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I make my commute home a little more interesting.

Because they are women around my age, because we are on the same page socially, economically, spiritually, and emotionally, we connect. That connection is what reels in all the free stuff, which is where the psychic intuitiveness and awareness of what people are thinking and/or going through, quick wit, and wicked good sense of humor come in handy.

Just as it is important for you to have a good sense of humor, it is as equally important that the CSR who you are trying to work has a good sense of humor, as well. Otherwise, if she or he doesn't get your humor, your attempt to snag the free goods will fail.

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in a cubicle all day with a computer and a telephone plugged in your head. Unless you are making millions of dollars as a commodities trader, instead of making an impossible to get by on $8-14 an hour, that's depressing. There they are the army of customer service representatives corresponding with customers via e-mails or talking to them on the telephone.

"Can you see them? They are bored, unhappy, and angry after a flurry of disgruntled customers makes them hate their jobs."

Their job, their sole purpose in the business world, their main responsibility for their company, and the thing that gives them a small amount of job satisfaction is in helping you and in giving you, the ungrateful, mean, nasty, dissatisfied and unhappy customer some customer service.

Now, are you ready to read the secret to succeed in getting free stuff from CSR's? Get closer to the screen so that not everyone hears the secret.

Most customers suck. Most customers are hostile. Too many customers take enjoyment in beating down customer service people. For them to call customer service and act so horribly as they do there is something not only wrong with their merchandise order but also there is something serious wrong in their not so perfect little life.

They are upset and annoyed that there is one more thing wrong in their miserable lives and now they must take the time to call you, the poor customer service representative who is paid crap to listen to their crap. Because of the misery that the customer faces in his sad existence, it is the role of a customer to make you, the customer service representative, as miserable as they are. It's logical, but in a twisted way.

They are looking for someone to vent their frustration and there you are on the other end of the line availing yourself to their verbal or written vomit. Seldom do they contact customer service to tell them that they love life, are as happy as a clam, and love their new RDX260 with the super accessories. All these CSR people hear are complaint after complaint and they've heard it all over and again. You can't say a swear word that they haven't head a thousand times a day and have hung up on a caller for swearing at them.

What satisfaction do these CSR's receive out of that job? The customer is gone within a few minutes of their contact leaving the CSR in an upset state. They seldom know if they helped that person or not. Moreover, there's no one there to pat them on the back and to tell them that they did or are doing a good job.

Note: This is key and worthy information to memorize. Helping customers is a thankless job, which would explain why so many customer service representatives are hungry for a compliment and react so favorably to someone who is nice to them, specifically someone who sends them funny e-mails, and someone who understands their miserable job and unfortunate plight in life. Because of the guff that they must endure, they are ripe for someone as solicitous as I am in my e-mails to them. This is where I step in and entertain the customer service people with a funny e-mail. They are so hungry for some sweet talk that they will give me the store just to continue receiving my funny e-mails.

I thank them for the product.

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