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Ella's mission to revive her parents' sex life.

Hiding his manhood, he stripped down slowly as his eyes stayed trained on the drow woman that believed herself to be in complete control. With his shirt off, he tossed his clothing to her waiting hand for her to stuff into the wooden cabinet.

Smirking evilly, she locked the cabinet, turned, and approached the bed with a devious chuckle, "Just so you know, if you displease me in anyway, I'll kill you and keep your manhood as a trophy."

Koroko's blood ran ice cold. He'd really wished he hadn't heard that. It was the third time his precious manhood had been threatened with dismemberment, as if the first time wasn't bad enough. Being an "inexperienced" person, Koroko was almost certain his first time would be his last.

Shaking, Koroko crawled onto the drow woman's bed. To scared to even sweat, he stared at her silhouette; his heart beating in his chest like a drum.

A chuckle cut through the silence and a grin appeared on Arora's lips. A second later, her foot collided with Koroko's shoulder which slammed him down onto the bed while she sat crouched above his head. Her sex was positioned only inches above his head; he could see every bump on her flesh all the way to her breasts. Despite the fact he would probably lose his manhood afterwards, he couldn't help but be at least a bit aroused. He couldn't hide it, not without any clothes on.

"You're going to do exactly what I tell you." Arora said, "Now, get licking." She said before pressing her hips down and grinding her neither lips against his face.

Taken off guard by having her press her neither region against his face, He tried to pull his head back. He only managed in pressing his lips against her clit and burying the rest of his face between her thighs. Mumbling to himself, he opened his jaw and pressed the tip of his tongue against her clitoral hood. This position was a bit uncomfortable to say the least, but Koroko found it to be more then just a "little" arousing. His pride hovered a few inches above his abdomen, throbbing occasionally.

"For a virgin, he has good technique," Arora thought to herself as she laid a hand on the bed frame to rest; all the while scanning the several trinkets that hung from the wooden post. Her eyes caught on a small white gem on a silver chain and with a grin she removed it from its home and held it in her hand.

Unaware of what she was doing, Koroko pressed his tongue up and down her slit, letting it probe into her whenever his tongue let him. She was already considerably moist within. Obviously she was enjoying this as much as he was. Her clit had grown hard and had emerged from its protective hood. Koroko's tongue lapped over the little nub with each pass, much to Arora's delight. Each time his tongue passed over her, her body shuddered in response.

"Nya..." a light moan escaped her lips, "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this..." Grinning mischievously, she pressed down, forcing his lips around her sensitive nub, making him focus his attention on only that spot. "Stop fooling around and suck my clit before I lose my temper." she commanded as she pressed her palms against his wrists.

Obediently, Koroko alternated between sucking against the nub and flicking his tongue against her. He could feel her body shudder from his touch as well as feel her juices began to flow onto his bottom lip and drip down his cheeks. Although he only managed a small taste, he decided she was delicious. In his effort to taste more, he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around her clit and the top of her slit.

Enjoying herself, Arora failed to hold her moans between her lips. Her erotic song echoed into Koroko's ears like a serenade; to him, nothing sounded better. Bucking against his tongue, she began chanting between her moans. Yellow light glowed from her palms and left a golden band around Koroko's wrist. Her chant continued for only a few moments, afterwards she removed her hands and let his arms go free.

Koroko found he could not move his wrists.

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