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BBW sushi chef serves up spicy rolls and dirty talk.

He'd be brunt of every dick sucking joke, and he could kiss pussy goodbye for the remainder of his time on campus.

Christine watched him as she held the base of her cock, waiting for him to muster up the courage to willingly debase himself. "Open, stick your tongue out" she finally said, and he flinched when she whipped her dick toward him with her hand, flinging precum onto his face. She chuckled at his disgusted expression as he wiped the sticky fluid off his face. He turned towards her, and as soon as he stuck out his tongue she slid her chair closer and started loudly smacking her dick against it. He could taste her salty pre-cum with each smack. He knew from their previous encounters that Christine expelled much more precum than men do, and it flung about with every quick motion of her cock.

She then started sliding the tip back and forth on his tongue, spreading her salty pre-jizz. With each thrust she went deeper into his mouth, until she reached his uvula. She then grabbed his head with both hands and shoved her entire length down his throat, her girth expanding it as it went down. If it had been his first time he would have definitely thrown up. Luckily Christine had trained him well. Her dick didn't stay in his throat for long though, and he sputtered and spat saliva on her abdomen as she pulled it out. After she pulled out entirely he expected her to shove it back in, but she didn't. Instead she stood up and turned around so that her fat ass was in his face. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and slowly pushed her ass into his face. He could feel himself sinking into the crevasse that is her ass crack, until his lips were pressed against her puckered hole.

"You know what to do," she said, and indeed he did. He knew she wanted a rimjob, though she had never made him do that before. He suspected that it was for their voyeur's benefit. He opened his mouth and traced his tongue around the rim of her anus.

"Whoa, I didn't think he'd actually do it!" said Trixie, sounding both amazed and pleased. "You carry yourself like such a man, Robbie. Who knew you were such a little bitch?" Both the girls started laughing.

He was really starting to dislike this brat, but what really made him angry was that she was right. All his life he'd carried himself a certain way, considered himself hyper-masculine. Now look at him, being told to put his tongue on someone's asshole and actually doing it.

"What else can you make him do?" Trixie asked.

"Hmm, let's see..." Christine considered. "Oh, I know!" she grabbed the chair and positioned it facing the computer. "Come on, knees here," she tapped the seat of the chair. He did as she said and got up onto the chair so that his arms were resting on the backrest and his butt was facing the computer screen.

"Ooh, this is so exciting!" said Trixie. He could not see her anymore but could still hear her annoyingly chipper voice. Christine pulled down his pants and underwear with one motion, revealing his ass. She then reached for a small tube that was on the floor and screwed the top off and tossed it away. She started squeezing the tube over his ass and coated his butt with its content. He then felt her spreading the cool fluid up and down his crack with her fingers, then felt a sudden intrusion into his hole. He ground his teeth as she slowly pushed in her middle finger to the second knuckle, and started sliding it in and out. He imagined the view from Trixie's vantage point, him bent over with a grinning bespectacled girl finger fucking his virgin hole. And then he felt his dick start to swell. The more he thought about how wrong this was, how this shouldn't be happening to him, the more he felt the blood rush into his penis.

"Is he tight?" asked Trixie.

"Oh, you bet," Christine answered.

"Can I see his face?"

"I think we can accommodate you," she took her finger out of his ass with an audible plop and swiveled the rotating chair around so that he faced the computer.

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