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Jammed handcuff leads to cut panties & 2 days of super sex.

It was fun watching them look away when I glanced their way, trying to hide the fact that they were enjoying the free show. Some of the men packed around me and would lightly touch my legs and ass. One even reached up and brushed my now hard nipple as he took a pen out of his vest pocket. During the hour and a half I rode the subway, these are the two men that I'll never forget.

I picked a car that was being boarded by a group of men and was already very crowded. I positioned myself within this group and rode standing up holding onto the handrail with one hand and clutching my purse in the other. At the first stop I 'accidentally' lost my balance and fell into the man facing me. I placed my hand on his shoulder to brace myself and he put one of his hands on my side to steady me. I apologized and he said it was his pleasure. At the next stop I did it again and pressed my whole body against his. This time he put his arm around me and held me close to him for a few seconds. I said I must be clumsy today and he said it must be his lucky day. I could feel him pressing his pelvis against mine, and his cock starting to get hard.

I couldn't believe I was having such an effect on this guy. I pushed away slightly and he released my waist. I then dropped my handbag and he immediately knelt down to pick it up. As he started to come back up I lifted the front of my dress. He froze when he realized I was naked under my dress. He hesitated long enough for me to spread my legs a little and push my pussy towards his face.

As he stood up he ran his free hand up my entire leg and onto my exposed pussy. I thanked him for getting my purse and he thanked me for the view. He still had his hand on my pussy as the train started to slow. He put his other hand under the back of my dress and started to caress my baby soft ass as he began to finger my neatly trimmed pussy. I started to get nervous and ran off as soon as the train stopped. As I worked my way to the door at least two more sets of hands grabbed me under my dress. I had to sit down for about ten minutes until my head stopped spinning.

I decided to take one last trip back to Union Station and be as bold as I could. I positioned myself in front of a handsome, well-dressed man reading a newspaper near the back of the car. He didn't notice me at first and just kept his face buried in the news. On a bumpy curve I began to press up against his paper and then fell into him. At first he looked up in anger, but he quickly smiled when he saw me. I apologized and he started to go back to reading his paper. As he started to lift his paper back up I leaned forward to make sure the bottom of my dress would get caught on the top of it. When he lifted the paper, up came the front of my dress. He couldn't see what he had done but the guy sitting next to him eyes got as big as saucers. Soon, he noticed something was going on and moved his paper to the side.

He was now staring straight at my light brown bush. I let him have a good look before slowly running my hand down the front of my dress. He looked up at me and I gave him a little wink. He folded his paper in half and held it up to block the view of the guy next to him and the other people on the car. Now no one could see between him and me. I grabbed the bar over his head and leaned toward him. He methodically began to run his free hand up and down my thighs and then finally over and around my pussy. He placed the palm of his hand on the top of my pubic bone with his fingers on my stomach.

He then slowly inserted his thumb between my pouting pussy lips.

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