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A heated bisexual encounter.

She had a disappointed look on her face and she said "That wasn't what I told you to do Nikki."

I blushed. Even though I knew the pizza guy could not know what she meant I still felt embarrassed that she mentioned that in front of him.

She then asked "Well how will you fix this?"

I just looked at her confused and terrified. What did she want me to do?

She sighed got up and walked up to me. She spun me around to face the pizza guy and said "I am sorry, you see we planned this whole thing out and Nikki here just messed the whole thing up. You see she does anything I ask. She is my pet if you will and since she did not do what I asked now she must make up for it."

She quickly ripped my towel off of me. I squealed and instinctively covered my tits with my one free hand while the other held the pizza, leaving my crotch exposed.

April laughed very hard. It was obvious she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

The boy stood there with his mouth gaping staring at my naked body.

I was mortified. I had no idea what to do. I knew I was not supposed to pick up the towel but what else could I do. So I just stood there trembling with humiliation.

Once April regained control she said to me while whipping her eyes "Nikki be a good girl and escort the nice boy out the door now ok?"

She finished the sentence with a hard slap on my ass that stung so bad I jerked my right hand, that was covering my tits, free to grab my poor tender cheek. This sent April into another uproar of laughter. I then pretty much pushed the near paralyzed boy out the door, thanked him for the pizza and closed the door.

April was still laughing when I came back to the main room, and my ass still stung a little. But now that it was over the strongest feeling I had was lust. I was so very horny, it was all I could do to stop my fingers from creeping down to my extremely wet pussy.

April's laughter faded out and she said "So how was that?"

I didn't really know what to say but just tried to be as honest as possible "It was very embarrassing and my ass still hurts a little... It was, well, it was good."

She laughed and said "So you liked, being stared at, being called my pet and even getting your ass slapped in front of someone?"

I thought for a minute, really wanting her to understand my willingness, and said "Yes, anything you want."

She chuckled a little and said "Just so you know, sooner or later I am going to test this 'anything' term you throw around so much. But for now I think we should eat before our pizza gets cold."

We ate in elective silence. My stomach was already so sick from nerves that I only ate a few bites and April only ate one slice.

Once April was done she got up and said "Now I think we should take the two big bags to the car.... And since you love this much I'm going to let you make this trip totally nude!"

She giggled with a wicked mirth as I contemplated all the possibilities of getting caught. My fear began to rise and my legs got weaker. I just stood there with my mouth half open for a moment until April asked "Aren't you going to help me?"

I moved as if I were in a daze. We threw the last few things in the suitcases and I put on the only shoes April left out for me; a pair of three inch black heels that strapped tightly around my foot and securely around my ankle. We each grabbed a suitcase and moved towards the door. April stopped short of the door and said "You first. I wouldn't want to block anyone's view of your sexy pussy."

She giggled happily as I nervously moved in front, towards the door.

I opened up the door with a shaky hand and looked around carefully. It was pretty late now and therefore pretty silent. This boosted my spirits a little.

I hurried out while it was clear only to hear April call from behind much louder than necessary "Where do you think you're going? What kind of slave would make me pull this all the way to the car?"

I froze in my spot frozen in fear and contempt for a quick second before I quickly turned around to grab the other case.

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