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Joe is surprised and gets busy.

As Jade looked down at her bubble-obscured body, her hand lightly flicked her swelling clit, eliciting further moans. As if on their own accord, her fingers slowly started stroking her mound.

This was more than Jade could take. She climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel, quickly drying off. She took a while towelling off her pussy, the rough fabric of the towel resulting in more arousal. Jade hurried to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She flicked on the television, and watched the porno she had rented yesterday.

As the two bleached blondes romped with each other, Jade's fingers began to do their magic on her body. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, listening to the moans coming from the television as one hand played with her breasts and nipples, and her other hand began earnestly rubbing her wet mound.

Her soft fleshy cunt was dripping in her juices - she was wetter than she had thought. Two fingers slowly separated her fleshy labia and sunk into her molten depths. Another groan escaped between her parted lips.

With her eyes closed and the movie playing, she hadn't heard someone come into the bedroom. Jade was on her back with her legs apart, her fingers stuffed into her melting pussy, while a porno played an accompaniment to her pants and gasps.

He closed the door softly as his pants quickly began to feel tighter. He looked down and saw his 8" long, 2.5" wide cock fighting to release itself from his pants. He quickly stripped down as Jade pleasured herself. He watched as she squeezed 3 fingers into her tiny dripping cunt.

Jade fucked her pussy harder, riding on waves of ecstasy as her fingers pistoned between her open long legs. She felt a burning deep inside her that spread like a tidal wave. Her tight cunt clamped onto her fingers and milked them as her body surrendered to her orgasm.

He watched Jade reach an orgasm, her scream of pleasure music to his ears, her body bucking as her fingers flew in and out of that aching hole. When he saw that she was finished, he finally announced his presence, his aching twitching cock begging to be buried into Jade's burning depths.

"That was good bitch. Now lets fill it up and see if you can cum like that again."

Jade's eyes snapped open. She recognised that voice. "Ryan!!! What are you doing in my house!!!" Before she could do anything, he had his hard cock lined up with her dripping pussy. "What the hell are you doing Ryan?! Stop it!"

He entered her quickly, shoving his hard cock into her still spasming pussy. It felt so good to slide into this tight little bitch. She was so wet and warm inside. Ryan looked down her beautiful face - it was contorted with pain. "Stop, stop! It hurts! Please stop!"

Ryan started to pump in and out of her, ignoring her pleas. "Stop Ryan! It hurts, it really hurts!" she was trying to sit up and get away from him. He continued, the width of his cock was stretching her tiny pussy wide open. He could see her flesh grip him tightly as he fucked her.

"Stop! Stop it right now!!!" Jade's eyes had filled with tears and her teeth were clenched together. Her pussy betrayed her as it welcomed the invasion of the hard filling cock.

"Your pussy is dripping, you know you want this. You're a dirty little slut. Taking it like this." Ryan slammed his hard dick into her sweet hole. She howled in pain and he grinned. "Feel good?" He shoved his dick roughly into her, her pussy clenching around his cock, trying to eject him from her honeyed depths, but it only succeeded in stimulating him even more. Ryan could hear the loud wet sounds her clenching twat made as he slammed his cock into her.

"Shit you have a tight pussy. Oh it feels good. Does this hurt?" He vigorously drove his dick in and out of her cunt; violent thrusts that felt like they would tear her tiny body apart.

"Fuck you!!!! Get the fuck away!!!" Jade lay writhing in agony as her pussy was violated and stretched beyond her pain tolerance.

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