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Mother in Law teases the wrong man.

Sophie then climbed back on board the mechanical beast and once again looked down at her barely covered pussy. She then held on an nodded she was ready for her main go. This was it, the build to this final moment. The bull bucked and before it had even really started Sophie fell straight off. It was disastrous and no way she could win now.

Then Karina stepped up to climb the bull with staying on longer than a second enough to win, and just as the machine started she quite deliberately fell off. Why? She could so easily have won.

"Karina, why did you fall? You could have won? Michael immediately boomed over the microphone with his strong accent. Karina looked on and just giggled as she stepped closer to Sophie.

"I am going to do something I don't like to do here. I think its clear we have two winners! You can share first and second prize between you!" He handed them both envelopes and kissed them on the cheek. Then Karina walked around Sophie leaving her hand seductively trailing over her body, there eyes locked and before I knew it Karina had Sophie in her arms and passionately kissed her, it was clear why she chose not to win. If it where possible for the crowd to cheer louder they did at this moment. Both girls locked in an embrace as their heads remained locked together. They stopped and just stood for a moment with their eyes inseperable before leading each other off stage. I couldn't help wonder where they had gone and if Sophie would even come back or know where to find me. I looked at Michael who was on stage shaking his head in disbelief before gesturing to him the question of if it was ok to go back stage to her, he nodded and waved me through before I heard him ushering the hundreds of people into his bar while charging something like 15 Euros to get in!

I walked through the flap to the little tent Sophie and Karina had walked into and saw them stood talking. Sophie turned and saw me, her alarmed face turned to a big smile.

"Hey! How was that?!" She asked. "Erm... Pretty incredible. And the two of you... wow.." I replied stuttering slightly.

"Bonjour mon nom est Karina, comment vas-tu? avez-vous aim__ le spectacle?" Karina asked me. ___

"Pardon.. Parlez-vous Anglais?" I said in some terrible French. ___

"Oui, I mean Yes. I said hello I am Karina, how are you? Did you enjoy the show?" Karina kindly repeated for me while Sophie laughed. Karina had a strong French accent it was incredibly sexy. "Oh thank you, Hello I'm Ben, yes I'm great and the show was amazing, you are very beautiful." I quickly and enthusiastically responded.

"You are very kind." Karina replied "Sophie is a lucky girl." She said as we all smiled.

We had a brief chat about where Karina lived and how long we where here. She said she wanted to show us a good time and said we should meet up tomorrow before we headed home. Sophie said Karina had leant her the blue bikini and had come with both unsure what to wear, when she showed her own suit Karina knew it would be best to be daring and suggested the tease and reveal. Karina was apparently known around here as the beautiful young exhibitionist.

"Will you be entering the next competition?" I asked them both. They looked at each other and grinned. It was strange how they had just met tonight but seemed like people who knew each other better than I knew either of them!

"Please look after our things while we are on stage." Sophie said as they both handed me their prize envelopes and the shirt Sophie had borrowed from me to wear here. They then walked out the tent hand in hand and wandered off down the corridor to a room out the back. I was briefly alone in the bar but people where beginning to stream inside from the huge crowd outside. I looked inside the envelopes, filled with prize money! I was shocked but pleasantly surprised. I couldn't help wonder what Sophie would do with the money.

I went over to the bar and got some drinks before the crowds hit too much, I wasn't charged as I was with the winners which was a

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