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The limo ride changed everything for her.

I didn't figure out something I should have. Jenny is mad at me, not you. And if I'm right about what I'm thinking she has reason to be.

"I don't understand Tim."

"I know, but I can't explain. Go get your bag." She looked bewildered.

His mother fretted at the door as they got ready to leave. She tried to offer platitudes about lover's spats and he didn't try and correct her misconception. It was dark by the time he got back.

The TV dully blared from his parent's bedroom. Their door was shut. He climbed the stairs thinking of Carmela. She'd gotten past confused and moved into angry by the time he got her safely on the train. They probably wouldn't be dating anymore when he got back on campus.

He had to talk to Jenny. Explain that he hadn't understood, that he couldn't do what she wanted. That he was her brother, not her lover or her boyfriend.

He stopped outside her door, just about to knock when he heard a low guttural groan. He froze. Jenny mewled his name breathlessly from within. Instead of knocking he dropped his hand to the doorknob, it was locked. He pressed his forehead to the wood of the door as another low guttural groan came. His name on her lips, breathless with need. The sound tortured him through the door. His cock twitched. Jesus, what was she doing?

He reached up over the door jam for the skeleton key. He had used it a hundred times as a kid to sneak into her room. He should knock, warn her, give her a chance to stop doing whatever she was doing, and compose herself so they could talk.

Instead he slid the key in and unlocked her door. It swung open silently. Naked, her head was thrown back and her knees were bent and splayed lewdly. She was laying on her back on her white eyelet coverlet. All her stuffed animals were thrown to the floor. Her hips were lifted and she was sliding a slim cucumber in and out of her body. Her other hand a wild flurry across her clit. Her lush breasts swayed and bobbed as her hips jerkily lifted, "Fuck me Tim, Fuck me."

He shut the door behind him and the lock made an audible click. Her eyes flew open and she looked at him. Misery and sudden shame flooded in on her.

She rolled on hers side away from him, curling into a ball, showing him her back, not even drawing the cucumber out. The green tip stuck out lewdly between her plump pink labia.

"Go away Tim, Oh God, just go away."

He unfastened his shorts and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them. "I can't Jenny. And I won't." His boxers followed his shorts. She tightened further into a ball, her arms wrapped around herself as he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off his T-shirt. He made a private decision to get her better toys, give her little things, but this would do for now. He touched the cucumber dildo and it shifted in her.

She groaned, "Don't."

"I need to Jenny, and you need me to." He curled behind her. The hard length of his body shaped to her. He slid the cucumber back out a little and then pushed it back into her. Her body jerked and she gave a startled gasp. He whispered just behind her ear, "I will fuck you any way I want to Jenny." He kissed her shoulder and then the curve of her neck, "You asked for that first, before you asked me to leave."

She made a pitiful sound and tried to squirm away from him as he started to fuck her with the cucumber.

"Tim, it's too humiliating."

He snaked an arm under her and held her steady, "What is? That you wanted to fuck your brother? Or that you couldn't wait for him and had to fuck yourself with something else instead?"

She jerked and writhed in his arms. The cucumber made wet squelching sounds every time he pushed it into her. Making pitiful choking sounds, she started to push back into him yielding to her need. "That's it Jenny baby, show me how much you need it honey. Touch your clit, I want to feel you come."

The sounds she made were desperate and low as her hand snaked between her thighs.

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