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Jessica Rides Room of Dildos on Camera for Audience.

She turned and smiled at me just as I was cumming again. This show went on for a couple of miles down the road. Traffic was starting to come up so I sped on ahead and moved over in the other lane.

This same thing went on all the way to El Paso and time just flew by. The next thing we knew we were in El Paso. My wife got out the directions to the hotel and we started looking for our exit. We found our hotel and went inside to check in. After we got our room number and key card we went to the room to drop off our things and headed out to get a bite to eat. It was getting pretty late so we went to a little Mexican food place just up the street from our hotel.

My wife loves to dress in sexy revealing clothes and I love for her to do that. She had on a little short skirt and hadn't put her bra back on from the trip. Her nipples were poking through her little white top like bullets. We went into the little fast food place and placed our order. They had picnic tables outside and the night temperature was very pleasant so we decided to go outside and wait for our food. We set down and were discussing the day's events and my wife noticed a guy who seemed to be staring at her. It made her feel uncomfortable at first. She asked me if I thought the guy was weird or something. It dawned her about then what he must be staring at. She had forgotten to put her bra back on and was sitting there in a mini skirt with no panties on either. She looked at me and I could see the gleam in her eyes. She smiled and I smiled back because I knew what was fixing to happen. She turned, just a little, on the bench and pointed her knees right at him. My wife was telling me everything she was doing so I reached down and started rubbing my cock through my pants again. She can be very casual or very brazen when she decides to flash someone and this time she was being brazen. She looked at me and then right at the guy and spread her legs. He damn near dropped his burrito. I knew that, not only could he see her spread legs, he could see all the way up to her shaven pussy lips. He wasn't sure whether or not he was supposed to be looking so he just kept on eating his burrito and glancing over to look up her skirt.

My wife leaned over to get a pen and a piece of paper out of her purse and when she did she spread her legs as far as she could so that the stranger could get a good look. When she straightened back up she slid forward and her skirt was now riding high. She wrote something down on the piece of paper and then ran her finger up her slit. She pulled her fingers out and showed them to me. She said, "Honey, look at how wet my fingers are." That did it for me. I came again. I told her I wished I could fuck her right here in front of this guy. We looked around and saw some other people setting at the other tables so we decided against it. When we finished our food I got up and took the tray over to the waste can and turned around and saw my wife put the piece of paper, she had been writing on, on the strangers table and walk off. When we got in the car I asked her what she did. She just smiled and said, "You'll see."

We drove back over to the hotel and went to our room.

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