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No, someone with your looks would be perfect." She paused a moment before laughing sweetly. "Perhaps I should make it a condition of selling my sculptures in your store."

Daniel wasn't sure if she was serious or not. If she was, he supposed he'd do it. He wasn't embarrassed about the way he looked, and if that was a requirement of securing her talents for the Oyster Creek General Store then he'd go ahead with it, but at the same time the incessant teasing from Jenny that such an agreement would likely provoke make him wince.

"Really?" was all he could say.

Jill laughed. "I'm considering it! But no, not really. If you're embarrassed by such an idea I won't insist upon it. It'd be no fun at all, then." The last sentence was said with a sparkle in her brown eyes.

"No fun?"

"Well, tell me what isn't fun about seeing a hot man taking his clothes off for you?" she grinned. "Sculpting his likeness gives me an excuse to ogle him for hours at a time."

Daniel chuckled. "I suppose I can see the appeal of that. Well, if you want to, I'll do it. I don't mind, really. It might be fun."

"Good," she said, a mischievous smile on her face. "And I guarantee it'll be fun."

Daniel let those words sink in a moment, allowing him to revel in their undercurrent. Then he spoke again.

"So, do you have any more sculptures to show me?" he said, glancing around. They'd covered most of pieces in the section of the studio set aside as a gallery.

"Not really, no," she said, although she sounded slightly hesitant. She glanced towards a curtained area at the back that Daniel had largely ignored - presuming it led back into her house - and his curiosity was piqued.

He cocked his head. "Not really?"

She looked at him a moment, narrowing her eyes as if she was making a decision, and then a wicked smile grew on her face. "Well, I do have some more, but you must promise to keep them to yourself. They're not for the store. Not in a million years."

"Not for the store?" He followed her as she moved towards the curtain. What the hell could she be hiding back here?

"They're my... erotic collection."

Daniel paused as she reached for the curtain. He raised an eyebrow. "Your erotic collection?"

The grin that spread across her face set filthy thoughts racing through Daniel's mind, and he suddenly couldn't wait to see what lay behind the curtain. Still wearing that mischievous smile, Jill pulled open the curtain and waved him through. He stepped past her.

Daniel looked round the small room, and his breath caught. The sculptures were not so much erotic as... explicit. He scanned the walls, taking in the sheer numbers of sculptures, and was impressed.

Dozens of pieces sat on shelves, depicting men and women, women and women, men and men. All sorts of combinations and positions seemed to have been explored, and each figure had been sculpted down to the very last detail. In front of him he could see a woman being pleasured by two toned men; on the other side of the room a couple were fucking doggystyle.

"Very nice..." he murmured, still taking in the sight.

He heard Jill giggle beside him, and realised she had moved to stand at his side. "I'm glad you like them."

"Would you consider selling them?"

"I already do. But in your store? No. I mean, no offence, but these are very personal. I sell them anonymously over the internet so people can't trace them back to me. There's only a handful of people who know I make these, and now you're one of them."

"I'm flattered."

She laughed. "And so you should be."

Pausing to scan the room in awe another time, Daniel blew out his cheeks. "There's so much... variety. I'm impressed at your imagination, Jill."

The sculptor shrugged with a slightly embarrassed smile. "I get the ideas from fantasies I have." She paused a moment before speaking again. "Although I admit, sometimes I like to use my memories instead."

"Memories?" he said, turning back to her.

Her smile grew mischievous once more as she stared at him.

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