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He waited in anticipation for the first strike that landed on his shoulder. It wasn't too harsh and he relaxed into it. It felt like a deep tissue massage; the pressure was deep and the sting from the tassels warmed his back.

'If this is how it's going to be, I can withstand it,' he reassured himself, lowering his head and taking the abuse. A sudden sharp crack came across his back that echoed through the club, the pain snapping him out of his moment of reflection. He howled at the sudden onslaught. He didn't know where she had gotten the riding crop, its lash marks glowing crimson across his newly healed back. The audience was wrapped up in the drama that was unfolding before them. Sarah was on the edge of her seat, restrained by Johnny again. A few more strikes and a few more stripes and she discarded the flogger and crop onto the floor. Chris panted, his back smarting.

A sinister smile crept over her face as Cat perused the cart and made her selection but Chris could tell by the look on the other patrons' faces that it wasn't good. He could see Sarah on the verge of tears, struggling to get to him, Johnny looking away as he held Sarah back with all the strength in his body. Without warning, he heard the bull whip crack and the tail left an instant welt on his back. The pain was excruciating. It felt as if he were being stabbed. He would have screamed had the pain not stolen the air from his lungs. His eyes were wide, his mouth agape, his mind trying to make sense of what was going on. There was no escaping into the recesses of his mind for this one.

As the whip whizzed through the air and connected along the small of his back, his body writhed in agony. He closed his eyes and forced back tears. He swallowed hard and bit his bottom lip to avoid shouting his safe word. Trying to collect his thoughts, he was interrupted by another strike from the bull whip. He shouted a loud and long "FUCK!" as he shook in his bonds. The whole assembly was silent, all on edge, feeling like something was not right about all this. They looked to Domme in blue, held down by her submissive, for the confirmation they needed. Another dominant would not have such a lack of decorum during an exposition unless something was wrong. The emcee was about to put a halt to it all when Cat struck her submissive three times, hard enough to draw blood each time.

Sarah roared, grabbed Johnny by the throat and threw him to the ground. He lay there sputtering as she rushed to the stage and tackled Cat. Seizing the whip, she wrenched it from the sadistic dominatrix. Sarah straddled Cat and with her hands on either side of the long handle, she pressed it to the woman's windpipe and bore down on it, intending to strangle the evil woman.

The crowd was shocked. Johnny got up, coughing, and tried to pull Sarah off Cat. It took Johnny, the emcee and another strong Dom to keep the woman in blue from killing Chris' assailant. When finally wrestled off, Sarah ran to Chris, adrenaline pumping. Her young apprentice was suspended by his restraints, his knees giving out after the second blow. Blood trickled down his back, his face void of color. She motioned for help and two submissive men came over and hoisted Chris back up, holding him there while Sarah unfastened the bonds that kept him aloft. Freed, he slumped over, his whole body awash in suffering and anguish. They lowered him gingerly onto the floor on his side and Sarah sat near his head, tears streaming down her face as she stroked the young man's head.

Johnny looked on at his distraught lover and young friend and the fury welled up inside him. "What did you do?" he snarled at Cat.

"I didn't do anything he didn't want," she said coldly.

Johnny slapped her across the face and she looked at him in astonishment, "I know you better than that, Cat Callahan, I was once your slave too.

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