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Student dominates her teacher.

Looking again, I saw she had also put on a "privacy" device -- an opera mask. Only covering the eyes and nose, it seemed to be just barely enough to disguise her identity from anyone except people who knew her well. At first I was going to laugh at her, but decided it was perfect. Of course, I had to put mine on also!

"Hey babe, come on over" she said, finally noticing me and waving me over, "you don't need to change, just have a seat next to me."

"Sure thing. Anything interesting yet?"

"Nope, nothing yet. Just a bunch of cock shots. It was fun for a few minutes, but now it's getting kind of boring. Luckily it changes every 30 seconds. Of course, it may be more interesting if your cock was in me when I watch, but by itself it gets old real quick. At least I'm not really paying much attention to it, but focusing on the story is nice, it's getting me all hot and bothered."

It was feeling surreal now. We were watching video feeds of people masturbating while we sat on the bed drinking wine and making small talk. Hoping to keep her attention from drifting and losing the moment, I put my hand on the back of her thigh, just an inch or so up her skirt. She squirmed a bit and I took the opportunity to move a few inches higher.

Then the video switched to a scene of a couple having sex! It was from about 10 feet away, and they were in the doggy style position. He was thrusting furiously, but we didn't get to see any more since the feed automatically switched out after 10 seconds. Karen and I looked at each other and smiled.

"See babe, there really ARE more people on this site than some 20-year-old jerking off in his bed. Now we just have to find a couple that won't skip us."

Moving my hand all the way up her leg, I found that just like I expected, she wasn't wearing panties. And not completely expected, her pussy was already wet. Taking full advantage of that, my fingers went further, stroking her lips and randomly brushing against her clit.

"MMMMmmmm, that feels good. This feels so damn dirty though."

"Tell me why, hon, tell me exactly why it's so dirty. I wanna hear you say it."

She wiggled her ass at me a little before starting.

"You know exactly why! We are broadcasting a video of us while you play with my pussy, and I'm staring at a guy rubbing his big cock. Reminds me of yours actually. He's looking at me and jacking off while you have your fingers on my pussy. There, how do you like that?"

We heard a "Hell ya!" over the computer speakers at the same time I said it. Karen and I laughed right away, looking at each other.

On impulse, I lay down with my face by her hips and flipped up the back of her skirt, letting it settle on the small of her back. Before she could react, I gave her two firm swats on her ass cheek. The slap of skin on skin was sharp in the room, and a small red spot appeared right where my hand had just been.

From the computer we heard "Lookin' good baby, turn a little so I can see your ass!"

This guy just seemed weird so I hit the 'next' button to get the next participant loaded up. Waiting for the screen to load, Karen turned to look back at me.

"You better watch out doing that stuff buddy, you know I like a bit of spanking. Do that again and I may not let you get away with it. And wipe that grin off of your face."

"What makes you think that I would have a problem with that?" I responded. "So why don't you make this easy for me and get up on your knees so I don't tweak my neck?"

Karen looked back kind of confused as I knelt on the floor and eased between her legs, my face just behind her ass. A slight blush crept over her face as she realized what I had in mind. But that sure didn't stop her as she practically jumped to her knees and shoved her body back towards my face.

The last thing I saw on my way down was the video feed had changed.

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