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Even though her body remained completely still with her back to Simone, Nancy's knuckles had grown visibly white as she gripped at her pillow like a buoy.

Listening to Simone open and close several of the dresser drawers, most likely putting away the stuff she'd carried in her overnight bags, for one burning instant Nancy felt a overwhelming urge to turn over and see the naked girl with her own eyes instead of the reflection she'd been leering at for nearly a minute. Before she could set her old bones into motion however, she heard Simone crawl into bed and switch off her bedside light.


Trying to get a good night's sleep in a strange bed is never easy, especially when a person has as much percolating inside their head as Nancy had. By the time her pocket-sized alarm clocked chirped her awake a little after 6 the following morning, the sheets and covers resembled a pretzel from all her tossing and turning during the night.

Casting a weary eye over to Simone still sleeping peacefully in the bed to her left, Nancy felt what amounted to a cold pale of water splash across her sleepy face when she got a good look at the girl.

"I guess that answers your question," she told herself, "Simone slept in the nude."

Resting there on her elbows with her head cranked to the left, Nancy could see both of Simone's breasts gently rising up and down each time the slumbering girl exhaled.

"Let me get up and get a shower," Nancy prodded herself, struggling to wrench her gaze away from the naked girl six feet away.

Finally pushing the covers off as she smacked herself on the cheek several times, Nancy rolled from the bed and staggered towards the bathroom.

Like most mornings, the rejuvenating effect of a long, hot shower was just what the doctor ordered.

"Get a couple of cups of coffee in me and I'll be ready to go," she told herself as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair.

Reaching for a towel, Nancy began the process of drying off as she positioned herself in front of the mirror above the sink. Using her right hand to wipe a swath through the thick layer of built up condensation on the glass, Nancy figured she could take her time brushing her teeth and primping for the day since Simone had taken her shower before she went to bed.

As with most assumptions she made, Nancy was once again mistaken.

Just as she was about to spit and rinse her mouth out before putting her toothbrush back in its traveling case, the door to the bathroom suddenly swung open and a still groggy Simone appeared in the doorway.

"Don't mind me," she absently said as a cool rush of air followed the stark naked girl inside.

What little starch Nancy had left in her legs dissolved in an instant when Simone sat down on the toilet directly to her right. Too stunned to say anything, Nancy tried her best to ignore what was happening and resume applying some mascara. Her hands were shaking so badly however, she was afraid she'd poke her eye right out.

When Simone was done, Nancy gritted her teeth, praying the girl would exit the bathroom just as unceremoniously quick as she'd entered. Unfortunately, the sink area was big enough for two.

Her entire body growing tense as Simone settled in beside her, Nancy had been so taken aback by the forwardness of the young girl's actions that she didn't realize she too was completely naked until she tried to shuffle sideways to allow Simone room in front of the mirror. Looking forward only confirmed it when Nancy began to see both their naked outlines in the slowly de-fogging glass.

In one horrible breath, Nancy was transported back to being a gangly teenager, forced to re-live the dreadful afternoons in the locker room getting dressed and undressed with the other girls during gym class.

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