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IT girl needs my fixing ability.

In those initial few minutes, it would be just you and me, embracing like longtime lovers, the caresses becoming bolder and the kisses growing ever deeper. Just think of what would be spinning in your mind -- the enjoyment of the moment, and the anticipation of how the moment would change with the arrival of my clone. Would you end up being sandwiched between each of me as dual pleasure is taken from your body? Would you end up being chained to the special secure bolt in the ceiling while each of me worships you with a different tongue? Would you end up on your back with your head tipped over the edge of the bed while one of me fingers you and eats you and the other of me pulls on a cord wrapped around your throat to strangle you during your orgasm? Would you end up on your hands and knees on the bed or on the floor, with one of me taking you from behind while the other me enjoys the pleasure of your throat?

I can envision my hands all over you, your whimpers filling my lungs as I kiss you. I know you: A simple brush across your chest causes your nipples to harden, so all I would need to do is gently squeeze a breast to put you in the right mindset, and if luck was on my side, then you would begin to undress me of your own volition, and I definitely would not stop you, although I might force you to pause so I could undress you as well, softly kissing your flesh as it is exposed to the warm air of the bedroom.

Hopefully the clone would wait until you have already undressed me, for I know how you enjoy peeling away my clothes, especially that moment when my engorged manhood is finally uncovered and fully exposed to your view. Perhaps you would already be kneeling on the floor, your head bobbing slowly back and forth, pleasuring me as my clone finally enters the bedroom, closing the door unnecessarily to command your attention. That would give you a chance to rise anew, embrace my other self and begin to undress me again while I step up behind you to touch you, kiss your neck and your shoulders, run my fingers through your soft hair...

And when at last both of me have been undressed, you would stand in the middle, stroking the me before you, kissing you, and reaching back to stroke the me behind you, one hand gently scratching down your spine just like you enjoy while the other hand reaches around you to finger you and ensure you are properly prepared for the initial penetration.

The group sex scenario would have you as the star, the center of attention, and that would be particularly evident as one of me moves to the bed, inviting you to climb aboard, straddling me as you hold my thick length upright and slowly impale yourself. As you embed one erection within you, the other of me would go to the closet and retrieve the anal lube, returning to the bed to prepare your rear passage for its violation as you flatten yourself upon the me beneath you.

After several minutes of one-on-one sex, the other of me would finally be ready, having prepared your exit and having prepared the other thick length. How would you react to having your lubed sphincter slowly and carefully pried open while your dripping sex is already filled and stretched to capacity? Would you groan and shudder from the dual violation? Would your body rock to further stimulate your clitoris? Would you be breathing particularly hard? Would the sensations threaten to be too much for your mind to comprehend?

Once the two solid erections have both impaled you, how would you react to two sexual acts taking place simultaneously inside you? Would your voice be severed so your mind you better focus on the pleasure, or would the pleasure set your voice free so that the neighbors across the fence would know that you are experiencing the ultimate bliss? I hope it would be the latter, for I thoroughly enjoy hearing you scream for me.

In this case, it would be hearing you scream for both of me.

How long would you last before your first climax? I know that penetration is practically a requirement for you to finally achieve

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