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She finds herself alone on a dangerous transport.

" I said waving a pill packet.

"What is the husband going to say about it?" Steven countered but I could tell he was interested.

"Well I said I may; I do have another little ace in the hole," I held up a little plastic bag with a pink pill in it. "Tyrone calls it his "leg spreader", his chemist's cook it up for him. It's just supposed to decrease inhibitions not knock them out. I don't like using drugs, but I'll make an exception for you"

"What is she like?" Stephen asked, his anger forgotten.

"Her name is Jenny, she is not a model but she has a pleasant enough face, great tits, a little bit of extra covering on her middle and butt but she isn't fat. Mid thirties I'd say, probably a little sexually inexperienced, can't suck cock for shit, but her pussy, that is the high point. She took all of me and worked my fuck stick as good as any women I've ever fucked!"

"Coming from you that's high praise," Steven paused, thinking. "Alright let's go."

"One more thing," I held up my hand to stop his march to the door. "She is feisty and he will probably still be pissed so I'll do the talking, you stay in the background and back me up if I ask for it, OK"

"Fine, come on I've got a meeting in three hours."

We left the suite and five minutes later were standing outside room 412, Dave and Jenny's room. I knocked, my heart was thumping hard and my stomach was in knots. I liked to be in control but I was flying blind here, I couldn't hear any movement, maybe they are not there. I raised my hand to knock again just as the door handle turned and the door opened.

Jenny's face appeared around the partially opened door, she looked as if she was just out of bed, her eyes still heavy. She obviously wasn't expecting to see me and another black man waiting outside her door.

"What the fuck? How did you find me?" She spluttered.

"I saw your room number on the key card in your bag," I replied.

"Just piss off, you've had your fun!" She hissed as she started to close the door.

"Wait!" I said placing my hand on the door to prevent her closing it. "I feel bad about losing control and cuming in you, Steven here is with our company and he got me some emergency contraception." I waved the pill packet in front of her face.

She hesitated then opened the door a little wider so she could get her hand out.

"We can't just give it you without instructions, can we come in?" I asked hopefully.

There was a pause as Jenny thought about letting us in, eventually she stepped back and opened the door. We moved in, Jenny was wearing a bathrobe and I don't think much else, the room was dark apart from the bedside lamps. Some sunlight leaked around the curtains,the bathroom light showed under the door and the shower was running. It looks like my luck was in.

"Ok, you're in so start talking, and then get out." Jenny certainly wasn't one for small talk this morning. She stood with her arms folded across her chest. I fished out the pills.

"There are two pills, the first to be taken four hours before the other." I said

"I thought there was only one pill. If there are two why aren't they in the same packet?" She asked.

Thinking quickly I continued.

"It's a new formulation we are trying, taking it in two pills with a four hour break improves it's effectiveness from 90% to 99%."

"Alright you've told me, give me the pills then you can go!"

Jenny wasn't softening her hard arsed attitude, racking my brain I came up with one more play to try.

"New protocols for the new pill says it has to be taken with medical supervision and you have to be monitored for ten minutes."

"Bullshit!" was her reply.

"Look in the trails one percent of patients had a dizzy spell, the supervision is just to make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself."

Jenny cocked her head to the side as she considered my explanation.

"Alright, give me the first one," she said grabbing a water bottle off the table behind her.

I got it out of the plastic bag and handed it over;Jen

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