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They moved to the door and rang the bell. Again Lisa answered it.

"Oh hi you must be Ellen's dad. I'm Lisa." She held out her hand.

"Glad to meet you," Allan said wondering if this cute girl could have hurt his daughter on purpose. They all moved inside and he stopped to see Janet sitting next to a tall man on the sofa.

"Allan, I want you to meet Tom. Tom this is Allan." Janet smiled.

"Hello," the two men said at the same time as they shook hands. Allan moved to the chair while Ellen and Lisa moved into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry about before," Lisa started. "How is the eye?"

"I'll live," Ellen said not smiling. "I'll be ready next time."

"I've had a few black eyes from softballs," Lisa bragged. "I even broke my ankle once during a game."

Ellen was happy that they were alone. "There is something you and I need to discuss."

Lisa sat down. "Danny and I have already talked. He said that he loves you and I can respect that."

Ellen was surprised. She sat across from her. "I know you two have been friends for a long time and I don't want that to stop. He told me how you helped him after his dad died."

"It was a bad time for him. He looks happy now being here. I'm sure you have a lot to do with that."

"Wow," Ellen thought. "The girl isn't so bad after all."

"Hey how are my favorite girls?" Danny asked. He had been listening to the conversation in the hallway.

"Actually good," Ellen smiled. She was happy when he moved to her and kissed her lips.

"How is the eye?" He looked at it closely.

"Not as swollen." She grabbed his hand and stood. "Let's get the old people and go to dinner."


Dinner was at the same river front restaurant which had become their favorite. They sat at a large round table so Danny had Ellen on one side and Lisa on the other. Across from them Janet sat between the two men. The conversation was mostly about the town and the school and afterwards the young ones took a walk on the boardwalk.

"Let's show Lisa your boat," Danny said.

Ellen wished that they were going to the boat alone but was happy that Lisa seemed to be accepting her role as just a good friend. They ran down the boat ramp and stood behind the boat.

"Nice you must be loaded," Lisa said.

"Not really," Ellen replied. "It was my grandfather's boat and he gave it to my father."

"I'll get it open," Danny said remembering where the key was kept. He climbed up on the ship and as he was unlocking the door heard Lisa scream.


Danny heard a big splash and turned to see Lisa in the water next to the dock. "LISA!" He didn't even think before he dove over the side.

Ellen stood in shock because the girl had turned and smiled at her before she yelled. After she jumped into the water she realized that she had been had. "Danny I didn't push her."

Danny held onto Lisa as he swam back to the small steps leading up out of the water.

"She pushed me in Danny," Lisa whispered.

Danny held onto the steps as Lisa in her dripping white dress climbed out. His eyes moved from her nicely formed wet butt up to the dock at Ellen's face. "Why did you do that?"

"Danny I didn't do it," she said firmly. "She's lying."

Lisa started crying as she waited for him to climb out next to her. "I'm cold Danny." As he curled his arms around her and pulled her into him she looked over his shoulder and smiled at Ellen.

"We need to get you home," he said before reaching down and picking her up. He didn't even look back at Ellen or say anything as they walked away.

"Danny, she's lying." Ellen said angrily afraid that he actually believed that she would do something like Lisa was claiming.

Tom, Janet and Allan were outside on the boardwalk leaning against the rail when they saw Danny carrying a wet Lisa up to them. "OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?" Janet asked.

"She fell into the water," Danny said. He sat her down and Lisa ran into her father's arms.

"Ellen pushed me in daddy," she sobbed.

"I did not," Ellen said as she r

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