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Jennifer has a fetish for giving footjobs.

Perhaps she should ask a senior Baptist minister?

Next morning Roxy called her talent agent Robyn Curtin with the news that the Dr Monroe proposed movie had been canned.

"Don't worry, these things happen darling. Have you finished working down New Mexico way?"

"Yes, Jennifer and I arrived back last night. It was tremendous experience and Jennifer keeps assuring me I've done well and actually I know I've done well but I realize it's what movie-goers think of the final cut is what counts."

"Aye and I guess you are looking for your next project?"

Roxy said yes and told Robyn why the Dr Monroe proposal had been cancelled.

"I was to sign this Tuesday."

"Oh that close. Well I guess this might be news to you but people like William Packer are always looking to be associated with an unexpected success and allow their egos to get in front of their judgment."


"So you now know to hold back a little?"

"Yes to hold back a little and to keep my ego behind my expectations."

"Good girl. Now let me tell you the hard facts about filmmaking and how many movies as a percentage of seemingly on-track proposals finally make it to the big screen."

Ten minutes later Roxy said, "I had no idea..." and stopped.

"Yes dear but remember you've not formally studied moviemaking."

"Roxy what is your attitude towards prophylactics?"

"They are an essential product and we should never leave home without some."

Robyn laughed and said she had a client looking for someone like Roxy."

"I hadn't thought of a career engaged in testing condoms."

Robyn explained that the condom industry of America was concerned about the market share being held by foreign manufacturers.

A group of patriotic condom-makers believe Americans should roll on American-made product and have funded an advertising campaign and the brief to its advertising agency is to use an unknown Hollywood actor under the circumstances I should use the sexist term actress. The advertising agency has invited three agents to submit profiles of starlets we believe could be right for this promotion. I'm thinking of forwarding your profile now that I find you have no work ahead of you."


"Darling my time is precious. Yes or no to the submission. You won't have to decide whether to accept the role if it's offered to you until you gain clear understanding of what's involved. Obviously it means promoting USA-made condoms and I can assure you the advertising standards authorities will require above the board promotion."

"Yes submit my profile. I'll confirm that instruction by email."

"Excellent. It has been really worth talking to you. I believe you could become the chosen one, but regard that comment as nonsense because I have no idea about the competition. Take up could be poor."

Roxy had a very serious thought. "Perhaps potential participates in such a campaign could feel being associated with condoms might spell the end to their career."

"Yes darling, or the exact opposite. There will be time to consider that."

Robyn called back two hours later.

"I was checking with William about the holding contract they have with you. He's advised they had nothing in view for you and he'd prepared to issue you with authority to understand advertising work in the meantime?"

"In the meantime?"

"He wishes to maintain you on contract pending the public reaction to your light musical. Apparently your comment that it could become a cult movie with the young has been confirmed by the studio's research department."


"Don't get too excited about that possibility."

"No it means the movie will get to be distributed."

"Oh yes darling. Robert says it's gained support and is now being fast-tracked to catch the nation in a dull mood over the economic situation."

For a moment Roxy thought her heart would burst.

Roxy was chosen as one of three finalists and Robyn was free and offered to take her to the airport when finding Jolene had another engagement.

While waiting for the boarding call Robyn revealed her motherly side.

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