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The doorman stood there for a moment like a deer caught in headlights before reluctantly closing the cab's door and watching it whisk the little tease away. He hoped she would return before his shift ended so that he might get another peek at her gorgeous pussy.

The cab ride was quick and uneventful. However Suzanne's flirtations had caused her to be almost 15 minutes late. She shoved some money at the driver and hoped out of the cab. When she went in and found out that Carol was waiting at the table for her.

"Sorry, I got held up at my meeting," Suzanne said, sounding sincere as she approach the table.

"No problem don't worry about it. But I am a drink ahead of you," Carol said and motioned for the waiter.

Their drinks ordered, Carol and Suzanne took up the conversation where it had left off earlier in the afternoon. Anyone passing the table would have imagined them to be two old friends out to dinner. There was not a clue as to the nasty plans that were dancing in Suzanne's head. Time passed and the drinks flowed as the two women chatted away. Suzanne was used to drinking a lot but decided they had better order food soon. She didn't want to lose control tonight. Carol meanwhile was already clearly well buzzed.

"Hey let's get an appetizer to go with next round, I am starved and the drinks are going right to my head," Suzanne suggested.

"Great idea," Carol said slightly slurring the words, "Guess I am getting a little buzzed here myself."

"You aren't driving after all this drinking, I hope?" Suzanne asked.

"No, I never drive home from the city late. I am staying at the Hilton on the next block," Carol replied.

"Great, maybe you will take me sightseeing tomorrow then," Suzanne said in a questioning voice. Although Suzanne had been here many times and knew the city well she figured it would be a good ploy to get Carol to meet her tomorrow.

"I come here on business a few times a year but I never get to see the sights," Suzanne lied.

"Sounds good to me. Only got a big empty house waiting for me," Carol said. "You know I can't get over how good you look," Carol continued, the alcohol loosening her inhibitions some, "I think every guy in this place is checking you out."

"Well this is my bait outfit," Suzanne said giggling, "only nice dress I brought though. Usually only put it on when I am in a strange city and feeling in need of a little contact, if you know what I mean."

Surprising herself, Carol responded, "I guess you mean you put it on when your pussy is on fire and you go out cock hunting."

"Something like that, but it catches more then just cock," Suzanne said in a low voice that would entice some monks to give up their chastity. "You do remember me telling you I was bisexual don't you?"

"Yeah, but I thought it was just something you were thinking about," Carol said feeling curious about her old friends sexual activities and admiring her body. Carol had occasionally had thoughts she assumed all women had about another woman's beauty, but had never seriously considered having sex with a female. That is why Carol was surprised that she was feeling turned on by Suzanne tonight.

Suzanne explained that at the time she had not yet acted on her feelings but since had more then satisfied her curiosity. She went to say that she loved cock but occasionally enjoyed the intimate company of a soft, gentle woman. Carol was stunned when she felt her panties become damp. She tried to will these forbidden desires away but had great difficulty stopping the pictures of Suzanne's naked body that were filling here head.

Carol said, "I guess I was a little cruel to you back then. It scared me and I really didn't understand. I no longer think it is weird. I am sorry if I hurt you."

"It was a long time ago. Water under the bridge. I had all but forgotten about that stuff," Suzanne lied as she imaged Carol tied down getting her ass rammed by Bill's big cock. The two women were startled when Suzanne's cell phone whistled its annoying chirping ring.

Suzanne pushed the talk button and sa

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