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Her moans vibrated off the toy as she started to finger fuck herself while letting the toy drop to the back of her throat. Her lips flowed up and down on the vibe as she plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy. She was already close, so she pulled the toy out of her mouth and moved it down over her clit, rubbing the head of it up and down her slit, then plunged it deep inside her as she was ready to be fucked. Her eyes closed and lost in stimulation, she didn't observe her sailor standing at the entrance of their room. He had wanted to surprise her, but now it was he who was surprised. His eyes had been glued to her for some time, getting more and more excited with each of her touches and moans. He quietly undressed and moved nearer. Holding his cock in his hand he was mere inches from her head. He leaned over and gently kissed her lips. Her eyes sprung open but he simply placed his finger over her lips and told her not to stop. She smiled up at him never missing a stroke of the toy, sliding it in and out of her body waiting to see what he would do. He kneeled on the bed beside her head and offered her his cock.

It had been so long since she was able to drape her lips and tongue around him that she wasted no time. Her lonely nights were over. She stuck her tongue out, and he laid his shaft on it. Her tongue started to loop his girth as he slowly slid his cock down her throat. Her lips enveloped his cock, swallowing his entirety, then gliding back up as he pulled his hips back. He reached his hand down over her body and placed his hand over hers on the toy, helping her plunge it deep into her wetness. He straddled his leg over her head and bent his body over hers. He could smell her scent and the aroma made him lick his lips. He slowly swiped his tongue down her slit, around the toy then back up to her clit. His lips wrapped around her button and he sucked it ever so gently, causing it to swell in his mouth as he maintained the rhythm of the toy. His tongue started to flick at her clit and her moans echoed off his cock as they had off the vibrator earlier. This just made him fuck her mouth harder. She loved it. He pulled the toy out of her and motioned for her to take it. She placed it beside his cock and continued to suck his shaft and lick her juice off the toy while he plunged his tongue deep inside her, fucking her with his tongue. She dropped the toy and moved her hand to his balls, massaging them, tugging them just a little, then swirling her tongue over them as her other hand continued to caress his cock. Two of his fingers made their way inside her pussy, as he continued to suck her clit hard. Then he was pulling his fingers out, spreading her apart and dipping his tongue inside her.

He knew she was close and he so wanted to taste her juice once again that he started to call, "come on baby, cum for me."

That did it.

She lost all control and her juices flowed freely on his face as she sucked and licked his balls. He took great pride in making sure he lapped every last drop of her juice from her. Standing back up he pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately then promptly spun her around and bent her over the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you hard now, baby!" His hand in the middle of her back, he guided the head of his cock down her slit and over her clit, then with one quick lunge embedded his cock entirely in her. Her head was thrown back in bliss, and he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it to the side. His thrusts were getting harder and he leaned down across her back and bit her neck. This made her squirm even more and she bucked harder back against him, grinding her pussy against the base of his cock. With each stroke of his cock her moans grew louder and his grunts deeper. His hand wrapped tightly around her hair he playfully tugged a little harder.

"MMMMMMMM baby, I love when you take control and fuck me deep," she moaned back at him.

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