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" Weaving baskets, making cloth, building fire, making tools and bowels and ritual implements.

From an academic point of view, this is all valuable knowledge that could change the way we view older civilizations and their toolmaking prowess, but that has all taken a backseat for the moment.

As the afternoon grow late, I usually help the women prepare the evening feast. Some days, however, Chief Makonnen returns from a hunting party or war rituals and in a manly fever must drag his woman off to his hut and breed her.

Either way, we eat evening meal together. It is a ritual that allows the tribe to bond as a community. Regardless of the rest of the day, every night ends with Chief Makonnen holding me tightly in his arms as he falls asleep.

[Week 2, Day 5]

Today marks one week with the Akebarak, although it feels like so much longer. I have gotten the hang of most of the basics of their language and can now have proper conversations. Today, Chief Makonnen did something he has never done before and wanted to talk to me. We sat in the hut in the evening, after he had finished having his way with me, and I answered questions about myself.

I told him that my name was Alyssa, which he began to pronounce Ayessa. That I was from a far away place called Ohio, where most people had white skin like mine. I told him that I had agreed to be his mate to learn more about his people, and he responded that role was not to learn but to be silent among men, sisterly among women, and nurturing among children. He then turned over and went to sleep.

[Week 3, Day 1]

So I'm pretty sure I'm finally pregnant. This morning I woke to a dull ache in my boobs and as Chief Makonnen went about our morning sex I nearly yelp in pain as he grabbed one of them. I've also been more tired than usual in the last few days. My period is meant to start in two days, I guess we will see then.

[Week 3, Day 3]

Yup, I'm definitely pregnant. No period and a I spewed my midday meal all over the bushes this afternoon. My boobs now ache constantly and I've nearly fallen asleep more than once in the Chief's morning counsel. It's hardly suprising though, I would guess that the chief must have dumped a literal gallon of cum into me.

This afternoon I went to see Kapera, the tribe's medicine woman, and explained my symptoms to her as best I could. I still didn't know many words for things, but with some miming and expressions, she got the idea.

She lit a small bowel of incense and began to pray over me. She placed her hands first on my stomach, then on my breasts, and finally on my face.

"Have you lost your moon blood?"

"Yes, Kapera." I said,

"and Chief Makonnen has been sowing his seed?"

"Yes, Kapera."

"Then you are with child, sweetest white flower."

I rose, bowed, and left. That was fucking useless, but Kapera is the official determiner of pregnancy within the tribe. If she didn't give her ok, I wasn't really knocked up

Word quickly spread around the village, and everywhere I walked the tribe offered congratulations.

Chief Makonnen found me soon after hearing the news and embraced me, whispering in my ear that this shall be the first of many. He took my hand and led me back to the hut, where he gently made love to me. He seemed to take as much pleasure cumming inside me as before.

How do I feel about being pregnant? By western standards, I'm probably four weeks pregnant. I hadn't exactly planned on my first child being born in the middle of the African jungle, but I'll make the most of it.

[Week 4, Day 3]

Being pregnant fucking sucks. I wake up every morning and puke my guts out. Sit as Chief Makonnen's mate in the meetings, and then puke again. I feel like I've got a bad hangover 24/7 plus my boobs never stop hurting.

Other than that, not much to report. I'm still the trophy white girl of the tribe. People still won't shut up about how my family will grow great and strong like the tallest tree. How lucky I am to bare Chief Makonnen's lineage.

The Chief has final

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