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The final chapter with a soaking finale.

"Kind of looks like you're pushing the outside of the 'tramp- envelope' there, kiddo" I joked, knowing the word 'slut' - which was far more accurate - might turn her off.

"This is the outfit Tim said I'll wear in the audition. He said it was important to test it out. I thought you might like it!" she teased, turning around like a model on a runway! "Let's start the movie!"

I poured her a glass of wine and hit the play button, wondering if 'Tim the director' had forgot the small detail that Christina was married and had to live here - 365 days out of the year - with her husband, colleagues and friends AFTER this play was over. Besides the MINOR fact that Christina didn't know ANYTHING about acting!

We'd only been watching a short time when I noticed that the character Christina was supposedly portraying wasn't dressed NEARLY as sluttish. It seemed Tim, Christina - or both - were taking s few liberties with the character development. I also couldn't help noticing Christina wasn't wearing her wedding ring... She never removed her ring - but the movie provided me an excuse to ask her about it.

"So you're single, like the character, eh?" I asked lightly touching her bare ring finger.

"Actually, no" she smiled, looking me right in the eye "In Tim's version I'm married, but I remove my ring before going under-cover. Tim says me being married in the play only modifies the plot slightly. Since it's community-theater, he said it'll heighten the sexual tension since some people in the audience actually know me. I'm basically 'off-limits' in real life AND in the play!"

Christina made that last statement as matter-of-factly as if she'd just explained an algebra homework problem to one of our kids. She'd not only internalized all this stuff, but seemed to be OK with it.

As we sat down on our couch, it was difficult to guess where this was REALLY going. I'd brushed my hand on Christina's thigh as we got comfortable and was surprised by what I felt - or rather what I DIDN'T feel - under the light fabric of her skirt.

"Did Tim tell you to wear a thong?" I asked, knowing Christina hardly ever wore those and not exactly believing she'd wear one to her audition.

"He said dress the part" she replied sexily "Besides, it's good 'insurance' to make sure my skirt stays on isn't it?"

"You mean your blouse might not?" I couldn't believe I just blurted that out - I wasn't really the jealous type, really.

"Don't worry so much, Tim's thought everything through. He even gave me an 'emergency-word' for the audition. All I have to do is say 'CUT' any time I become uncomfortable - with anything. Tim and Rick will immediately stop the audition if I say that. It's even in the release form he showed me - so stop worrying. I thought this kind of stuff turned you on, anyway..."

I wasn't sure if Christina realized that what she was telling me would not sound exactly reassuring to most guys. But what I REALLY couldn't explain to her was that imagining her alone with two guys - dressed like a call-girl - was making my cock so hard that I thought the slightest touch from her might make me blow my wad in my jeans!

The movie WAS grade-B, and the DVD ended just as Christina's character had to make a decision whether or not to accompany the murder suspect home - alone and without any kind of back-up. Of course, the female detective was SURE the suspect was innocent, and that she could handle anything that came up... And of course, the female detective - posing as a call girl - 'painted herself into a corner' using these clich__s. That is, by letting herself be alone with a guy paying for sex...

"OK" Christina said as she rose off our couch for rehearsal "I'm playing the detective and you're the handsome suspect."

"Played by Rick" I said, finishing her sentence without thinking about it. I could have kicked myself! If I kept making sarcastic comments I might as well flush the evening down the toilet! But Christina seemed to have other ideas...

"Yes, played by Ri

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