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Daughter grapples with guilt on couch with father.

She quickly pulled the jeans up her legs, she dragged the first shirt she could lay her hands on and pulled it over her head, it was a blue-colored, sleeveless sequined top she had bought on an impulse two years ago. She didn't bother remembering what had happened after that buy.

The first knock came as she strapped on her blue flat sandals, "I'm coming." She shouted.

The knock didn't repeat it's self. She managed to powder her face and add a little amount of gloss on her full lips before she left her bedroom. As she made her way to the door she wondered if they had left already, the silence on the other side was weird.

She unlocked the door and took in a deep breath as she prepared her mind to finally see the loved ones she had kept at bay for 7 months, but never stopped visiting her. These were her true family, the ones who hadn't tired of her and her 'antics', the ones who weren't planning to throw her into a mental home.

She opened up the door and was met with...shock. Chuks and Linda stood at her door, their eyes filled with shock and disbelief, perhaps they hadn't thought they'd have things this easy with her. She gave a shy smile, "Hi."

Linda was the first to come out of that shock. She gave a loud shriek and pulled Selly into a lung-constricting hug, "Selly!! God, I've missed you so badly, promise you'll never scare us like that ever again, we've been so worried. I told Chuks I'd break the door down if you didn't open up." The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty said, her eyes gleaming in her excitement. Linda was always the fun-loving, bubbly one of their crew.

Selly smiled, "I got tired of being locked up, and I ran out of Lucky Charms." She replied.

Linda laughed, "Really? You opened up because of cereal?" She asked in disbelief, it didn't matter why she opened up though, she was just glad she did.

Chuks, who hadn't spoken all the while stepped forward, Selly looked up at him, a sad ___ came upon her face, God, he looked so much like his brother she felt she'd go into a relapse again. He pulled her into a warm hug, he was the one with the most understanding of what she had been through these past months, he had been the last person to see her before she had secluded herself, he had been the one to call and give her the daily dose of humor she was in desperate need of. No day passed without a call from him, many times when she had felt suicidal, it was that one message from him that made her think otherwise. The fact that there was somebody- no, two people in the world who cared for her almost as much as she had cared for Chuka, two people whose lives would be empty without her as much as hers had been without Chuka, kept her going.

She breathed in his scent, pushing away the tears that threatened to fall as she thought of how similar this felt to when she would hug his brother, "Welcome back Selly." He said softly once he released her.

She smiled her appreciation, "Thanks Chuksy." She replied.

"Okay, okay, enough of the emotional re-union." Linda said as she stood between Chuks and Selly, she flung an arm around Selly's neck, "my girl is finally out of her self-imposed house arrest and I propose we celebrate."

Selly smiled, just like Linda to always have a reason to 'celebrate' ie find some place to party until they got kicked out.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Chuks replied.

"I know just the place."

Selly almost rolled her eyes at that, Linda knew ALL the places anyway.


'The place' turned out to be a nice restaurant on the other side of town that had been opened sometime during the 7 months she had been locked up. It was a Thai restaurant that Selly absolutely fell in love with once she stepped in. She loved the ambience of the place, she loved the mixture of red and blue colors that adorned the place, she especially loved the art, they were apparently of Thai origin, and they were perfect. Whoever did them must be one talented artist.

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