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Wendy meets the neighbor she spied on.

I think you are in the 'scene' too. No - I must confess - I know you are!"

It was as if he had hit her, her eyes widened and she said softly, "So you found out about me?"

"Are you taking me for a fool? Helena has a security organization which I can use. Of course I found out about you. You are the successor to Iris in that S/M group. Don't even think about giving me a spanking or whatever you want to do, I won't stand for that."

"What a temper you have!" In spite of herself she backed off. "I can see now for myself why Iris had an interest in you."

"Don't you think about repeating it," Rob threatened her and left her.

She didn't follow, shook her head and walked back.

Rob felt better, now he had warned her but then his bad mood came back. Michelle had triggered his anger and by admitting that she was indeed a Mistress and that she had the same interest as Iris in him, he would be fully ready for her and not in a submissive way at all.

Friday, the next week

The day was normal for Rob. Like on previous days, a few walks with his dogs, doing some shopping and making dinner. He had heard nothing from any of the women and their silence didn't matter to him all that much. He was on the point that should they not come, he would sell the house and depart from this part of the country. He was fed up with their games and one way or another he would change things.

At 22:45 he decided to take his normal walk, it would normally take him some 30 minutes, but today he postponed his homecoming. He had put out all the lights when he left and made sure he wasn't home before 23:30.

When he came home at 23:35, all four women were standing on the stairs leading to his front door, shivering from the cold air. He ignored them while passing by, he opened the front door and they all followed him, silently.

Helena looked at him with her big brown eyes and whispered, "Are you really going to punish us?"

Without a trace of compassion Rob said: "Yes, go upstairs, undress, I want this behind me before 24:00. Afterwards you may choose to leave or stay, I don't care one bit, but don't think that you will sleep in my bed, any of you." With a grim face he looked at them and nobody dared to look him in his eyes, only Kim tried to smile at him, but when his cold eyes rested on her, she also looked down.

Helena went upstairs and undressed. She was wearing a very sexy outfit, consisting of a black satin corset, black French knickers and black seamed stockings. "Everyone out," Rob ordered as she stood waiting on the landing.

While she unfastened her corset, Rob laid down a few cushions on the end of the bed in their main bedroom. Then Helena came in and when she saw the cane in his hand she turned pale. "Do you want something in your mouth? I don't want you to bite your tongue," Rob asked.

She shook her head.

"Bend over," Rob commanded and when she was lying over the cushions, her butt in the air, Rob measured where the cane would come. He took some more distance and with considerable force he gave her the first blow. Helena gave a cry and the women came upstairs, worried about what they heard.

Rob closed the door and looked at the welt that had appeared on her arse.

Then he gave her a second and a third, each time Helena shrieked and then she started to sob.

"Halfway," Rob mentioned to her without pity.

Without further delay he gave her the last three strokes. Helena moaned when she rose. Rob looked at her behind: each bum had three nice strokes that what were red now, but soon would become blue.

"I'm not done, go downstairs, put your clothes back on and we will discuss the coming weeks here."

He opened the door and said "Next."

Marion came in, looked at him defiantly and said, "I want six strokes."

"As you wish, bend over," and Rob didn't withhold his strikes on her.

Like Helena she had started to cry after the second stroke. Rob inspected her arse and said "You will have six blue marks in a few moments."

Then he administered the last four strokes and each time Marion shrieked.

When she stood up, Rob noti

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