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Games in the mountains, lessons at the lake.

' No such luck!

David says: hey. whatcha doin?

She began to type, her mind a jumble of thoughts and emotions.

Lori says: nothing

She waited. Suddenly, Marshall's hands came around her neck from behind, and dropped onto her breasts. "God, I want you," he breathed into her neck, as he began to plant little kisses up and down her shoulder and neck.

David says: miss me?

"Wow, how do I answer that?" she thought. Her fingers hovered over the keys for a moment.

Lori says: sorta

Sorta? God, what kind of an answer was that? Marshall's hands were setting her nipples afire through the sweatshirt, and her brain was starting to buzz. She couldn't think clearly.

David says: What did u do tonite?

Oh, the irony! Lori smiled. "Nothing yet, dear," she thought; but she wasn't so sure, if he asked her an hour from now, what she'd be able to answer! This man behind her was driving her crazy with his lips and his hands, and she was rapidly losing her focus on her absent husband.

Lori says: drank. danced. just a little

David says: with who?

Oh, just an incredible-looking, sexy guy I met in the hotel bar! "No," she thought. "That wouldn't do."

Lori says: just some guy

She waited, wondering what was going through David's mind. The answer came quickly.

David says: What guy?

Lori wasn't going to go into any further description of the guy, with his hands now sliding up under her sweatshirt; those hands so soft and warm on her breasts, the thumbs gently flicking her nipples. She sucked in her breath and arched her back. Marshall continued to nuzzle her neck with his lips.

David says: where is he now?

She stared at the monitor, her blood pounding in her head. Marshall leaned into her again and said, "Go ahead. Tell him."

Her fingers hung over the keys. Her breath was coming in short little gasps, her hips were flexing against the chair bottom, and she had never wanted someone so badly in her life. Two words:

Lori says: he's here

"Oh, god," she thought, as soon as she saw her message appear. The shit shall now hit the fan! On an impulse, she typed again.

Lori says: i'm sorry

"He might as well know," Marshall said from behind her, his fingers dancing across her breasts, and at the moment she could only agree with him.

David says: what are u doing?

Without even thinking twice about it, Lori raised her arms to allow Marshall to pull her sweatshirt off, then took a deep breath and prepared to type again.

Lori says: nothing

"Sure," she thought. "He'll believe that one!" She lay back against Marshall's neck as he ran his hands up and down her body, and felt herself getting wet. "Oh, god," she thought. "What do I do now?"

Lori says: gotta go

Lori let herself be pulled up from the chair, and she turned to fold herself into his arms again. They kissed, their hands ranging over each other, their breathing became more and more ragged. He released her, finally, and slid one arm around her waist, preparing to lead her toward the bed.


She barely heard the computer as she allowed herself to be lowered onto her back on the bed. Marshall smiled sexily at her and began to undress.

*ding* *ding*

"He's worried about you," he said, and Lori suddenly smiled up at him, aware of David once again.

"Shouldn't he be?"

"Tell him," he said again, and pulled her up by one hand.

"Oh, god, I don't want to do this," she thought, as she padded to the computer, keenly aware of Marshall's eyes on her backside. She found that incredibly sexy.

She read David's message.

David says: should I call the police?

Lori leaned over the keyboard, and her fingers flew over the keys.

Lori says: he's got a knife. he says he won't hurt me if I cooperate.

Then, on second thought, she typed again, quickly.

Lori says: I want this. goodnight. I love you

She turned and walked back to the bed. Marshall had removed his shirt, and she ran her fingers through the graying hair on his muscular chest as she looked down at him. "Well?" he asked, knowing her decision had been made.

As an answer, Lori lean

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