shame and apologized, "Sorry, Daddy." She turned back and begged, "Please fuck me."

"You want slave cock in your privileged white cunt?" Jimbo questioned, loving the power he had dreamt about for years.

"Yes," she admitted, clearly frustrated as she wiggled her ass wanting the big black fuck stick back in her.

"But I thought we were dirty niggers?" He continued, wanting to mentally break this white bitch.

Master's head was shaking like he was having an epileptic seizure as she answered, "I'm sorry."

"So tell your Daddy what you want, slut," Jimbo demanded.

"Your big cock," she said, looking at Jimbo.

"No, look at Daddy and tell him in vivid detail what you want right now," Jimbo ordered, giving three quick pumps of his cock before again stopping.

"Oh, oh, yes," she moaned, before looking at her father and saying, "Daddy, I want our slave's big black cock in me."

I quipped, "You can do better than that, white whores like you have cunts."

She glared at me, trying to somehow maintain a power over me still.

I warned, "You ever glare at me like that again, bitch, and I will fist fuck that cunt of yours."

Her eyes went big, but she didn't say anything, probably stunned to hear me so powerful and to hear a phrase she likely had never heard before.

"Bitch, beg," Jimbo demanded slapping her ass hard.

"Aaaah," she screamed in pain. Still staring at her Daddy, she begged, shame in her eyes, "Please, my nigger slave, fuck your white slut's wet cunt."

"How much do you love nigger cock?" Jimbo asked, beginning to fuck her again.

"I fucking looooove it," she squealed.

Jamal, his cock still hard, moved onto the bed, sitting on the old man's stomach and ordered, "Get sucking, bitch."

Insatiable hunger taking over, she leaned forward and inches away from her Daddy's face, she began sucking black cock.

Annabelle was struggling to suck Jamal's big cock, while also ge

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