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Very shy Cheyenne learns a few things at college.

' I pinched her nipple playfully and she brushed my hand away.

Tracy laughed and we all laughed with her.

'Can I try it on mom?' she asked.

Trish reached behind her back and pulled on the bra string. It fell from her tits and I noticed her nipples had hardened with the attention we were all giving her.

Tracy got up from my lap and put the top on. Although her body is more youthful than Trish's, they are both pretty much the same size, and since there wasn't much to the bikini anyway, it figured that it would still fit her well. Trish stepped out of the bottom and held it for Tracy to put on. Tracy pulled it up and adjusted it between her legs.

'God Tracy.' I said, 'That might even be more sexy than when you don't have anything on!'

Tracy knew exactly what I meant. She rubbed her nipples under the nylon and stroked her hands down her hips and thighs.

'I like this mom. Can I get one too?'

Trish smiled and answered, 'If we all think this is what we should wear around the house, why not? What do you think Teri?'

Teri was softly stroking her pussy and Trish's question broke her trance.

'Uh, yeah... Wow, will it make me look as sexy as you two?'

We all laughed together.

'C'mon you guys. We can go to the Wicked Weasel website and see all of the styles and order some right now.' Trish lead us all into my office and punched in the address. In seconds we were all gathered around the screen and placing an order for a dozen new swimsuits in various colors and styles to be delivered to our home in the next two weeks.

I had my arms around Teri and Tracy as they chose the styles that appealed to them most. It was agreed that they could all share the different suits. Tracy was quietly stroking my dick as it grew while observing the hot tan models in the photos on the screen. She whispered in my ear, 'I hope I have this same effect on you when I wear these.'

'I'm sure you will babe.' I whispered back. I kissed her ear and patted her butt. She bumped her hip against me and we laughed together.

Trish spun around in the desk chair after she had submitted the order. Her eyes were looking straight at Tracy's fist holding my stiff rod. She leaned forward and kissed and licked my shaft while her daughter still held it. She reached her arms around Teri and Tracy and hugged them close to her. Then she lifted her face and kissed them both on the mouth.

Teri announced that she was getting tired and was going to bed. Trish looked at the clock and said, 'Oh my, it's after nine already.'

Teri turned her face to mine and kissed me on my lips. 'Good night Rob.' She leaned over and kissed Tracy. ''night Trace.' And then she gave Trish a big kiss too. 'Goodnight mom. I love you.'

'Love you too, Teri.' We all answered as she walked off to her bedroom.

Trish stood up from the chair and took Tracy's hand. 'Come with me. I'll show you where I keep my swimsuits.'

We all walked into our bedroom. Tracy took off the bikini while Trish turned down the bedcovers. Then she walked into the closet and opened a dresser drawer for Tracy. 'I keep my swimwear in this drawer. You can wear any of these and feel free to come and get them anytime you want. OK honey?'

Tracy nodded and placed the blue bikini back in its place.

As they walked back into the bedroom Trish said to Tracy, 'I heard you telling Rob that you like the way he keeps himself smooth and shaved...'

'Oh I do.' Tracy replied, 'It looks so handsome and makes me want to touch it.'

Trish stepped over and stroked my cock. 'I know dear. I like it that way too. Did I see a little strip of hair over your pussy tonight?'

Tracy sat down on the bed and spread her legs open. 'Yes. Tammi and I were comparing the other day and she told me that her mom keeps her bush trimmed in all kinds of funny shapes. She did a heart for Valentines Day and a lightening bolt, and she even did a Diamondbacks' D for baseball season!'

Trish chuckled.

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