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His mentor does her best to calm his sister while he watches.

Arriving at the strip club at six o'clock, it was almost deserted. Mr. B was there along with the bartender, and two bouncers. I was introduced to everyone, then led to the dressing room, to change. Change was hardly the word, strip and place extremely small patches of cloth at critical areas was more like it!

When I was properly dressed, I was put up on stage as the five men got drinks and watched. They were very vocal about discussing my style, which they hated. I received instructions from them all, but mainly from Mr. B.

I actually started to enjoy displaying myself, until I realized that later this bar would be filled with drunk horny men, demanding that I take it off! Worst yet, Carl and some of the other guys from work would be there, watching!

When they were finally satisfied with my basic training, I was invited to join them for a drink. Mr. B told me the rules about not letting anyone touch me, how I couldn't touch them, with my hands anyway.

He then had me preform lap dances for the bartender and bouncers as he watched. They all tried to fondle me as I danced, while Mr. B gave advice on how to stop them, without losing out on my tips.

Mr. B, finally decided I was trained as best he could do on such short notice, and told me to remove all my clothing. I knew what was about to happen, I was going to pay for my lessons!

My first assignment was to suck every stiff dick in the bar. As I went from one to the next, I was being constantly pawed and pinched. I swallowed all five loads, without spilling a drop. I was then placed over the back of a lap dance chair, for the main course!

Five times, a hard dick pierced my pussy lips and pounded itself deep inside my body. I had several orgasms, starting when the first sticky dick was brought to my face to be licked clean!

It was at this point, that I realized that I had turned into a slut! I wanted to be used by men for their pleasure, that was my pleasure!

Finally, I was sent to a shower in the back of the bar, to get cleaned up. I was dressed in my outfit, applying my make up, when the first of the other girls started showing up at eight. It was obvious that I was the oldest dancer there. The next oldest couldn't have been over twenty two, and the youngest looked to be about twelve! I later learned she had just turned eighteen.

I was kidded about my age, but they all seemed friendly and we got along real good. I guess being almost completely naked together brings out a feeling of comradery. They joked with each other and gave some ideas for extracting more tips from the men.

We were scheduled to go out two at a time to strip, I was in the second pair. I was very nervous, as I heard the crowd noises started to pick up as the bar filled! After we danced, we returned back stage, only long enough to get on our skimpy outfits.

We were then expected to preform lap dances for whoever was willing to pay. Maybe Carl and the guys from my office had decided not to come, I wasn't very hopeful though.

When I stepped out on stage, I knew they were there, yelling my name! With the bright stage lights, I didn't actually see anybody from the office, but I heard them! I had been introduced as Sabrina, but now the whole bar started chanting my real name!

"Cindy, take it off!" "Show us your tits, Cindy!" And several even coarser things were thrown my way. I concentrated on my routine, and tried to ignore the taunts from the crowd. When I was totally nude, I heard Carl yell out loud and clear. "I fucked that slut, last night!" "You still sore, Cindy?"

I calmly scooped up my clothing and stepped back stage to dress. Mr. B stopped over to talk to me, warning me to be careful, since everyone seemed to know me. I assured him that I would like nothing more than to keep them all from touching me. He patted my ass as he hurried off. I took a deep breath and walked out into the main part of the bar.

I almost ran right into Jeff, the mail clerk from work! He had been working for us only a few months, straight from college

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