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Some kinky sex and Vivian comforts her sister Erica.

Granted Will didn't have a choice on either occasion. The fact was things could be damning. "Sweetie, once is all it takes for-"

"I know that." Will hesitated in his desire to continue the conversation. It was bad enough for him that he had to admit what happened, let alone be reminded of what could be. "Besides, I'm sure she's started menopause anyway. And with all the hormones she's been taking-"

"You'd best hope she is, else you could have a problem on your hands."


Maureen smirked as she smirked arrogantly into the mirror, a brilliantly pink dressing gown covered her bodybuilder-shaming torso, the softest hint of her deteriorating cleavage peeked out from its cottony confines, bloated and striated calves jutted outward sensually, a bullish neck to finish the beastly package. She couldn't quite understand why, but there was something erotic about hiding her musculature behind such a tight robe as hers, then revealing it to wow people. Except, in this case it was just to serve her equally puffed up ego. Maureen couldn't care less about the slight outbreak of stubble on her chin either. She knew the risks in taking all those steroids to get the physique she wanted - Anavar, Andadrol, Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin, Trenbolone - the woman could open her own pharmacy, she had so much!

Slowly, delicately, Maureen started unfurling the robe, a weird sensation of nerves filled her, even though she knew what was behind all that pink fiber - a washboard six-pack easily more defined than her son's, flanked by obliques so richly packed with muscle, they'd be practically impossible to hold, likely bolstered by two overly erect nipples, not to mention her inches-thick, obscenely striated chest that could cut through stone, slabs of abhorrently chemically-fueled flesh slapped atop one another. In her own eyes, Maureen was nothing short of a freak.

The robe fell to the floor and revealed Maureen in all her naked glory, deep masculine breaths heaved determinedly to goad her muscles outwards like a slowly inflating balloon, various track marks dotted across the length of both arms, clearly not adverse to more than one injection at a time. The sensation of pride overcame her, she turned into a side chest pose and grinned as her sloped chest rippled with an explosion of growth. Its individual sinews writhed and bubbled in celebration of the unbounded eroticism that came with the inevitability of her growth, seemingly pleaded her for more!

Stood relaxingly, she pulled into a quarter turn pose, puffed arms bulged out to the sides, shoulders forced outwards to accentuate her width, lats flared, her thighs rippled into flexes.

And then she saw it. Perhaps it was nothing more than a trick of the light, but it definitely was there. There was no denying a sense of shock came over Maureen, but not the distressing kind, rather something that better resembled optimism. She pulled open the small drawer near her that revealed the countless boxes of steroid pills and rummaged through it until a measuring tape was pulled out.

No time was wasted in the woman's endeavour. Without so much as a moment's thought, she wrapped the tape around her veinous belly in the hopes she was right. Then the smile came; admittedly, it was nothing short of something sinister. The circumference of her stomach had swelled outwards three inches, which brought it to ten. Tears of joy streamed from Maureen at the revelation.

A baby.

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