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The story continues.

Ok. Here we are. I just told this black man to go fuck my wife. At this point he is either going to do it, or tell her about what I said and NOT do it, or he would just blow it off and go back to the party.

I had to know one way or the other and if he was indeed going to pull her down that proverbial dark hallway and have her, I also had to watch.

I followed discreetly behind him and waited watching to see what he would do when she came out of the bathroom.

The door opened and she came out. She was a little wobbly from all the booze and didn't notice him until he was upon her. Looking up briefly startled, but smiling at his presence, she was confused as he grabbed her by the upper arm and ushered her through the double doors into the dark hallway.

It happened so fast she would later tell me, that before she knew it they were in a dimly lit area and he was holding her tightly and they were kissing. Her mind was swimming with the haze of being a little drunk and the forceful passion from him.

She tried to talk and uselessly pushed against him and then she felt his hard cock pressing against her belly. Her first thought was that it couldn't be his manhood. Nothing is that big, and while she considered that he wasted little time in pulling her dress up around her waist, revealing her almost transparent panties and her lower belly. Sputtering out what she could with his mouth pressed to her she asked what he was doing.

It was a redundant question as he tore her flimsy panties from her as he dropped his pants to his ankles. It was rough sex and it was happening in front me and she had little to no chance to stop him. It had been seconds since he dragged her down the hall and now her dress was pulled down exposing her tits and bunched up around her waist. With her panties gone in a shredded mess on the floor she was exposed to him. He picked her up by her ass and put her on the ledge and then he got between her legs and parted her hairy vaginal lips and just stuck his cock in her. Nothing gentle. He just picked her up and started fucking her.

She held onto him around his neck looking dazed and confused as this man she had just met was fucking her. There was nothing she could do at this point and she honestly loved it. She liked being taken and used like this, something her husband would never do. This man, this black man with the big cock was taking her; using her pussy for his pleasure.

She was lost in the moment until he really began to hammer her with long, deep and almost violent strokes. As he held the submissive brunettes ass, pulling her onto his monster black cock, she had a moment of clarity to realize he was about to cum. He was about to cum inside her married pussy. Her unprotected and very fertile married pussy. She began to object. "Reggie - you can't... uhn,. uhnn, we can't. You mustn't. Not in me. You'll get me preg..." She was unable to finish the last word - pregnant - before he mashed his lips to hers and with one final forceful thrust he ejaculated inside her. Her quivering thighs spread wide by his flexing ass gave away her final orgasm as his pulsing cock drove her over the edge as it spit his semen into her fluttering womb.

As quick as it started, it was over. When his balls had emptied themselves inside her and his massive phallus began to soften, it fell out of her. He stepped back and simply pulled up his pants and left her there; legs still in the air leaning back against the cool glass, fucked and filled with sperm.

I was still standing at the top of the corridor having watched the whole scene realizing that only a brief few minutes had actually passed when he walked right past me to leave the corridor only acknowledging what had happened with a brief nod.

Looking back towards her, Denise put her legs down and briefly considered retrieving her panties until she realized the futility of ever wearing that shredded pair ever again.

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