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Punisment continues for housewife.

I left deliberate gaps between each blow to let the anticipation of pain work its magic but built up the rhythm gradually until each buttock was receiving almost simultaneous attention and my subjugated sister was whimpering with the intensity of the punishment, although not for mercy or respite I noticed.

She was successfully accepting the painful heat I was forcing upon her and on closer observation I noticed that part of the squirming under the blows inflicted was due to her pushing her pubic mound into her mattress; I reached between her spread thighs and was impressed by the flow of girlie fuck juices spilling out of her gaping cunt. The material beneath her was already soaked with sticky lube and I forced my fingers under her body to where her rigid clitoris was being ground determinedly, even tho' the chastisement had ceased. Well, the masochist part of my sweet sister was certainly physical as well as mental and such wanton reaction was guaranteed to bring the sadist out in me. I absent mindedly stroked her slick slit as I withdrew my hand and invoked a purr of throaty delight from my aroused slave; looking down upon my roped down plaything I noticed red welts forming where the ruler had struck and I smeared her own fuck juices across the tormented pertness as some kind of healing balm, marveling in the heat radiating as I did so.

My sister's buttocks twitched as I caressed them and my eyes lighted upon the pink puckered anus nestled safely between the tortured arse cheeks. On impulse I slid a still lubricated finger firmly into her ass hole and felt her whole body stiffen at this unnatural intrusion; however to her submissive credit she suppressed any gasps of shock this time and as I placed a soothing hand on the back of her head I felt her relax and her sphincter, whilst still tight around my probing finger, loosen enough for me to squeeze the full length of the digit inside her. Good, my slave was learning that her body really was mine now and all that was entailed in such a possession. I removed my finger with the same smooth ease as I'd entered and once again stroked her clenched buttocks, running fingertips round the outline of the welts I'd caused.

I ran my caressing hand back up her spine then and turned her face from where it was buried into her pillow....there was evidence of slight tears in her eyes but behind that was a clarity and calmness that betrayed the effect that her first real taste of pain had brought forth....she was addicted already and now she was ready and receptive enough for me to deflower my vivacious little virgin. I'd untied both her ankles before she seemed aware of what I was doing and the thought of her gaining her freedom in this unfulfilled condition momentarily caused her a murmur of distress, but I grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her up and over...the bond holding her wrists good either side she was laid on.

Once she was flat on her back I once again secured her ankles to their posts and the splayed restrained display from the front was just as invigorating as it had been from the back.....her perfect tits were heaving hard on her exposed rib cage and thrusting high with the angle of her arms tied above her head. Between her creamy teenage thighs her labia was inflamed and pouting as lube flowed freely down and her heated buttocks shifted against the ever increasing damp spot she was creating beneath her. I couldn't wait any longer, my cock felt like it would explode unless I buried it deep inside my sister's gaping open inviting cunt where it belonged.

However I could not resist teasing myself as well as my expectant slave girl, for the intent must have been so obvious she was fully alert now and had her head raised up so as to take in every detail of the forthcoming event.

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