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Alan and Julie experiment in the dark.

I wasn't able to rest that night until I had taken care of my arousal once more. In the comfort of my lonely room, I stroked myself to another blissful orgasm thinking only about Lilly. My most taboo of fantasies.

Just a few feet down the hall, sweet Lilly was doing the very same thing...


I awoke the next morning in a dreary state, yet covered in sweat. Not the best way to begin a weekend if you ask me. Images from last night kept cycling through my head. My dreams had been filled with Lilly and my perversions. This was the first time I ever awoke and thought I needed a nice, cold beer.

I took my time as I cleaned myself up. Showered, shaved, the works. Before I dressed, I stopped in front of the mirror. It was tough, but I took a good look at myself. A nice hard look at the man that I had become. Such an odd place to find one's self. Shaking my head, I left my reflection behind.

I threw on some jeans and a shirt and trotted out. As I came down the stairs, I heard the voice of sweet Lilly in the living room as she watched some ridiculous cartoon on the TV. Thinking she was on the phone, I kept with my course and went to the kitchen.

'It would be rude of me to eavesdrop on her conversation' I thought to myself. I couldn't help but chuckle when I realized that didn't stop me yesterday. God I'm such an ass.

I opened the fridge and made myself some breakfast. Best way to start a day, right? After all was said and done, I sat down at the kitchen table. I could still hear my sweet little girl.

I ate in silence. It wasn't long until I heard her voice approach.

"...I know... Look it's not as weird as you may think, Celeste... Hey even YOU said you would if you got the... Yes you did... Oh you soooo did.... You do too remember...."

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"...We were at Laura's house playing truth or dare... Yes we were! Anyways, you said you would do my dad and we all just about died! ... Yes you did you little slut!"

I just about choked on my toast hearing this just as Lilly walked into the kitchen. She abruptly came to a halt upon seeing me.

"OH!... uhhh, I gotta' go Celeste... I'll call you later, okay? Bye," she concluded as she closed her flip-phone. "Hey Dad! I didn't hear you come downstairs." She said with a worried grin.

"Apparently not," I looked at her phone. "How is Celeste?"

"Oh Her? She's fine I guess. Called to ask how everything went last night... I mean with Allen! Not with us. I didn't tell her about us..." She looked away. I wasn't buying it.

"You didn't?" I asked with my fatherly gaze upon her. She looked uncomfortable.

"....I... I didn't tell her everything. Honest!"

Oh shit.

"I only told her that we talked and stuff. That's it I swear!" I've never seen her eyes show more sincerity. This I would buy.
"... Okay... I believe you. But you have to be careful, Lilly. This could really ruin us both!"

"I know, but I don't think it's as big a deal as everyone would think... I mean it's not like we really had sex... We just experimented, right?"

"I'm a bit old for experimenting, Baby. And it doesn't matter if we went the distance or not. It shouldn't have gotten anywhere near where it did."

"I know, I know." She slouched into the seat beside me hanging her head low. Strands of hair fell into her face.

"Look Lilly; I'm not mad at you. I'm not even disappointed at you. It's just that I shouldn't have done what I did, and that is what is eating at me. Okay?"

She nodded.

We both sat in silence for a moment. The sounds of the house all seemed muted as though every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen were listening.



She looked up at me.

"Dad, I want you to know that it wasn't just you last night. I was making choices too. I chose to give in to what I felt just as much as you did. Even if you are older, and should know better... I hold myself accountable for my own actions. I am not a little girl anymore. I was there too ... I enjoyed it too... I just wanted you to know that."

She slowly got up and stood before me.

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