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Best friends with increasing benefits.

For Lisa, the experience was like coming in from the cold of winter and being faced with the embrace of heat from a roaring hearth. She eagerly fell in with the enchantment of his counsel. She had never liked being left out in the cold.


Four years later, Lisa stood in a large garden one afternoon in June and watched as two young men sweated under a high afternoon sun. She had been here since early morning. She had stood perfectly still all that time, not rigid or at attention or anything like that, but with just the proper and dignified posture required for a woman of her station and place. Her poise under the circumstance was exemplary.

One of the yardmen was busy hand tilling the earth beneath a small blue spruce, while the other was using an electric whippersnapper to cut the grass along the edge of the flat stone walk. Both were stripped to the waist and their bodies glistened with perspiration from their toil. They were employees of Garden Nurseries Inc. and no strangers to this garden.

Lisa felt absolutely glorious. She was in her element and very proud of the way in which she had progressed over the years. She stood straight and tall and visually panned the vista of her surroundings. After all these years, Lisa still relished in the majesty of the trees and the flowerbeds and the deep green hue of the carpet of manicured grass that were all signature elements of her garden.

The two young men looked up at her every once in a while, talking together briefly, then bending themselves back into their job for which they were being paid. Lisa was excited with their random attention and she shivered ever so slightly. But she didn't move and she continued to keep herself focused on her own set of duties.


It was much later that day when Lisa first heard him. It was Raoul, she was sure. And even though he wasn't within her eyesight, she sensed that he was with someone else. Lisa was well aware of Raoul's habits and behaviours. If she could bet money on it, she would wager that he was with a woman. Not just any woman, but a beautiful woman. Lisa was right! She knew her Raoul all too well.

Raoul Benoit was a powerful man. He was ruggedly handsome and athletically built. Wherever he moved amongst men and women, he insinuated an implied sense of power, knowledge, and sensuality. He dominated those around him with effortless aplomb and without compunction. His presence alone had literally 'un-done' many women in the past. As he grew older, his power over women only increased. Now at 60, he was an accomplished raconteur whose sonorous words and salacious comments could easily manoeuvre women into positions of a subservient nature

But his relationship with Lisa was different. Ever since their initial introduction at the bank machine years earlier, Lisa had become more than subservient to him; she became his chattel. Lisa belonged to him now, totally. She belonged to him as completely as any house pet belongs to its owner. Yet more important was that Lisa had submitted to this circumstance willingly. She had done so without regret or reservation. Raoul was her Master and if she had nothing more in her life than just that, she was ten times more content now than she had ever been.

As Lisa continued to hold her vertical vestige, she was not yet able to view the approaching pair. She dare not turn her head to look either. The cadre of their foot falls indicated that they were walking slowly and deliberately, perhaps arm in arm as lovers would do. Lisa listened as Raoul discussed an arrangement of flowers on his left, then again as he commented on a pond with a small waterfall on his right. Raoul did most of the talking. His companion only murmured her agreement. Then they come to stand directly in front of Lisa.

"Well?" he enquired softly to the woman by his side, "What do you think of this?"

"Mmmphhh, mmmmmphhhh, agggggh!" Raoul's lady eagerly responded.


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