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Old friends meet and discover each other.

The next few days also seemed busy, and as much as I had enjoyed teasing Sheila, there just wasn't any chance to take things further until the next week.

Chapter 2: It all goes wrong...

It had been a bad weekend. As much as I had "made up" the phone calls, my girlfriend really did exist, although she still lived with her parents. She had been fun, had been hot. Had been was the operative word - on the Saturday, after I got home from shopping there was a note through the door. It was very short and sweet: "Dear Pillock. We're through. Fiona." Not quite sure why she should be so abusive, but I wasn't too upset about it. But it still hurts, and leaves a hole.

It was on the Tuesday I was sat in our common room at work early -I had got there before 8.30am - thought it would be easier to make a cup of coffee there than at home - I'd forgotten to get some milk for home. As much as Fiona leaving wasn't a great issue, I did miss the sex - I was waking up in the morning with a huge erection! It explains what happened next. I had put my coffee down, had sat down, and involuntarily closed my eyes half asleep and let my hand rest on my cock. It was outside my jeans, but felt nice as I rubbed it, as I imagined Fiona, as I moaned gently...

Suddenly I knew I wasn't alone. Our door was silent opening, but suddenly I know there was someone there. I opened my eye - saw Sheila Staring at me rubbing my cock. I went bring red, began to apologise. "Sorry. Not had any for a few days, hope we can forget, please forgive me..." I babbled on until Sheila gave me a look of disgust and stormed out.

I was terrified. She would report me. Get me cautioned - no, this was a sackable offence. I didn't want to lose my job.

Nine 0-clock. Start work. See Sheila come out of Colin's office. Wait for the call from Colin our boss...

I didn't even realise the call never came. It was a bad day. A batch of circuit boards we had sent out were faulty. Phone calls complaining. Phoning up our suppliers. Phoning all our customers to get them replaced and apologise. Take a load of aggravation. No-one happy. No lunch. One cold coffee. And everything else was dark in my mind - girlfriend gone, job going. Becoming the laughing stock when everyone heard what I'd done. It was without doubt the worse day ten times over I'd ever had at work. Everyone else had gone, but I was still sorting out bloody circuit boards.

6.30pm. Finished. Slumped in the rest room with a cup of coffee. Could hardly stoke the energy to go home. And still waiting for the sack. A day like that I should get a medal, not the boot. Or at least a raise.

I got myself home, slumped in front of the telly, drank a beer, ate a curry, went to bed.

Bloody bloody circuit boards. It wasn't just a fault, it was a design fault. The next day was worse. From nine to 6 - complaints, swapping, checking specs. No breaks. One of those awful jobs that one person has to do, otherwise it gets too complicated. The others knew I was having a bad time but felt they had to keep a wide berth. At the end of work, just before he was leaving, Colin spoke to me - can I see you first thing Friday morning - this was Wednesday evening.

Typical of Colin, wait till the circuit board fiasco was sorted, choose a Friday and give me my cards on the spot, or a week's notice, whichever was more practical. The swines.

Thursday. Yet another awful day. The others sympathised, but customers getting more angry about circuit boards - quite rightly. Supplier not answering the phone. No lunch. A load of abuse. Yet again finished late. 6.30pm. Slumped in the chair in the staff lounge, yet again supping coffee. I had solved it. Found a new supplier - can produce circuit boards in 24 hours, many already delivered to customers.

It was as I supped coffee, plucking up the energy to go home, that the door swung open.

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