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Sophie has to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

Since we'd hung out with Stacy and Antonio before, I really didn't think much about this being any sort of setup from Laura stemming from our recent conversations about Laura's fantasies of me blowing another man. We'd hung out with them before Laura and I had ever talked about her fantasy, so I thought it was just going to be a regular social evening.

When Stacy and Antonio came over we had a great dinner together with lots of laughter and wine, and genuinely felt a deep friendship and comfort with them. When dinner was over Laura got a mischievous smile and pulled out a joint from a drawer near the table.

"After dinner mint?" she asked with a grin.

"Hell yeah!" Stacy crowed. "The only thing I love more than an after-dinner joint is an after-dinner joint and a hot tub!"

"And I didn't bring my suit," Antonio said with a sly smile.

"Smoke this and you won't need a suit," Laura laughed as she lit the joint, took a draw, and handed it over to Antonio. He took a few drags and passed it to me, and I proceeded to take a couple of massive hits deep into my lungs.

"Don't bogart that joint!" Stacy cried at me, flashing her green eyes my way in mock indignation, and reached for the joint. She smoked from it, then smoked a little more, and then passed it back to Laura. A couple of more rotations around the table and the joint was gone, and we were all feeling quite lit.

"Hot tub time!" Laura shouted, standing up. "No suits!"

I barely remember walking outside to our hot tub, quite stoned as the pot really started to take effect, but I do remember thinking "is this really happening?"

When we got to the tub Laura turned to me, smiled widely, and draw me in for a passionate deep kiss.

"Now that's what I like to see," said Stacy. And with that she pulled her sundress deftly over her head, revealing herself to be totally nude underneath. Her breasts were high and firm, slightly upturned, with stiff pink nipples capping them. Her flat belly and sculpted runner's thighs met in a trim mound of dark blonde down between her legs. And then in a flash she was slinking into the water of the hot tub.

Laura was two seconds behind her, and as she got naked I turned to look at Stacy and Antonio watch her strip off her own dress and revel in her luscious full body, large milky breasts swaying in the moonlight with dark brown areolas stiffening in the night air.

"Time for the boys," Laura smiled as she joined Stacy in the tub. I looked over at Antonio who looked back at me and shrugged in mock resignation. He pulled his shirt off over his head, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down to the ground.

I audibly gasped when I saw his cock. He was obviously semi-hard already from the show the girls put on, and his cock was a rich mocha color, long and thick. His balls were smooth and a shade darker than his shaft, like milk chocolate, and hung low and heavy. His long mocha shaft was capped with a plump oversized mushroom head.

"Methinks he likes what he sees," I heard Laura say. I pulled my eyes away from Antonio's beautiful cock, and saw both Laura and Stacy staring at me intently. Stacy was smiling and Laura's lips were parted in lust. They had been watching me look at Antonio, and had heard my gasp and seen my fascination with his member. I couldn't believe how stoned and horny I felt at that moment.

"Your turn," Laura directed to me. Antonio had slid into the water next to Stacy, who greeted him with a passionate kiss, and then all three sets of eyes turned to me.

I stood there frozen for a moment, looking at the three of them waiting for me to disrobe, taking in the sight of Stacy's and Laura's beautiful breasts floating at the top of the water. I saw Laura's smile and wildly excited eyes, and remembered the image of Antonio's gorgeous thick cock, bulbous head, and heavy balls, and of Laura's whisper of "I'm going to make that happen...leave it all up to me."

After a long moment, I slowly took off all my clothes while the three of them watched me intentl

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