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Anal training.

I was determined to do anything to elicit that glorious sound from her again.

My lips moved down the column of her neck, my tongue circling little whirls along her flawless skin. I came back up, teasing the corner of her mouth before she turned her head aligning her mouth perfectly under mine.

She whimpered again, her lips opening instantly, inviting me in, her tongue sliding against mine in the most beautiful dance. She was soft and wet and hot, the sweetest mouth I've ever tasted. I could lap at her forever, forgoing food and water just for the pure taste of her.

Kate's kiss deepened, taking on a hungered edge that matched mine. I sucked her tongue in to my mouth, no longer holding back on the urgent need to pillage her beautiful mouth. We moaned and sighed and whimpered together, our hands tangling in each other's hair, caressing each other with gentle strokes.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. "Tell me."

Shyly she looked away but I wasn't having any of it. I wanted her to acknowledge what was going on and to want it as much as I did.

Holding her chin firmly in my hand I forced her to look at me while my other hand strayed down to her breasts, circling and softly pinching her burgeoning nipples. She moaned again, arching her back, pushing in to my hand, her fingers coming down to unbutton her blouse.

"Touch me," she begged, sliding my hand inside the opening.

I made short work of her blouse, sliding it over her shoulders and down her smooth arms, unhooking her bra with a deft touch. Pushing her down on the bed, I removed the scrap of lace, throwing it to the floor.

I gazed down at her, awestruck at her small, high breasts, so fitting for my mouth. God she was beautiful.

"Tell me what you want," I demanded, watching her eyes melt as I pinched her nipples and hovered my mouth over them.

Her head twisted to the side, her bashful tongue failing her again.

"Do you want me to lick you with my wet tongue?" I teased, brushing my bottom lip over one distended peak. "Do you want me to suck you in to my hot mouth?"

Her hips squirmed beneath me. She lifted up off the bed and dragged my head up to claim my mouth in a passionate kiss, thrusting her demanding tongue between my lips with increasing fervour.

Roughly I pushed her away. "If you don't tell me what you want," I warned in a hard voice, "you're going to go home one very unsatisfied girl."

Her eyes flared in shock, breaking contact with mine as she looked down thinking about it.

When her head lifted her expression was resigned, her voice stronger.

"I want you to take me," she said, her voice hoarse with desire. "Use me up. Touch me all over, god, taste me all over. Make me cry. Hurt me a little if thats what it takes to make me scream."

I felt a rush of moisture between my legs as I thought of all the things I was going to do to her.

"Take it all off," I commanded, my nipples tightening when she lifted her hips up off the bed and slid her skirt and underwear down in one long sweep.

She was a Goddess, laid out for my eyes, my touch, my pleasure, my mouth.

I started at her feet. God knows I'd stared at them many times before marvelling at how beautiful they were. I lifted one foot and sucked each toe in to my mouth. I never realised that was what I'd always wanted to do until I was actually doing it. My hands had free range over her calves and thighs, stopping just short of the place I most wanted to taste - much, much later - after I made her beg me.

I ran my tongue over her insteps, rolling her on to her side so that I could lick the back of her knees. I trailed kisses up her thighs, lightly sucking her flesh as she trembled beneath me, slowly moving higher and higher. I licked the soft line under her exquisite bottom, sweeping my tongue inwards towards her centre, getting off on her keening cries.

Pushing her on to her back again, I stretched out beside her revisiting her sweet mouth, moaning with need when she feverishly sucked on my tongue.

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