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The girls get messy in the kitchen.

She kissed Matt on the lips, a passionate kiss. He could smell just a hint of her perfume, Tommy Girl, as she leaned in. "I gotta pee." Steph slid to the edge of the bed, grabbing her shorts and panties and sliding them up her statuesque legs.

"Ooo can I watch?" Matt laughed as Steph pulled her shirt over her head.

"Eww. Pervert." Steph stuck her tongue out at him as she turned and walked to the bathroom. Flipping on the light, she slid her shorts and panties down again, sitting on the toilet. She relaxed as the pee started flowing out, trickling into the bowl. She leaned back, enjoying the relaxing feeling as her hot piss splashed below her. Steph shivered as she finished up, wiping and then sliding her clothes back on. A loud crash of thunder echoed off of the bathroom walls as she flushed, turning off the light and climbing back into bed.

Sammy awoke with the loud roar of the storm. She looked around the room, blinking away bits of sleep as the rain drummed her roof. Slowly she became aware of the dream she was just having. Her panties were wet, another sex dream. Sammy could picture the faceless strangers standing near her, their hands all over her body. She could vividly feel their touch, their fingertips running across her skin, across her nipples, her stomach, her lips, down between her legs. She could feel them squeezing and kissing and licking, tasting her, men and women alike. Sammy suddenly realized another important detail in her dream. She could see herself on a bed, red satin sheets billowing in some imaginary wind as the voices of the ambiguous strangers scolded her. "You were such a bad girl Sammy. You know you shouldn't have done that." Sammy could see herself now, illuminated by some ghostly light-source, her panties bulging in the back, a huge wet stain spreading across the cotton fabric. "You shit your panties Samantha. That's something only naughty, bad girls do."

Sammy's arm shot over to her bedside table, fumbling in the dark, trying to open the drawer. She rustled through the contents, finally clasping her hand around her silver vibrator. Sammy turned it on, hearing the pleasing hum as she slid it over her t-shirt across her nipples. She looked down and could see them piercing the thin fabric, hard with pleasure. Running the vibrator down her body, Sammy spread her legs, sliding it over her panties, up and down her slit. She moaned softly as she played with her tits, rubbing the vibrator up and down between her legs. Reaching down, Sammy slid her panties to the side, placing the vibrator right against her lips. She shuddered at the touch, her legs spreading even wider as she ground her hips against it. Slowly she slipped it in, feeling it tremor inside her tight, wet pussy. Sammy worked the vibrator in and out, gyrating with the motions of her wrist, fucking herself as she recalled her dream.

The thunder continued to roar in a disjointed symphony, lightning softening the contours of Sammy's nubile flesh. Sammy came hard, moaning softly as she clasped her thighs tight around her hand, feeling her pussy contract. She slid the vibrator out, her panties snapping back into place over her hot slit. She rubbed her clit for a few seconds before putting the vibrator back into the drawer, sliding it shut. Sammy rolled onto her side, sighing deeply as she began to drift back to sleep, hoping that her dreams continued.

The morning sun was warm on Sammy's face as she sat up. Drops of water clung to the windows, small prisms sending minute rainbows across the room. She grabbed her cell phone off of the table next to her bed, frowning when she saw that Steph hadn't texted her back. Sammy got up and walked to the bathroom, turning on the sink and putting toothpaste on her brush. She watched herself in the mirror, her nipples hard in the cool air conditioning of her house. Sammy spit and rinsed her mouth out, putting her toothbrush back in its holder.

A cardinal cried outside as Sammy listened to the sound of distant traffic, wet tires running over the pavement, splashing through shallow muddy pu

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