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As he pulled out of her arse slowly I could hear footsteps on the stairs. Three of my mates (soon to become ex mates) entered the room as arranged by Janet and Delia. (Again unknown to me all three had been fucking both Janet and Delia for the past six months).

The next action happened simultaneously between Janet and myself. Whilst things were happening to Janet they were also happening to me. The three mates started on Janet whilst the two brothers dealt with me.

First they laid me on the ground and whilst one held my slack mouth open the other pointed his cock at my opened mouth. First a dribble and then a torrent of piss showered down into my mouth and over my face. This continued until he was empty. He then took over the mouth opening whilst the other brother emptied his bladder into my mouth and face. They picked me up and whilst one held me the other ripped the dress from my body. Next came the bra - not gently either. This left me in just belt, stockings and panties. Nipple clamps were next tightly fixed and large weights attached. My foreskin was pierced with a hook and again a large weight attached. My mouth was now filled with a ball gag.

Father in law John then appeared with an 'X' frame, which he erected at the bedside. My arms were attached to the upper arms and my legs to the lower. The frame was hinged at the centre and the top now pulled down to the floor. This left me with hands and feet at ground level and my arse sticking up above in a vulnerable position. Whilst all this was going on the three 'mates' had been fucking Janet on the bed - filling both holes with their copious sperm. A couple of times they double-teamed her whilst the third kept his cock at full mast in her mouth.

I was surprised that my arse had not been filled with a butt plug but soon found out why.From the kitchen Delia appeared. A naked Delia in her full glory. Beautiful large breasts quivering as she moved rapidly towards me. I said naked but not quite. At her groin I spotted that she was sporting a huge strap-on dildo. The small end inserted in her cunt and the very large end ominously quivering in front of her.

She wasted no time in getting behind me and I cringed in anticipation. It was not long in coming. No preliminaries - straight into my virgin arsehole. My internal scream was not heard due to the ball gag. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life. I assume similar to childbirth in a woman but I am sure it was probably worse than most.

I guess the business end now stuffed up my arse was as big if not bigger than the twins. She proceeded to give me the fucking of my life. The pain did start to recede but took its time. Eventually the pain transformed slowly into a more pleasant sensation. After about 15 minutes I started to enjoy it - what a change round. I do not think Delia realised the change round. She was intent in causing me as much pain as possible. Even when she started pulling on the weights attached to the nipple clamps - I still got beautiful sensations and my cock started to swell. I think at that stage Delia noticed and pulled out rapidly before thrusting in with all her might. This she repeated several times before removing the strap-on completely and moving away. During this final rapid thrusting I could not control myself and soon, embarrassingly, I ejaculated.

I was now very surprised to see my daughter Daphne enter the room. She was quite naked. And I could see that her cunt and arse were both leaking cum. She moved over to me and as I was still bent over she reached out and slowly caressed my tortured arsehole. This was only a preliminary to her next act. She inserted her little finger into my suffering arse. She wiggled it around and then inserted a second finger. After she had inserted all four I began to wonder where she was going to stop. She wiggled all four fingers around and then slowly added her thumb.

Soon after her whole hand, up to her wrist was enclosed in my arse.

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