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She discovers the joy of humiliation.

Never you. My name is Muddle and that is all you need to use. Understood?"
"Yes...Muddle," she replied with evident hesitancy between those two words.

"Good," he replied. "Now the High Elder requested me to ask you to show me what I need to know to avoid getting myself killed on the first day on the road. Can you do that?"

She nodded and took Muddle's hand and led him to the wagon. A quick tour around the wagon left Muddle very impressed. Everything on the wagon had a function; even the things that he always assumed were just decorative.

Daniell was an excellent teacher and as we all know, Muddle was an excellent student. After an hour or so of wagon lessons, Muddle asked, "Can we take a break? I need to retrieve my backpack and some other things and you can show me where to stow them."

Daniell nodded and said, "I need to go to the meeting of drivers to sort out our order, if that is acceptable with you?"

"Perfect," Muddle said his eyes twinkling. "If any question why you are there, tell them to come see me and I'll kiss them on the forehead and they can wear my mark."

Daniell looked horrified for a second and wiped her forehead with her sleeve. Muddle broke up laughing at her antics and finally said, "It's alright. I was just kidding. And the mark has almost completely faded."

She looked at him for a moment and then stomped off angrily yelling, "That was not funny."

Muddle chuckled and watched her hips swaying as she stomped off. He shook his head and thought to himself, 'Enough of those thoughts young man.'

He went off and retrieved his backpack, bedroll and staff. Several people gave him strange looks and a thought came from his familiar, ('Master, several people came to look at your staff, but it sent them away before they could touch it.'). Muddle quietly said, "Thank you Mr. Frog."

As they approached the wagon his familiar reached out to him and asked ("Master, if it is not too much trouble can I get some water. It is very hot in here.'). Muddle stopped and said, "I'm very sorry Mr. Frog. I didn't think about you all this time. Yes, I will see what I can do for you in a minute."

When Muddle opened the door to the wagon, he was struck one again how much a tinker's wagon was like a home on wheels, granted a very small home on wheels but a home nevertheless. He put his pack down out of the way and got a small bowl from the cupboard. Taking the bowl down to the stream, he said aloud the words of greeting and waited for a moment. Not seeing a reply from the naiad, he filled the bowl part way with water and then added some moss knowing that in a swaying wagon there would be no way to keep water from splashing around.

As he was turning to head back, a shimmer caught his eye and the head of a naiad popped up. "Good morning Muddle," she said.

"Good morning my lady of the water," he replied. "You look a little different, but unless my eyes deceive me, you are the lady of the stream that flows behind my house in the woods to the east of here."

"I do not know this east you speak of," she said brightly, "but, yes, that is my stream there also."

By this point, a number of people had gathered along the stream washing clothes and filling water skins. All were staring at the naiad.

Muddle noticed this and turned to them. He raised his voice so they could all hear him, "This is the lady of this stream," he said, "She is a naiad, a water nymph. She is the protector of this waterway and a good friend. If you remember the stories of the nymphs, you should also remember that they will not harm you if you treat them with respect. The easiest way to give them respect is to use the old words as you come to a body of water,

"Lady of Nature, protector and sister of this stream, I humbly ask your permission to approach and partake of the blessings of your home."

As Muddle watched, a little girl came forward and repeated the words slowly. Muddle helped her when she stumbled over them, but at last she finished.

The naiad clapped her hands and more of her appear

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