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A religious denomination sponsors an unusual lottery.

"Can we take this to the bedroom? I asked with perhaps more assuredness than was the case.

Andy led me to a curved wall in the corner and behind it was an elegant curved staircase leading upwards to the sixth floor.

Part V - The Bedroom

I followed Andy up those stairs and couldn't take my eyes off the very tight ass that preceded me. Clad in form-fitting jeans, it was a sight to behold. As we entered the large bedroom, he turned to me and drew me into his arms for another deep passionate kiss. The passion was returned in kind since I was truly getting turned on by this amazing man. Even though he was almost twenty years my junior, it simply felt right; and judging from the way his cock was rubbing against me, he certainly had to be feeling the same.

We stood together, kissing and rubbing against one another for at least 10 minutes until he broke the kiss with a chuckle saying that he was going to cum if we kept that up. If my ego was at risk, this comment bolstered my confidence and at least some of my performance anxiety eased. In fact, truth be told, I was more aroused than I could ever remember! We separated by several feet and started to undress together; as one would remove an article of clothing, the other would answer. Soon, we were facing each other in the dimness of the room in only our briefs. Both of us were tented but I was only partially erect.

As Andy went around the room lighting candles (my God, I found a romantic!), I watched him, drinking in the well-defined musculature of this man I was involving myself with. He was truly magnificent and I couldn't help by wonder what he would ever see in me. Ah, Yes! Those old feelings of inadequacy were washing over me again! Once he was finished with the candles, Andy turned to me in the flickering light and saw immediately that I was shaking again. He quickly crossed to me and took me into his arms -how protected I felt.

"Hush! Don't fear! I will never hurt you. We will only go as far as you want. All you have to say is 'stop' and we will. Let's just cuddle for a while"

He scooped me up in his strong arms and gently laid me on the bed. Standing quietly beside the bed, he removed his briefs and tossed them aside. His semi-erect cock seemed to throb in the candlelight as he climbed into bed with me. Taking me into his arms, He kissed my brow softly and rocked me gently until I felt all the tension evaporate.

Part VI - The Seduction of Patrick

As I started to melt in Andy's arms, I found that once again, I was getting hard. When Andy gently placed his hand over my briefs, my cock shot to immediate full erection. I was so excited that I feared that if he touched me again, I would explode! He slowly slid his hand under the loose waistband of my shorts and touched my cock for the first time. The heat of his skin against my tumescent member caused me to arch my back as I cried out and came in spurts of pent up issue. I sobbed with mixed joy and humiliation because I had climaxed so fast but it had felt so good!

Andy smiled as he removed his cum-covered hand and, bringing it to his lips, licked it dry as I watched completely spellbound. "Yum! You taste so good!" he assured me and I felt myself hardening again. With amazement at my fast recovery - it had been many years since I had experienced such a miracle - I reached down to slip off my briefs and threw them to the floor.

Reaching up and clasping my fingers behind Andy's neck, I drew him down for a deep kiss. For the first time ever, I tasted a man's cum (even my own was new to me). I realized at that moment that I had to taste Andy to feel that I was on an even relationship with him and I told him so.

"You don't have to do anything you are uncomfortable with, you know" he told me.

"But I want to" I replied as I rolled him over onto his back.

I glanced down to see that Andy's cock was magnificently hard.

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