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We try a private club.

She is very pretty, sexy, and black. I told her all about what I had done in the past with other femdoms and she told me what she liked. She was very sweet and innocent sounding(should have been a clue).

We both decided that afternoon we should meet in a more private setting. In the mean time, I was to send her a list of things I'd done in the past and also things I wanted to try. I quickly did that after the meeting in the park.

We chatted again that night and decided to meet at her house Monday morning at 8am. It's easy for me since she lives on the highway I take to go to work. That visit was postponed until Tuesday morning.

I arrived at her house promptly at 8am. I knocked and she let me in and told me to go upstairs to the weight/exercise room. She entered a few minutes later and started some music.

She tells me to undress and the first thing she notices is my penis.

"You are right," she says laughing. "It is small."

I stand in front of her while she is sitting on the couch. She reaches up and grabs my balls and works them some while inspecting them. Her hands feel good on my little sissy cock and balls as she inspects them.

"Turn around and bend over!" she commands. I turn with my back towards her and bend over.

"Spread your ass checks." she says. I do as I'm told.

She gets out a strap and starts spanking my low handing balls and then the insides of my legs as I'm bent over.

After a few minutes of this, she tells me to crawl around on the floor. I make 3 laps around the room like I'm being auctioned off at the farm. I finish up the last lap and she tells me to crawl up towards the couch and lean on it. I do this and now my ass it sticking out for her to use.

She pulls out a flogger and starts on my ass. Alternating between both ass cheeks. I rest my head on the couch seats as she continue to flog my ass.

"Get on your feet!" she commands. I get back onto my feet and she picks up another flogger.

"Turn around!"

She takes the flogger to my back, again and again. First the left side, then the right. The she moved to my sides, then my ass, back to my side and back. She does this for about 5 minutes. I can start to feel the stings on my side when she flogs me, but I don't say anything. I stay still and quiet and she does to me as she wishes.

When done, my back, shoulders, and sides are stinging. I can feel the heat like a bad sunburn.

"Turn around! she tells me. "Have you ever had someone punch you before?" she asks.

"No Mam."

"OK... I'll start easy then."

She's about 2 feet infront of me and balls up both of her fists and punches my chest(with both fists). I'm a big guy, 6'1", so it's not that bad. But after about 10 punches I can really feel it.

She walks behind me and proceeds to do the same thing on my back, punching me. I try to stand my ground, but her force sometimes pushes me forward a little. With equal treatment on my back now, she starts rubbing my back and shoulders. I can really tell where she hit, now that she's rubbing it.

She comes up beside me and asks, "Do you want to take a break for a minute?"

"Yes Mam!" I agree. She tells me to go sit on the couch and she sits beside me.

She starts rubbing my little dick and precum is oozing out the top. She brings it up to my face and I lick it all off. She leans over and starts biting at my nipples which only makes me more excited. I love to have my nipples played with.

She tell me to cum on her breasts. I stand and start jacking off in front of her while she is rubbing her tits together and playing with them. It doesn't take long and minutes later I lean over her and shoot cum on her left tit, then move over to the other and finish cumming.

I know from a previous chat, I'm expected to lick it off her tits. I bend down on my knees and move in between her legs and start licking up my cum from her tits and eating it. I start with her left tit and make sure to get the little bit that is running down the side of it. I then mover over to the right tit making sure I get plenty of the nipple in my mouth when I clean off my cum.


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