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Fireblood's story finally continues.

Missy turned again holding her massive titties with a rapturous glazed look on her face as she turned herself on playing with her nipples. She parted her lips seductively while she was doing a very slow bump and grind poking out her pussy further with each gyration. Eva could tell she was begging to be fucked hard and deep by one of these big handsome Masters.

She slowly lowered her hands a bit placing them under her enormous firm breasts, holding them up for the men to see as she squeezed them over and over and licked her lips lustily. She presented her titties to the men one at a time. As she kneaded her tits roughly she pinched them and pulled them out by the nipples, stretching them and pulling them forcefully as she looked at the men with hungry desire in her eyes. The men moved closer around her.

And then licking her lips again she pulled one of her tits up high and lowered her head to lick her own nipple, then as she licked the other one she drew it into her mouth and sucked on it as she looked shyly at the men. The men made loud hooting sounds of appreciation when they saw that.

And then, as if she were oblivious to their presence, she cupped and massaged and sucked on one titty while she slid her other hand down to cup her smooth hairless pussy. Spreading her legs a bit and pushing her pussy forward again she looked up shyly at the audience and parted her lips softly as she let one finger slip into the slit of her pussy. She began to massage her clit.

As the men gathered closer she heard a voice in the distance saying, "That's it pet. Show them what you've got." Eva thought that must be Missy's Dom encouraging her when he added, "That's right pet. Show them what a squirter that tight little pussy of yours is."

Then having been given permission Missy quickly sat down on the auction block and pulling her knees up she spread her legs for all to see. Reaching between her lace socks she spread her cute little pussy for easy viewing as the men gathered even closer. Once they were close she held her pussy lips open with one hand and began to circle her clit with the finger of her other hand.

One of the men said he couldn't see well so Missy lay down and scooted her bottom to the edge of the auction block. She lay down spreading her long lovely hair on the wooden block behind her. She lifted her legs straight up and spread them as wide as she could while she continued to manipulate her clit. She alternated running her finger from her clit to her asshole and back again, masturbating that fleshy little pleasure button each time. The men in front of her knelt down then to get a closer look at what she was doing.

From that position Eva could see everything. Suddenly she felt hot and wet. She had not realized how much she was getting turned on by Missy's exhibition. She couldn't help reaching down to grab her own pussy. She slid a finger into her own slit just the way Missy was doing and started to rub her velvety clit. Then she remembered what she was doing, and not wanting to disappoint her Master again she pulled her finger out and just grabbed her pussy tight in an effort to slow her growing lust.

Missy had her head resting on the far edge of the little auction block and was rolling it back and forth as she masturbated her clit faster and faster, over and over. She began to moan and hump her pussy against her own hand and all of a sudden her pussy jerked and Eva could see a steady stream of cum shoot out from her cunt, and as the men gasped in appreciation it sprayed all over the face of the man closest to her.

Instead of being shocked the man who Eva recognized as Sir Todd looked at Missy's Dom, Sir Charles, who stood nearby and asked, "May I?"

"You may," acknowledged Sir Charles with a nod. With a word to his submissive that she should obey Sir Charles took a step back, but stayed nearby. Eva could see that Missy relaxed when she saw that her Master stayed close.

Eva had not noticed when the Sir Todd had donned a latex glove, but he reached forward and quickly shov

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