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He takes her through manipulation.

I couldn't move!

"No," he laughs, then roughly turns me to face him. I scream and he slaps me across my face,

"Shut up," he growls. His hands rip at my blouse, sending buttons flying, leaving my breasts and bra opened to his view. "Nice tits, bitch."

He uses his knife to cut the bra open, and my tits fall out. The cool night air makes my nipples tighten. My attacker leers at them and raised the knife to my left nipple. He uses just the tip of the knife to graze it as I hold my breath and gasp for air. He then grabs my tits, squeezing them hard. He leans over and bites down hard on the hard nipple. I gasp again as tears begin to stream down my face from the pain. His left hand slides down my stomach then down to the edge of my skirt. His hand reaches up and cups my cunt through my panties. Suddenly he grips my panties and rips them off. He stands in front of me then, towering over my petite body. He sniffs my panties and moans. I can see the lust and desire, the rage in his eyes. I knew then that this was going to be a long night!

He balls the panties up and shoves it in my mouth, muttering that should keep me quiet. After this, he flips me around to face the wall of the building again. He pushes against me and I can feel his cock through his pants. He rubs his pelvis against my ass. He then lefts my skirt up, baring my ass to him. His hands squeeze my cheeks, pulling them apart to expose my ass hole. His fingers on his right hand slide down to my pussy and roughly shove them inside. I gasp but no sound is heard through the panty gag. He removes both hands from me. I turn to look back only to feel my eyes get big. I also feel disgust as I feel my pussy get wet. His cock was huge. It had to be have been at least 9 inches, if not more. It was thick, nearly the size of my wrist. He notices my expression and just laughs.

He pushes me against the wall again and I can feel his cock try to enter me from behind. It won't go in at first, I was not wet enough. He doesn't care about this though and just pushes at me harder. After a moment, half of his cock fills me.

"Oh fuck," he groans, and pushes another inch in. It feels like he's in as far as he can go.

"Come on bitch," he groans. "You can take my dick!" He shoves two more inches in. He pulls back and rams me again. He is completely in me now. I scream in pain, thought the scream is not heard. He is pounding me now, grabbing my hair as each thrust shoves me into the building wall. He moans and makes comments in my ear, telling me o take his dick; calling me a white bitch...which despite the situation I was in, it was turning me on. I feel my body betray me, fucking back towards him. My pussy gets wetter wtih each thrust, accomodating his cock now. I can feel his balls tighten and his cock thicker after slamming into me a few minutes. He stops suddenly, pulling out.

He turns me around as he was saying that he was not ready to shoot his load yet. He has me sit on a crate, telling me to spread my legs and show off my pretty pussy. He kneels down, pushes my skirt to my waist. He has the knife again and trails it over my taut nipples, down my tummy...then I can feel it on my clit. The feel of that cold steel scares me but at the same time, turns me on even more. I can feel the tip just slightly touching my pussy, all over the lips, my slit and clit.

Within moments, he is eating my slit and fingers my pussy as I start to climax. As it hits me he shoves two fingers in my ass, making me come even harder.

While still shaking from my orgasm he pulls me up and again shoves me against the building. I spread my legs to accommodate him now, expecting him to fuck my cunt again.

Instead he shoves it up my ass, I scream again but he just laughs and starts pushing roughly into my ass. He slowly inches his fat cock in my un-lubricated ass.

"Come on whore,' he whispers in my ear.

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