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She is frustrated by her director's antagonistic attitude.

Each time I felt the pressure from her fingers.

"Any pain?" she would ask.

I thought like saying "Yeah, you're hurting me with your fingers," but instead I just answered "No." She continued with this type of exam, systematically moving lower on my abdomen.

"Raise your knees for me Jim," she said. When I did she repeated the pushing on that area of my abdomen. She was now below my naval and was continuing to press in my pubic area. I felt her pull down the waistband of my jockstrap in front, ever so slightly, maybe just a half inch or so. I was wearing a swimmer/jogger style jockstrap which has a smaller waistband, but I guess it was still in her way.
"I'm just going to check your pulses now," she said. She put the stethoscope in her ears and pressed the other end to my pubic area. She listened to my left side for a few seconds, then moved to the right side and did the same thing. Her close contact with this area of my body was very stimulating. I could feel my erection starting once again.

Nurse Mitchell completed my abdominal exam and I was sent back to the wall to wait. Next, David took his turn with Nurse Mitchell and Mark went over to Nurse Fisher and Stephanie for his running test. I watched as David received the same type of abdominal exam that I just received, while Mark was facing us and running in place. You could tell that Mark was on the track team. Even though he was only running in place, his running seemed very natural and fluid. He didn't waste energy with unnecessary movements. Once again I could see that his thighs and legs were especially tight and fit. And I could tell that his arousal, which I first noticed during his abdominal exam, was still there and even increasing. Looking at him I felt a slight twinge of movement in my own cock. But for now, I focused more on David as Nurse Mitchell moved lower on his abdomen. He was wearing a full size jockstrap with the wide waistband. I watched as she pulled down the front slightly and checked his pulses. I was trying to spot any pubic hair as she pulled down his jock but I didn't see any.

This round of examinations was now complete and all of us were once again at the wall. "OK gentlemen," started Nurse Fisher, "first of all, I want to thank you for your cooperation with the exam so far. The good news is that we have only a few additional parts of the exam to complete, so you're almost done. However, in order to complete your exams, we do need you to finish undressing!"

Oh great, I thought to myself - this is exactly what I was afraid of, now we have to strip completely. I looked around again to see if there was a privacy curtain or partition anywhere in the room, but there wasn't. So I assumed that we were going to strip down completely, right here in front of everyone!

"Any questions gentlemen?" Nurse Fisher asked. We just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, not knowing if she wanted us to strip right now or wait until we were called up for our exam. But before anyone had a chance to ask that particular question, we receive our answer.

"OK, then let's get those supporters off right now," she ordered.

As the words left her mouth, I once again felt blood rushing to my cock. We were now being ordered to remove our last shred of clothing, our lowly jockstraps. They were all that stood between us and total nudity in front of these three females.

"But what about her?" asked David, pointing at Stephanie. "She doesn't need to be here, does she?" he asked. Personally, I thought it was a very good question.

"Well," answered Nurse Mitchell, "Nurse Fisher and I have already discussed that situation and we agreed that since Stephanie is pursuing a nursing career, it is appropriate for her to stay and assist." Stephanie just stood there smiling at us.

Kevin now objected: "But, I don't think my parents would approve of her being here."

"Oh, they already have," answered Nurse Fisher, "the permission forms that they signed indicated that non-medical personnel may attend the examinations for training purposes, so I can ass

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