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Diego's body is on the mend but his soul is still lost.

Sierra emerged in a tight white dress with diagonal folds in a panel from beneath her breasts to her midriff. She smiled but looked a bit pale.

Harry changed that by announcing, 'Let the wooing begin' and held out a red rose which she asked him to pin to her dress, pointing to where she wanted it placed.

Late that night, kissing Sierra when enjoying a nightcap in her apartment, Harry became nervous, fingers tapping, and butt shifting on his chair.

"What is it Harry?"

"My sister wants to meet you and her boyfriend, a journalism student at her university, is desperate to meet you."

"You've told your sister about me?" Sierra asked curiously, remembering seeing his sister Betsy at the funeral and later at work Harry telling her his sister despised him, blaming him for the death of his fianc__e she'd regarded as her best friend.

"Yes and you'll remember me telling you..."

"I do, Harry, but you both have buried that issue and are friends again, right?"

"Very much so."
"Yes, I'd love to meet them and am also am curious about your parents. I'll organize a lunch here or, if you prefer, I'll assist you host us all at your apartment?"

He looked pleased and said, "I think we should meet them on home turf - bring riding clothes as they have horses."

"Horses, oh, let's go there; do you think next Sunday would suit everyone?"

Harry laughed and said he'd try to arrange for next Sunday.

Harry's suggestion for Sunday lunch at the O'Hern country estate suited everyone and Betsy phoned Harry after her mother had spoken to her, blowing kisses at him and asking breathlessly what should she wear, should they call his 'companion' Sierra or Miss Bycroft because she came from a very wealthy family and could she ride?

Harry said a jeans and a top, for goodness sake; it was Sunday lunch not a garden party; his work colleague would probably hit anyone calling her Miss Bycroft in a social setting, neither she nor her parents spoke about their wealth. Yes, he understood she rode.

"Work colleague? I thought this is the woman you're going to marry? Have you decided to put that on hold?"

"For God's sake, Betsy, back off, and don't say anything to mother about a possible relationship. I'm still wooing her so no long-term thoughts have been discussed yet."

"Wooing" No one has time for wooing these days."

"We do."

"Oh, sorry. I promise not to be provocative."

* * *

The three women came back from riding, hot, sweaty and exhilarated. The two older women went off to shower while Betsy flung herself at Harry, kissing him and then sitting on his knee.

"She is gorgeous and absolutely amazing and so modest Harry. Where are the other two?"

Two blasts of a shotgun sounded.

"Oh, target shooting. You didn't tell me she has a dog Harry, or that she qualified twice for the national junior riding championships?'

"A dog - Sierra has a dog?"

"Of course she does, it's an over-fed and under-exercised Jack Russell called Sam in the care of Mrs Bycroft who insists on calling him Samuel, but he's become use to that name."

"Oh, that Jack Russell. Why is Sierra's dog with Margo?"

"Oh my, Margo to you is she?" Betsy grinned. "Because, dummy, dogs are not allowed in Sierra's apartment building and there would be no one at home to keep Sam company and Sam is really Mrs Bycroft's dog who bought him as a puppy but Sierra was living at home in those days and Sam simply adopted her as his mother."

"Do I need to know all this?"

"Yes you do. God, you men are difficult and wooing is definitely a must for you as obviously you're a slow-learner when it comes to women."

"Thank you sweetheart - off and shower, you're smelly."

"And up yours too, but thanks for bringing her to me, Harry. I love her already."

"You can't, you've not know her for more than two hours."

Betsy looked at him, shaking her head.

"You really don't know much, do you Harry. How the hell you manage to run that newspaper I'll never know...oh yes I do, Sierra and other females do it for you."

* * *

Three months later it was Harry

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