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Mason watched as the doorknob turned and in she walked, all of 5'3" and a very healthy bust line, that stretched her red sweater out quite deliciously. His eyes traced further down the generous swell of her womanly hips and the emerald green slacks she had chosen to wear today hugged the smooth curvature of her ass and hidden treasures very nicely. Mason was amazed at the rush of blood to his cock as he stared at his hot little secretary. Normally he would not have had sex with a secretary unless it was at a Christmas party, he preferred work to be work and his sexual conquering to be random, but there had been something alluring about her the moment she had walked into his office. She had been the most qualified person for the position he had and she also had been the most attractive, plus she had exuded sex, the way she walked, the way she carried herself, just her entire aura said raw lustful sex.

Kasey knew that he was looking her over and enjoying the visual pleasure she provided him, she closed the door behind her and engaged the lock. She walked over to him without saying a word. She had a little plan formed for their afternoon tryst today, she had been thinking about it all morning and it had kept her on the verge of orgasm for the better part of the day. She pulled his rolling chair away from his desk and stood in front of him. Mason opened his mouth to speak but she put a finger to his lips and shook her head as she leaned in close to him. Kasey caught his earlobe between her lips and sucked on it, she knew that never failed to arouse him. She parted her full lips and whispered in a soft sultry voice, "Sit there and don't say a word." Kasey reached behind her and from the backside band of her trousers she pulled out the fuzzy handcuffs they had used many a time.

Kasey's hand contained the open cuff and she placed it down over Mason's wrist locking him in place in the chair. He looked down at it and grinned as she deftly slipped the other cuff over his other wrist. She now stepped back and pulled the scrunchee that kept her hair up in its bun away, she shook her head and her long now dyed red hair swept down and out of the bun. It cascaded around her shoulders and covered her face. She leaned forward and playfully shook her head at him, letting her hair fall down over his lap as she bent forward. She drug her nails down his thighs and let him imagine what her hair would feel like wrapped around his cock. Soft, full bodied and shiny she knew he loved to wrap his hands in her hair whenever her head bobbed over his cock.

Mason struggled halfheartedly against the handcuffs not really trying to escape because Kasey did have this wild side that he truly loved. She was normally just a sweet little sex kitten, but at other times she was a profligated strumpet, only those times had normally come in the privacy of his bedroom. He had yet to see the inside of her home, opting to allow her the deep recesses of his own and she had even commandeered a bathroom as her own for when she would spend the night. Mason watched as she turned her back to him and pulled the sweater off over her head. He could plainly see she was wearing no bra by the naked back in front of him now. Kasey turned back around her hands covering the majority of her breasts and she leaned close once more. She slipped a knee between his parted legs and nudged his balls and growing bulge as she pulled her hands away from her breasts.

"Suck these perky little nipples doctor Davis," she cooed. Kasey pushed her breast towards his wagging tongue and felt him lap at the nipple and circle the aureola slowly, he wouldn't touch the nipple again until it was standing erect. Once it was hard he clamped his teeth over it and sucked it into his mouth running his tongue over the pink end inside his mouth. "Oh yesss," she giggled, and pulled away from him waving the other mammary in his face. He applied the same technique to this breast as well.

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