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Friends get revenge on rude girlfriend.

That was when she thought about that bite of chocolate.

Right in front of her were two attractive men, both seemingly very interested in her. Mike however was wearing a wedding ring ... not that that ever stopped a man from sampling other goods! As if reading her mind, Mike suggested the trio move on to another bar he knew of just a few blocks away. Jillian thought for a moment about being too cavalier with men she'd just met in Europe, Americans or not. But, they didn't give her a menacing vibe, and the martini's helped also to put her at ease.

The walk was fun. Jillian locked arms with Mike, while Tom stayed on her right and occasionally put his arm around her when he wasn't moving aside for oncoming foot traffic. They were all enjoying their martini highs, and Jillian in particular was starting to wonder as to where they were going. Mike had a twinkle in his eye when he mentioned moving on to another place, and she thought she saw a look of acknowledgement in Tom's eye too... but it was fleeting and she dismissed it.

As the threesome made their way through Brugge, the streets began to become less populated, and the last two turns made Jillian a bit nervous, even though she was accompanied by two men. It was dark, alley like, and silent. Tom took her hand and led her to a stairwell that went downwards, towards a sunken entrance. He knew instantly where to turn. So he did know where they were going!

The doorway was dimly lit by a dangling overhead lamp. There was an electronic gadget to slide a card through, like an ATM machine. Tom reached into his wallet and withdrew a white plastic card -- it had no writing on it, just a magnetic strip to be read. He swiped it, and instantly the door clicked so he could open it. Jillian must have had a look of apprehension on her face. Tom took her chin in his hand. "You've trusted us this far," he cooed to her, "trust us now."

His grey eyes were gleaming, even in the dirty incandescent light. Jillian followed him in. Mike brought up the rear and pulled the door shut behind them.

As they walked into a dark corridor, motion activated lights came on, then went off after they had passed. Jillian began to hear music. It was jazz based, but more up-tempo and electronic -- purely a European vibe. Another door, another card swipe. They were in.

As the door slid closed behind them, Mike turned to Jillian. "You will never forget your visit here, my dear. Take it all in."

That being said, Jillian's jaw slowly but surely hit the floor. There was so much happening she couldn't focus at first. She re-grouped, and then began again looking slowly from left to right. She saw couples kissing, but, then switching partners. No one was completely naked, yet breasts and cocks were exposed, with lots of sucking, licking and stroking going on. Then, the realization that this was a club for threesomes hit her like a thunderbolt. Each group of "lovers" was three, either two men with a woman or two women with one man.

Tom placed his hand on the small of Jillian's back and guided her to an open table. Mike pulled out a chair for her and she sat down slowly. She was still looking around, mesmerized by the sights and sounds of such open, free sex. An oil lamp burned dimly at the table.

A blonde in a tasteful mini skirt and white blouse stopped at the table and asked if she could bring the group cocktails. Mike spoke up and ordered dirty martinis for the three of them, each with olives and a wedge of lime. After ordering, he leaned in close to Jillian.

"This place stays open all night. We will move at your pace, no expectations. If it's just a drink, then so be it. However, since you haven't bolted for the door yet, I'll assume you're ok with staying." He grinned sheepishly at her, and planted the softest of kisses on her cheek.

Jillian was reeling.

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