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Kara gives a new meaning to 'entertaining at home'.

hty gush of cum into my mouth! It was amazing and I so do love the taste of you!

You took as deep shuddering breath and then, with your hands behind your knees, lifted your legs high and wide and cried, "Fuck me now and hard!"

Without further adieu, I positioned my raging hard cock against your blood red lips and literally fell all the way into you. Your legs wrapped around my back and you pulled me into you using that leverage to hump yourself against me. In what seemed like seconds but was more like 20 minutes, we came together in a massive explosion and collapsed together on the blanket.

We got dressed in our clothes and with the flashlight took off to explore the cave for a little bit. Other than a bit of graffiti, there wasn't much to see and we didn't want to venture too deeply into the cave for fear of getting lost. So we packed up the picnic as the sun was getting lower in the sky and headed back to the B&B.

A couple of hours later:

We had eaten another delicious meal courtesy of Amanda's great cooking and since it was already dark, Jules lit some candles around the hot tub and asked us if we cared to join them. Sensing that they spa'd au natural, we went to our room and donned our robes and grabbed some towels before we headed out to the deck. Sure enough, we could see Amanda's breasts floating on the surface and we quickly doffed our terry robes and climbed into the cozy tub with them. We were sitting close enough that our feet were touching and it wasn't long before I could feel a soft foot start at my ankle and move towards my crouch. I looked over at you and your eyes were closed as you leaned your head back and sighed blissfully. When I saw that Jules had disappeared under the water, I knew that he was attacking your amazing pussy and you were getting off on it big time. You reached over and tightly gripped my hand as he brought you to your first orgasm of the night.

Meanwhile, Amanda had slid next to me and her hand wrapped itself around my hard cock as Jules surfaced with a grin on his face. You came to my other side and kissed me deeply and your hands were equally divided between my cock and Jules'. I lowered my hands with my left caressing Amanda's wet pussy and as I touched yours, I met Jules' fingers already buried deep inside you. I therefore went for your clit and for the next several minutes we were all engaged in pleasuring each other.

Just moments before we reached a multiple orgasm, you stopped and said, "I don't think I am ready for this; can you please forgive me if Bob and I take a pass on this tonight? Perhaps I will feel more like it tomorrow" You were obviously embarrassed to back out after having to let this go so far so I jumped to your defence since I really wanted you only for myself in any case.

"We'll see you in the morning - how about later - say 11:00," I asked.

They agreed and as we climbed out of the tub, dried ourselves and put on our robes. Jules had already lifted Amanda to a sitting position on the lip of the tub and was diving between her legs. The last sounds we heard were cries and moans from Amanda as she encouraged Jules to lick her harder.

We climbed the stairs to our suite arm in arm as you thanked me for supporting you. When I whispered into your sexy ear that it was only you that I wanted, you stopped on the stairs and kissed me furiously. When we got to our room, you went in to take a shower while I prepared a fire in the grate to take the ocean chill off the air. Once you were finished with your shower, we passed in the bedroom as you glanced yet another kiss over my lips saying. "Hurry, my love. I will have a surprise for you!"

I showered as quickly as I could, towelled off and putting on my silk boxers, went looking for you.

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