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It was white lace silk trimmed around the breasts with airy lace. Susan thought it was gorgeous.

"Try it on sweets, I'm sure you look wonderful in it!" She asked me. I slipped off my outer clothes, down to my thong and panties, and began to pull on the gown, but Susan protested: "That's no way to wear lingerie! Take off your other things!" I giggled and slipped the gown back off. I tried to unclasp my bra but couldn't for some reason. She looked at me and seemed a little flushed and moved behind me and unclasped the bra. I moved my hands behind me to slip it off but she hastily stopped me. "I'll do it." she said in a voice just above a whisper. I felt her hands slowly push the bra off my shoulders and then slide the lace straps of the bra over my wrists, and her I was very sensitive to her touch. We stood very still, then she dropped the bra and put her hands a little awkwardly on my shoulders and whispered in to my ear

"Can we be closer, would you like that?"

My throat caught a little and I realized what she meant. I had never contemplated this, I was very satisfied with my husband but my answer came in a moment:

"I would."

I turned around and saw her, flushed with her eyes wide and her mouth open a little. She looked into my eyes, then down at my breasts as we drew into an embrace. I felt her warm breath on my face and its scent was so delicate, so desirable. Our lips met and slowly we kissed, our lips so gentle on one another. And our tongues, nervous at first, then boldly yet so gently we played them into the other's mouth. My hands moved from around her gracious neck down to just above her pretty bottom and held her closer to me, and she held me more tightly also. We drew back and looked in each other's eyes, breathing softly.

I gently unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it out of the top of the skirt and pushed it off her shoulders and down her arms and it fell to the floor. Then her bra, I reached around her and unclasped the bra and slipped it off her. Her breasts were awing, so full that the sheen of her tanned skin continued right until the very tip of both of her pink nipples. I felt so drawn to her, was so desiring her that I could not comprehend her beauty. I wanted to have her, to caress all her beauty and to taste all of her. She looked into my eyes as she reached with her delicate hands to feel my breasts and I knew she wanted the same. My breasts are always sensitive, but her palms and fingers on them felt so sensational, so sensuous that I felt I may faint.

On one accord we moved to the bed, and as she unbuckled her skirt and pulled it off to reveal that she wore no panties I could not help but smile. I never had seen another woman's sex so closely before, and had never considered one attractive before, but as Susan stood before me with her naked pussy so close to my lips I wanted more than anything to touch her and to make her feel good. She reached between my legs and hooked two fingers through my thong panties, touching my hidden lips, and pulled them off of me. We were naked, and O how sensual we found each other!

I reached for her and she lay down on top of me, so much of our nakedness touching.

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