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The submission and Gerard.

Tanya and I walked back to her house I said to her, "How did you feel when those guys were chatting you up last night?"

"Flattered," she replied "actually slightly embarrassed and flattered."

"Do you know that Lisa wanted one of them to have sex with her while Len was present," I said.

"I had a feeling those two weren't quite as squeaky clean as they sometimes portray," she said. "Lisa has often asked me how I would feel about sex with another man or two men."

"What did you say," my heart skipped as I asked?

"I couldn't really answer," she said. "I could do it if I fancied the guy and we weren't still together but I couldn't offend you."

"And if I said it turned me on," I said?

"Maybe, if the guy was right and you were horny enough." She looked up at the sky and repeated, "Maybe."

"What about Len?"

"Actually I quite fancy Len but he's your friend and Lisa's boyfriend so that kind of blocks him out. Mind you sometimes when we are next door to them having sex, I get turned on listening while we are doing it."

"SO DO I," I almost screamed.

We reached her door and she kissed me before heading inside, the conversation left hanging in the air.

At six o'clock, I sat in my room in my briefs and t-shirt, playing around on my computer and stroking a very stiff 8 inches through the fabric. "I could be fucking Lisa in two hours," I thought.

My conscience was saying a definite "No!" Tanya would be hurt and it might also scupper any chances of developing her for a foursome with them in the future. I had a shower anyway and pulled on some fresh jeans and shirt. At 7.15 pm I called through to my parents and told them I was going for a walk. Somehow at 7.45 pm I was across from Lisa's parents' house. They were away to Minorca for a week so Len and Lisa were playing "house" in their absence. I walked up and down until 8.15 pm and then, in a moment of madness, I knocked on their door.

Len opened it almost immediately. "Oh Tom -- wow -- hi"!

I entered and found him and Lisa sitting alone on the couch drinking a bottle of wine. It seems the black guy had sent a text to delay the meet for a couple of days. I had a glass of wine and we stood around slightly awkwardly. Lisa then asked if I had told Tanya about them. I told them I had.

"Is she game," Lisa asked?

"She might be," I replied.

"Well see what she's missing," said Lisa as she grabbed Len's crotch and started to kiss him.

"I'd better go," I said, "and leave you two to it."

Lisa stood up and walked over to me. She kissed me deeply as I stood like a statue. She groped my cock which reacted (partly due to an afternoon of self stimulation).

"Bloody Hell Len, you didn't tell me this boy was hung," she said as she dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans. She fished inside and pulled my semi-hard cock out of the fly front of my knitted boxers and devoured it with her mouth. Len looked on, stroking the front of his pants. I knew I was going to do it at that point. My cock went to full mast as Lisa slurped and commented on how beautiful it was.

"I'm so fucking rampant," she said. My jeans were at my ankles and my shorts followed. Lisa was a bitch on heat, licking up and down my cock, pulling back the loose foreskin and sucking the head. She licked my balls and even ran her tongue under near to my hole. She was hot stuff. Len had stripped and was stroking his cock. It looked to be between 6 and 7 inches and much as I remembered it from school. Lisa was wiggling out of her clothes without letting my cock go. She ended up in black bra and briefs. Len came over and undid the bra cupping his hands around her petite but perfectly balanced tits. They turned up slightly at the end, her nipples looking up at me. He rubbed his cock against her back.

"You're going to fuck her and I'm going to watch you," he said.

She stood up to kiss me again, allowing Len the opportunity to pull her briefs off.

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